Port Allen, LA Update – 3/28/14

Port Allen voter fraud investigated

Early voting ballots in mayoral race eyed

By Terry L. Jones

PORT ALLEN — The West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office have launched an investigation into allegations of voter fraud in the Port Allen mayoral race, Sheriff’s Office spokesman Col. Richie Johnson said Friday.

The investigation began late Thursday after the Sheriff’s Office received multiple complaints about hundreds of mail-in and faxed requests for early voting ballots that did not match voter information on file with the parish Registrar of Voters Office, Johnson said.

Meg Casper, spokeswoman for the Secretary of State’s Office, confirmed Friday her office had also received complaints, which it turned over to the Sheriff’s Office.

“That’s proper protocol in this case,” she said. “We can’t release any details beyond that since it is an active investigation.”

Johnson said at least one of the ballots under review in the special election is from someone tied to the campaign of former Mayor Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter, who is seeking re-election after her Nov. 16 recall, less than six months into her first term as mayor.

7 Responses to “Port Allen, LA Update – 3/28/14”

  1. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I have to ask this – DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT PORT ALLEN? Jonesboro has a serious problem(?) with the simmons caper and not a word is written about that. WHY? WHO IS INVOLVED? IS THERE A COVER-UP TAKING PLACE? HAS THE DA OR ADA OR CLERK OF COURT COMMENTED ON THIS SITUATION or is there no problem as the charges were dropped but the public was not informed? Forget about Port Allen and let’s hear about the problems in Jonesboro.

  2. Zeb Says:

  3. Oldman Says:

    Mr. Fowler I know you don’t to hear this,but it’s Democrats in trouble again.Most of the time it’s Democrats and not the other party.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      How are they (meaning all of them)(or do you just mean some of them) in trouble. You ought to know that I will always ask for names and examples. Please bless me with that information

    • Anonymous Says:

      Malcolm Whitman listens to Limbaugh every day.

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