Jonesboro Council Meeting – 3/26/14

Because of prior obligations, we were unable to attend a Noon, Wednesday, 3/26/14 meeting of the Town of Jonesboro’s Board of Aldermen. One of our corespondents took notes on that event, for which we are very grateful. Herewith, his account of the meeting:

Attendance was much improved this meeting (100%) compared to the regular March meeting (20%). The primary purpose of this special meeting was to hear J. Walker give an oral presentation of his company’s town audit. The alderpeople had copies of the unofficial audit (not official until approved by the state auditor).

In the interest of brevity, I will enumerate the gleaned verbal comments, as best as possible not having a hard copy, made during the presentation summary in the form of bullet points.

• J.Walker (JW) – June 2012, a disclaimer had to be issued because many employees had dual or conflicting assignments causing too many errors to accurately conclude an audit.
• JW – While the town in not totally stabilized fiscally yet, it is greatly improved with record keeping much more accurate.
• K.Folden (KF) – we are working on getting the software updated because Microsoft no longer supports it (xp?). We are not at 100% yet, with water and sewer issues leading the area of work needed from lost revenue.
• JW – Unable to comment on past audits because they were not in compliance with state mandates of taxpayer funds.
• KF-The town is suspected to be overpaying for garbage collection due to many residents not paying for the town service.
• JW – Reductions in town assets were not in audit because of previous lack of information (examples: police officer trained at town expense and not repaying the town for the training after taking another job shortly after graduation, missing town equipment, embezzled funds, etc.

Council comments invoked a spirited discussion on why the fiscal administrator seems to have more authority with the special authority from the state compared to the Lawson Act that normally dictates how a town operates. The town attorney, Doug Stokes was not present at the meeting, despite being requested in advance of the meeting, to field legal questions. The legal questions that were not answered are to be added to the agenda for the next meeting.

Ken also gave an impromptu “state of the town”.

• Monies (grants) are needed to improve the town’s aging sewer/water system
• Town has reduced payroll and benefits by $250k with no reduction in services to town.
• Audit is still not good and work is continuing to get it where it belongs
• Town pays $22k for Entergy billing and has not had to owe for past billings anymore.
• Bank statements are now reconciling with town records.
• We continue to need monies for street improvements.

27 Responses to “Jonesboro Council Meeting – 3/26/14”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Maybe just maybe if we can get a Good Mayor the next time,then we can get this town back on track to being a town like it’s supposed to be.Be careful when you vote because it’ll be four years before you can vote again.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If I understand correctly, Lawerson is just a suggested means of operation. It does not override a court decision or state law such as was enforced in Jonesboro.

  3. Oldman Says:

    Vote for Mike,he’s the best

    • toj citizen Says:

      Mike holder, not the one,watch my prediction it going to be that Flowers guy who been running the meeting and doing a great job and I know he can work with anybody to grow the Town of Jonesboro.

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        Since you may have physic readings from a crystal ball, suppose the Flowers guy is, by chance, elected mayor. You think he has learned lessons from his illustrious mayor? The crooked path ol’ Les embarked upon took him to the “big house”. And, I do not mean the White House.

        That is exactly where Flowers will head if he should pull shenanigans. Better walk the straight and narrow path.

        My prediction is that should Renee or Mike be elected mayor, there will NEVER be any financial problems at TJ. Both are intelligent and have business smarts. Something ol’ Les lacked.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Sunrisesunset, here is part of what Ann Walsworth said in her answer to me this afternoon.

          Ann Walsworth
          To Me

          Today at 4:29 PM


          Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment and answer your questions.

          Ms. Simmons was indicted (charged) by the Grand Jury of Jackson Parish on October 17, 2013 and the indictment was filed in our office on that same date by the DA. On Oct. 24, 2013, Mr. Charles Kincade of Monroe, enrolled as her attorney and filed a Motion for Discovery and a Motion for Preliminary Exam. She was to be in court on Dec. 3, 2013 to be arraigned (that means she was to be given a chance to plead Guilty or Not Guilty) but again her attorney, Mr. Kincade, filed a Motion to Continue asking that her arraignment be upset and continued. The DA did not object and the Judge re-fixed the hearing for Jan. 14, 2014. On Jan. 14, 2014 in Open Court, the DA made a motion and the Judge granted the Motion to re-fix the hearing for Feb. 4, 2014. Only the DA can answer the question as to why it did not come up in Court on Feb. 4 or has not been re-fixed for a hearing. This is the information on file and in the Court minutes of this office.

          • sunrisesunset Says:

            Donald: Thank you for sharing the information from Ann Walsworth. Seems the culprits may be the less than Honorable Johnathon Stewart and Charles Kincade.
            To yours truly, these two guys are sleaze-balls if they did pull the disappearing court docket. What is even more unreal is there is no time given to re-fix this caper.

            Time will tell, but this case may just be CLOSED forever. Shameful.

        • toj citizen Says:

          HELLO SUNRISESUNSET,mike and renee will not be elected based on the blacks have the majority of the vote,so do ur math,love.

          • sunrisesunset Says:

            Well, I do not have to actually do ANY math. It will be a sad day to see naïve people put another mayor into office that knows squat about the day-to-day operations of the TJ. A sad day indeed. Oh, sure, Flowers may know a little, but it is very little about the workings of City Hall. But, you may be right. There are just enough dumbos in the TJ to put a know-nothing into office once again…….no matter how ill-advised he may be. I hope this will not be the case and enough COMMON SENSE people with have the fortitude and attitude to do what’s right. Black and white alike.

            Can only dream of what used to be when all white mayors were businessmen with a great BUSINESS SENSE. Can and should be that way again. NEVER did hear of any white mayor that had any problems with the finances of the TJ entity much less go to PRISON. Do you know of any, toj citizen?

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            TOJ citizen. You are overlooking one thing and that is whites don’t get out and vote in large enough numbers to affect any election. The white votes must go to the polls in large numbers, not the pathetic numbers in the past. I doubt seriously if you can find a Jonesboro election in the past 20 years where the white vote exceeded 50% of those eligible. Some blacks will vote for the white candidate realizing that that person is a better choice than Flowers., So, with only one white candidate in the race there is a better chance the white will win. Run Reneee and Holder and the vote, no matter how many whites go to the polls, will be in the blacks favor. The only chance for white to win is for the citizens to demand that either Renee or Holder drop out. With one white, there is a chance; with two whites in the race, kiss winning good bye. And for God’s sake, keep Freddie Car Wash off the ballot.

            • sunrisesunset Says:

              Donald: I cannot understand WHY it is so hard for Renee and Mike to understand that only ONE white should be on the ballot. I know that neither of them are naïve or dumb. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? Appears to me they are NOT thinking.

  4. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I guess that no one is interested in the docket caper involving the simmons broad. It appears that the DA is holding the docket for some reason. As Ann Walsworth states above, the DA has not re-fixed her hearing before the judge and no record exists in her office as to why. I think I can see where the Benjamins may have gone. It just might be that good old boy Kincade might have gotten possession of the docket some how and he also got some Benjamins. Does anyone care?

  5. sunrisesunset Says:

    Flowers for Mayor!!!!! Oh, yeah!!!! APRIL FOOL. Could not resist playing a joke on you all.

    • toj citizen Says:

      JUST watch and see that Mr. Flowers win, and this is know april fools.

      • Oldman Says:

        We have already had one idiot as mayor we don’t need another. If you want a black as mayor please elect one who has some smarts,not some dummy such as flowers.

        • toj citizen Says:

          Old man,Mr.Flowers,is a smart man,have u ever try to get know him,if u haven’t,I think you need to,his heart is from jonesboro,to grow,talk to him.

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        How MANY times have I commented on various forums that, personally, I do not care if the new mayor is black or white? My only desire is for THAT person to be an honest, hard-working, literate, truthful, knowledgeable man/woman……..not tempted by all the “green stuff” that lines the coffers at TJ. Poor ol’ Les just couldn’t help himself. Wonder what happened to all the MISSING money?

        • toj citizen Says:

          Sunrise sunset,that wasn’t any. Money missing,like now with fiscal admits raptor that stating at its best in your face.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Well then if you want someone not interested in gain, weed out anyone who voted to keep the mayor’s salary raised so they could then collect it because they otherwise have little means or brains for making money otherwise.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    How many hours a week does it take to run the mayor`s office? I have no idea.

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