Amendment Would Require 20% Turnout For Local Taxes

A proposed constitutional amendment, if approved by the Louisiana Legislature and the voters, would require a turnout of 20% of registered voters in order for local tax elections to be valid. Senate Bill 200, by Bret Allain (Dist 21) of Franklin, would take effect in 2015.

Whenever a proposition to incur or assume debt, issue bonds, or levy a tax is required by this Article or other law to be approved by a majority of the electors voting thereon, in order for the proposition to be considered approved, the total number of persons voting in such an election shall constitute not less than twenty percent of the number of voters on the official or active list of voters on all the precinct registers and any supplements thereto for all the precincts in which the election is held.

See here the document.

Local tax elections are usually scheduled for dates where nothing else is on the ballot, usually in the Spring months. A low turnout election is considered a better bet for passage, as the proponents are more likely to vote on those dates than the average voter.

Watch for a tremendous push from municipalities, school boards, and parish governments to defeat this proposed amendment.

8 Responses to “Amendment Would Require 20% Turnout For Local Taxes”

  1. Oldman Says:

    It should be the only ones to vote would be the ones that would pay if it passed.People will vote for any tax if they don’t have to pay.I guess what I’m trying to say is property owners are paying because a tax is passed by people that don’t have to pay a dime.I would vote for every tax that came along if I didn’t have to pay, wouldn’t you?

  2. Cowboy Says:

    I am leery of an amendment setting a percentage threshold due to the fact that it could be hijacked by progressives to deny passage of conservative issues. I would prefer an amendment which set one election date in November to have everything on the ballot at one time, but this 20% turnout proposal may be the best we can hope for at this time.

    Local elected officials have gotten away with passing taxes for too long by voting to hold an election knowing full well low turnout guaranteed passage while claiming to constituents that “the people voted on it” as a way to excuse their actions. We elect conservatives to stop taxes from reaching the ballot in the first place, not to hear the lame excuse that “people voted on it” when a tiny minority was the only group bothering to vote.

    But, all of this is fighting at the periphery of the problem. The problem is entrenched interests who perpetuate growing government as being inevitable. We need conservatives dedicated to shrinking government and restoring the idea of self-reliance instead of government dependence in this country. This idea needs to occur at all levels of government and can occur at the local and state levels if we work for it instead of allowing ourselves to lose hope because we think it can only flow down from the national level.

    Walter Abbott has done a great job of exposing local corruption by public officials stealing from us taxpayers, and several of these miscreants have gone or are going to jail. We citizens should be demanding more accountability from elected officials who waste our taxes and create the need for these local tax elections in the first place.

    • Anonymous Says:

      This is one of the best posts I’ve seen. I echo thanks to Mr. Abbot.

      Very few ever talk about shrinking big government . The mantra today by government is always the “need” for more , more money.

      The welfare payment to elected officials , via large salaries, health care, retirement benefits, and travel expenses rivals the welfare of those who receive food stamps, medical care, utility payment assistance, housing subsidies and free cell phones. Pity the middle class!

      It was never meant that ‘public servants’ be endowed with lifetime benefits. Many public jobs are part time only. Yet, they can vote themselves lifetime benefits after a few years of office holding.

      When a government collects an excess of taxes so that $10,000 or more can by fraud be ripped from taxpayers ( as in the case of Winnfield city workers) and not be detected until an auditor exposes the abuse it is time to lower taxes! That is a case that clearly shows taxes are too high.

  3. Baby face Says:

    Louisiana Property Tax Laws discriminate and tax without representation and should be held unconstitutional. (1) If properties accessed value is less than 75K you pay no property tax.(2) If 65 years old and make less than established income for that year, property value is frozen from that year forward no matter what your income is the following years (3) Not all business buildings are taxed. There are others who get special breaks via unscrupulous Parish Assessors.

    As for taxed without representation: Property owners in one parish who resides in another parish cannot vote in property tax elections outside of their parish of residence, but never the less will be taxed. Taxation without representation!

    The above mentioned bill is a start, but it does not correct the injustice of Property Tax Law in Louisiana.

    Its my wish that Property Tax would be collected on a SALES TAX method where all would share in government expense and local government could not take your property for unpaid property tax.

  4. Oldman Says:

    If you have been keeping up on the news,you should have noticed about one Democrat has been arrested every week.It just goes to show you how crooked the Democrats are.They are the ones that vote for most of the tax.I believe they do that so they can get their cut,it really looks that way.I think they should have one chance or term and then get out and let someone else have a chance.That way no retirement,no stealing,just work four years for the public and do the best they can.The main thing we need to look more carefully at the people we elect.

    • Zeb Says:

      We don’t be calling them Corruptocrats for nothing! They are organized crime syndicates with a political party front.

  5. TruthBeTold Says:

    This seems like it would be a good start at regaining control of government. Right now, government has control of us.

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