It’s Not Just in Louisiana – Charlotte, NC Mayor Pinched

Charlotte, NC Mayor Cannon resigns after corruption arrest

Patrick Cannon, who rose from public housing to become mayor of North Carolina’s largest city, was arrested Wednesday by the FBI and accused of accepting tens of thousands of dollars in bribes – including $20,000 in cash delivered in a briefcase last month to the mayor’s office.

Cannon, a 49-year-old Democrat who took office only four months ago, was scheduled to show up at a luxury apartment in SouthPark for yet another payoff from what he thought were businessmen needing his influence in city matters, the affidavit says.

But after arriving, Cannon learned who they really were, a source confirmed: undercover FBI agents who’d been recording their meetings over the past three years, long before he launched a campaign for mayor in 2013.

Cannon resigned as mayor Wednesday night, capping an extraordinary day that included allegations of an illicit trip to Las Vegas and payoff negotiations at the Capital Grille – the same uptown steakhouse that figured in the region’s last major political scandal. It was there that former N.C. House Speaker Jim Black of Matthews, also a Democrat, took bribes from a group of chiropractors seeking help with legislation.

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  1. Baby face Says:

    Who would have thought it?

  2. Simms Avery Says:

    Maybe the FBI in Charlotte can teach the FBI in Monroe a few tricks.

    • Anonymous Says:

      It’s obvious the Feds in Ouachita parish are being pd big bucks to look the other way

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Waiting for the Feds to clean up Monroe City Hall, they are so brazen and arrogant at City Hall! The mayor, city attorney, Kenny Wilson (he is trying to be red Stevens) the clerk is crooked too, rod Washington, the housing program with ms Murphy is taking money, the mayor giving contract after contract to denmon engineering. Check all of the mayors personal accounts surely he hiding money someplace and then his go to man the reverend king Dawson picking up money for him and Kenny Wilson too. It is corrupt and new star world helps with the corruption along with the Monroe chamber. Investigate those mentioned and monroe will pretty much be cleaned up because it would tie in a lot of other big Whigs in Monroe

  4. Bob Johnson Says:

    After the sex scandal, the feds are scared to clean up a criminal enterprise. The last person to leave Monroe turn out the lights.

  5. Oldman Says:

    Another democrat caught stealing,this world is getting to be a better place to live.Keep up the good work.I think 75% of them are thieves anyway,don’t you?

  6. sunrisesunset Says:

    Another crooked, stupid, thieving politician. It will NEVER stop as long as “they” are elected. Now, now, don’t get your feathers ruffled. This is not a racist comment. I know there are a few white, crooked politicians. But, at the present, EVERYONE that is in the news on this forum is black. And, no, they are not being targeted by LPNO. The articles are out there to be reported on by anyone.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Sunrisesunset, here is what Ann Walsworth wrote to me this afternoon: Not meaning to cast any thought of guilt toward the DA, but the last couple of sentences seem to me that the Benjamins were cast in his direction. As Ann said, we need to ask the DA why the case has not be re-fixed before the court.

      Ann Walsworth
      To Me

      Today at 4:29 PM


      Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment and answer your questions.

      Ms. Simmons was indicted (charged) by the Grand Jury of Jackson Parish on October 17, 2013 and the indictment was filed in our office on that same date by the DA. On Oct. 24, 2013, Mr. Charles Kincade of Monroe, enrolled as her attorney and filed a Motion for Discovery and a Motion for Preliminary Exam. She was to be in court on Dec. 3, 2013 to be arraigned (that means she was to be given a chance to plead Guilty or Not Guilty) but again her attorney, Mr. Kincade, filed a Motion to Continue asking that her arraignment be upset and continued. The DA did not object and the Judge re-fixed the hearing for Jan. 14, 2014. On Jan. 14, 2014 in Open Court, the DA made a motion and the Judge granted the Motion to re-fix the hearing for Feb. 4, 2014. Only the DA can answer the question as to why it did not come up in Court on Feb. 4 or has not been re-fixed for a hearing. This is the information on file and in the Court minutes of this office.

  7. Oldman Says:

    The blacks are slaves to the government ,they depend on the government for every thing from housing,food,to raise their children,telephones,energy for homes and cars,sometimes I think if they didn’t get a check every month they would starve.Some are just to lazy to work,others just think they have to use the gov.About 10% get out and make something out of themselves and are called names by the others for doing it.Take away all the gov. programs,then they would be better off,sure about 15% would starve to death.The rest would go to work and amount to something,plus they would raise the children to know how to work and be better citizens.I’m not racist as I know about 15% or better whites would also starve to death.I’m not against welfare for people that really need it for health reasons or once in a lifetime help to get on your feet but not a way of living

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      The money that will be saved by the repugnicants cutting entitlement programs, where do they propose that it be spent?

      • Oldman Says:

        Mr. Fowler, that money can be spent on things that will benefit everybody not just a few.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          The repugnicants have a strong desire to cut entitlements so that they can shift the money to the defense department so that a ship that the navy doesn’t want or need can be built. That is just one example of their mismanagement. I am going back to just reading the comical comments made on this and other posts. Adios.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Oldman, give some examples of where the “saved” money could “BE SPENT ON THINGS THAT WILL BENEFIT EVERYBODY NOT JUST A FEW.” You talk a good game but can never back up your utterings. What is that saying” Oh, yeh. TALK IS CHEAP. It is so amusing to read what the alleged intelligent of Jonesboro have to say about any issue. Keep on talking; I so enjoy the comedy. Adios!

          • Oldman Says:

            Better roads,better schools,more jobs after we get better roads and schools,help with the water problems out west,redo our power distribution system,redo all our bridges,redo all our dams,new airports,our water systems need repair all across the country,new water pipe lines,parts and supplies to repair power lines after emp,new ports,flood control,clean up the gulf,I could go on and on.more money for defense, more money for border control,We could have the best and the strongest country on earth.People would want to work and do better as there would more and better paying jobs to raise our families.It would just be better all around.

            • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

              I agree with some of what you say but I also want to point out a salient fact: over 380 times the repugnicants have blocked initiatives by Obama with the cloture rule. I am not going to debate each point but will do a blanket answer: When John Boenher allows the presidents’s job bill to go to the floor and be voted on, a lot of what you say will get done. It is the stated aim of the repugnicants to block Obama at every turn. They have said it out loud. Go back and check some of Mitch McConnel’s comments about Obama. Oh, by the way the water problem out west is a DROUGHT. What are the repugnicants going to do? RAIN DANCES? Adios.

              • Oldman Says:

                On the drought issue,how about better water usage not just watering lawns,more water storage,reuse of gray water,importing water via pipelines,also there are too many old laws on the books about water usage that are 100yrs old.How about more new wells?Just better use of what we’ve got is what I’m trying to say.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Excuse me but the good old boys progressive club which is made up mostly of whites are smooching off of the government. Big engineering contracts, street contracts, airport contracts, construction contracts…are they getting monthly checks.

      • Oldman Says:

        All of those contracts you are talking about are let to the highest bidder.There are lots of jobs then open in these companies from low paying to high paying.Get off your butt,there’s jobs out there if you want them.My son finished high school and has a construction job paying $27.00 an hour.A lot of people are sorry and just want everything given to them with out working.Those big cars and trucks with big tires cost a lot of money,so get your sorry arse out and go to work.Get off drugs,learn to work and save your money,then you can have all the good things

      • Mr. E Says:

        Apparently you haven’t been paying good enough attention to this website or you would have noticed that this “good old boys progressive club” you mention is made up mostly of blacks who are now going to jail for their misdeeds!

  8. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Just a short comment: if the entitlement programs were all halted at this moment where are the jobs in Jonesboro, or Louisiana for that matter, that the “slaves of government” would flock to? And one little bitty question: “What does the Bible say about our poor brethren?” Aren’t we supposed to take care of the poor? Isn’t that what Jesus did? Just wondering about the Christian attitude of some who post on this blog. If you wish to read some fiction, someone posted from the book of Mormon on another topic that, in his mind explains how the blackness came about. I choose not to believe much that is printed in the book of Mormons because that group is a sect, not a valid religious group.

    • Cowboy Says:

      You hold on there a cotton picking minute pal! We taxpayers don’t owe ANYONE a living! It’s progressive thinking like yours that is bankrupting this country!

      Your premise is a non sequitur as Louisiana’s lack of jobs is caused by the poor policies of its government, and it is NOT the responsibility of taxpayers to provide jobs for citizens. What is needed to create jobs in Louisiana is the creation of a more business friendly climate as compared to other states like Texas. That involves the adoption of strong tort reform and a reorganization of the state tax structure so as not to rob those businesses that do locate here.

      This does not have anything whatsoever to do with having a Christian attitude and implications otherwise are merely designed to cloud the issue! As Christians, we have a responsibility to care for the poor, but the Bible is clear that the choice to do so is ours to make. Government wealth transfers take the choice out of the hands of citizens through the coercive force of government. There is absolutely NOTHING Christian about being coerced into providing welfare.

      You progressives try to guilt taxpayers into supporting your wealth transfer schemes by bringing up Christian duty in an attempt to cloud the issue and it’s time we Christians stood up and began pushing back against these lame attempts to take the LORD’S name in vain!

  9. Oldman Says:

    By the way cut the heat,air and food off,then every body will have a job.The people that are truly disabled we can take care of,that’s no problem.Also what does the Bible have to say about working and taking care of yourself.We are not supposed to take care of somebody just because they are lazy and won’t work.When you get hungry,I bet you will find something to do or go hungry.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Oldman, what you write is a fifth-grade answer. You say “cut the heat, air, and food off, then every body will have a job.” Please explain how that action will produce jobs that don’t exist. I think if you check your payments from social security and your retirement, they didn’t go down; you got the same amount as you did last month. I just checked my bank statement and all checks, school retirement, army retirement, disability, and social security all were the same as they have been since May of 2012 (with the exception of a minor raise in military retirement). That $14.27 that I get each month never changes, nor does your payments. I would like to hear your opinion of a minimum wage of $10.10. Do you have one? I still don’t understand how cutting off the heat, air, and food will create jobs. If the repugnicant leader of the House of Representatives would send the president’s job bill to the floor of the house for a vote, it might pass and THEN some jobs will be created. Do you really think that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are doing a good job by blocking the president’s agenda at every turn? As I write this, I pause from time to time to try and figure out how cutting off the heat, air, and food will create jobs when there are no jobs to be had. That is about the most UNCHRISTIAN suggestion that I have ever heard. Adios. (please keep writing as I enjoy the comedy)

      • Oldman Says:

        Mr. Fowler,cut out all gov help except for truly needy and you give cause for people to go to work.Work or go hungry,and I’ll bet you see the unemployment go down.If you are to sorry to work,I’m not going to worry about you.There are jobs out there,might not be but 7.00 or8.00 dollars an hour,but you can feed a family with that.Cut out your beer,cigs,cable,satellite,Internet,high car notes,eating out,and you can do it.My son cannot find anybody to work,they come in late ,leave early,take offend just sit around and do nothing.He pays high wages and still cannot find decent help.Read your Bible again and see what it says about being lazy and not supporting yourself.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Oldman, I am still trying to figure out how cutting off the heat, air, and food will lead to more jobs. Jobs, that if you read newspapers and listen to media, that aren’t there. Quote that part of the Bible that talks about being lazy and not supporting yourself. How much did you lose from your social security and retirement because someone was on food stamps? Not one red cent. I still drew my $14.27; wasn’t affected at all by the entitlement programs. Not at all. I would suggest that you refrain from seeking any local, state, or national office for your comments demonstrate a lack of understanding of the system. I’ll just continue to be satisfied with my $14.27 a month and will continue to have concern for my fellow man who faces hardships and people like you want to make them worse by cutting him off from all help. Adios.

        • sunrisesunset Says:

          What really gets under my skin is to see these people on government assistance, but they drive “souped” up cars. Particularly, the VERY EXPENSIVE wheels on some of these cars.

          Was in another town recently stopped at a convenience store. One of these people (souped up) car, playing annoying, EXTREMELY LOUD music parks beside my car. Leaves the radio blasting while he goes into the store. A man comes in, approaches him and tells him there is someone outside reporting him to the police for EXTREMELY LOUD music. It really got a move on him to go outside and turn off the radio.

          • Anonymous Says:

            How were you sure they were on government assistance if you were in another town? Maybe the person has a job but is just a rude jerk. I know people that have a job and drive these vehicles with expensive wheels, that to me are ridiculous, but that is their right if they so desire. Disturbing the peace is not their right if they draw government assistance or do not.

            • sunrisesunset Says:

              More than likely living in the government housing projects living on assistance. Take a look around. Most people in government housing are getting assistance. Deserved by some, I might add. Have seen plenty of the “souped” up cars there. Certainly, I do not know if that person was ACTUALLY on assistance. I did not ask him, “Hey, are you on assistance? Mighty expensive wheels you have there”. But, I will bet my bottom dollar that many “boys” drive “souped” up cars and live in less than ideal housing.

              • Anonymous Says:

                Okay I see what you are saying. “He was one of these people [black] Other than that you don`t know diddly about him.

      • Oldman Says:

        By the way you have 5.00hr people wanting 25.00 hr,that don’t work long.

        • Anonymous Says:

          If we can save a few trillion dollars, we can go looking for weapons of mass destruction. The good ol boys said they were there for sure and americans who didn`t believe that were stupid. I guess we were stupid if we didn`t invest in corporations padding the politician`s pockets. These companies made a fortune off of the war, Saddam Hussein was a murderer and tyrant, but he had very little power in Iraq. Scum bags can be rich or poor.

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            I agree with everything you say and only add that Bushit left Afghanistan for Iraq for one reason and one reason only: Iraq had oil and Afghanistan didn’t so he and Cheney and Rumsfeld made up the story about WMDs in Iraq as a way to justify an invasion. Bushit, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are afraid to leave the safe haven of the USA for many countries consider them war criminals and will arrest and try them for war crimes. Oh, by the way one senator that I know of did not vote for the Irag war – Obama.

            • Oldman Says:

              Mr. Fowler,you sound as if obuma can do no wrong.Tell me what has obuma has done for the country?Tell me ten good things obuma has done.Is he a muslin? Was he born in USA? Is he a true citizen of USA?This country is in great trouble with the President and Vice President we have in office now.People in other countries are making fun of us for the first time in my memory.Russia and China will do what they want to now .

              • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

                Oldman, I thought that the issue of Obama’s birth had been settled but I see from your comments that there are still uninformed people out there. No, Obama is not a Muslim. He was born in the United States, Hawaii being the 50th state of the Union. That makes him a citizen of the USA because his mother was a citizen of the USA married to a man from Kenya. Is Ted Cruz a citizen of the USA? A lot of people want him as president but he holds dual citizenship with Canada and the USA and to become president of the USA he must renounce his Canadian citizenship which as far as I can tell he hasn’t done as of yet. I refuse to get into a “what has Obama done debate” when he has had to fight the repugnicants on every issue and more than 380 times they blocked his initiatives with that cloture rule that Harry Reid finally got rid of. Adios! One last point: what does it matter if Obama is Muslim? Don’t we have freedom of religion in the USA or have the birthers forgotten that little, bitty fact.

                • Oldman Says:

                  Show me a true piece of paper that shows were he was born.Why has all his birth records been sealed?Why has all his collage records been frozen?Everthing about his younger days all the way until he was first elected been frozen?No information none. What about all the laws he has passed without congress?what about obumacare?So many questions and no answers,none.One last question,what about his firing of all the top generals,the people that knew what was going on,and the cutting of our military just when we need it the most? Just look at what the rest of the world is saying about us.Russia,china,north Korea?

                  • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

                    Obama’s birth certificate (a true and legal copy) has been produced so many times that it is beginning to get frayed around the edges. It amazes me that simpletons continue to bring that up. Executive orders are not laws nor do they have the effect of law. Obama has issued 111 executive orders during his term while Bushit issued 290 (while getting us into two unfunded wars of which the one in Iraq made no sense what so ever). The Affordable Care Act was modeled on Romney’s while he was governor of Massachusetts (and that one is still going strong with almost universal support). Obamas Affordable Care Act is supported by the majority of Americans and in the long run experts expect it to be as successful as the one the Storming Mormon did in Massachusetts. By law the military can be only so large so adjustments are made all the time by congress. Obama can only suggest to congress that the size of the military be reduced. He does not have the power to cut its size. And as far as Obama firing top generals, you must be on some sort of mind-altering substance. I would like for you to produce their names, and don’t use as an example the general that just pled guilty to unlawful conduct with a subordinate. I saved this for last because I can not comprehend what Obama’s educational transcripts have to do with anything. It is just another repugnicant (Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity trying to dig up something that is not there. Here’s a question that will evaluate your government IQ. The Senate just introduce a bill allotting three billion dollars for border security. Is there anything wrong with that statement and if so what. Adios, birther.

  10. Big Bob Smith Says:

    The Progressive Boys Club is Century Tel, Inner Mountain, Scott Truck and Tractor, Progressive Bank, Bill Boles Law Firm, and Strauss Properties. They are brought together by tax free municipal bonds. They financed Mayor Mayo campaign for mayor and Senator Neil Riser’s campaign for Congress. They want a new expensive Monroe Civic Center with large municipal bonds, $80 million +. The rich are looking for a secure place for their money, tax free municipal bonds. Boles Law Firm gets 10% off the top for being a bonding agent. No blacks are in this club. The blacks are the puppets of the club.

  11. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Haven’t made any comments about the spelling but now I feel I must. Someone was talking about “his tea shirt won’t fit him now” and several people are mentioning the Big Whigs (that party died when the repugnicant party was born. So amusing to read the really intelligent comments. Keep ’em coming.

  12. Whitman Says:

    A person can learn a lot of good stuff at pawn shops

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Whitman, I take that you feel that you are a connoisseur of pawn shops. Begs the question: which do you watch on TV – Hardcore Pawn or Pawn Stars?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Old man I may agree with some of your views more than Fowler`s, but if you are going to trash talk, why can`t you walk the walk? You repeat idle chatter that could be heard in the paper mill, pawnshop, truck stops, and a zillion more places. Try producing some facts that can be validated some times.Then your statements might be more credible and make people consider your views on things.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I am not attempting to convert anyone to my views. It is well known that I am a liberal democrat and my views very often clash with those of repugnicants. Doesn’t bother me at all. Here is a prediction: you will get no response from Oldman He is not well versed in some of the things that he talks about and now he is bringing to light the argument over Obama’s birth certificate. I am most interested in the “docket caper” involving the simmons broad. Me thinks that some illegal shenanigans are taking place there in Jonesboro and I mean serious illegal shenanigans – like some one has been paid off to lose the docket (the DA or her lawyer or both). Can you shed any light on this? Would be appreciated.

      • Oldman Says:

        Fowler,you have an answer for most everything,most of all comes from some deep liberal socialist learning that is way off track.Fellow I’ll put it as softly as I can,YOU HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED.You need to see what is really going on.Our country is in danger from a lot of things,socialism for one thing.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Brainwashed? Socialist? Liberal I am but you are an uneducated jerk who believes what he told by the far right wing of the repugnicant party. You are just one pathetic convert of the Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, NRA crowd. I have done my best at being cordial but time has come to call an asshole an asshole. Asshole, button your GD mouth unless you have an intelligent response which I would say would be very doubtful. You see ghosts in every window and shadows around every corner and conspiracies in every event. I don’t fault you for your ignorance; I hold the doctor that delivered you at fault. Do us all a favor and stay out of the intelligent conversations. Brainless twit. Can’t wait to see your retort.

          • Oldman Says:

            Watch your mouth its going to overload your butt.I don’t see ghosts in every window,I see a liberal democrat socialist trying to tear our country apart and buddy it’s you.All I can say is if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.Or if you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch.I’m not going to call you a nasty word,but you are one loud mouth know it all stupid socialist idiot.All I can think about is all those young kids you led down the wrong path and they thought you were teaching them the right things.Turd head

            • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

              Dumbass Oldman, as usual your comments are so juvenile that it begs the question – “Who let this idiot with no discernible brain cells on this blog.” Listen you bastard, I have not been brainwashed nor am I a socialist. I know of what I speak and I don’t gain my knowledge by listening to idiots like you. SFB DDA crawl back into your hole and disappear. Your lack of knowledge is deplorable and should be an embarrassment to you and those who know you. Keep reading (or having someone read for you) those radical right wing garbage articles that talk about “Obaman purging the military.” Do you know what RIF means? I doubt it. I don’t wish you a good day. I will close with an appropriate “good by assface.

          • Oldman Says:

            Fowler,I will not list each name and why,there have been almost 200 higher up in the military let go since obuma was elected.At least 5 generals of higher grade among them. You can look them up,there’s too many for me to list here. I think the cancer meds are beginning to affect your brain and your thinking. When you look these up see how many both of the Bush Presidents let go(2or3 I believe). None of these people retired on their on,they were let go. What does this do to our armed forces? It has to weaken it,period. Who taught you all of these things you come up with,some liberal socialist democrat I’ll bet or did your mother drop you on your head when you where born? Have a good day.

            • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

              What I come up with, you bastard, is facts, something that seems to escape you. And turd face, the medicines I take have not weakened my brain nor affected my thinking. The Bushits let 2 or 3 go (I think). Is that the best you can do – I think: get your facts, SFB DDA. I don’t want any answers from you for you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. Again, and for the last time, “good bye, assface.

  14. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    This note is for everyone on this blog – I want to apologize for my three responses to OLDMAN. The language was harsh and that was my intention., Two words are absent from his posts – different opinions. It is his way or you are a brainwashed socialist. It is impossible to converse civilly with him, therefore I will not respond to any of his inane comments. Like I said, I apologize to all that I offended but not to OLDMAN. I have been trying to find out why the simmons broad has not appeared before the judge to plead guilty or not guilty to the charge of perjury. Her case has not been dismissed. Her appearance has been postponed several times and the last one is fishy as can be. After the first three or four postponements, the DA re-fixed her appearance but after the February 4th postponement her appearance has not been re-fixed. In fact there is nothing in the clerk of courts records to reflect the postponement. I was told by Ann Walsworth that only the DA could answer why her appearance has not been re-fixed. Does anyone on this blog have anything to offer about this subject? I see something very illegal going on. It is beginning to appear to me that the simmons broad paid off someone to lose her docket. Would appreciate any valid responses to this. I wrote Chris Smith of the Independent but I expect nothing from him. Again, my sincere apology for my tirade against OLDMAN but he deserved. I can only imagine what his response to the three blogs will be. Just waiting to see.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Donald: Appreciate your writing to Chris Smith of the JI fame. Keep us informed if you hear from him. If your intention of writing was to have your letter published, I would think it is his duty to publish same. He should not be a respecter of persons. Also, he is interfering with your free speech by not publishing letters. Each editor should publish letters if they are SIGNED by the writer. I know you signed your name.

  15. Oldman Says:

    dmf,first you did not answer about oboma and the military,I did not expect a good answer from you.Do you even care what the rest of the world thinks of us.If Bush or Regan had been in office do you think Russia would have done what they did?Do you think the dollar would be in trouble?We have missiles in Cuba and other countries in south America ,neither Bush nor Regan would have allowed this because they loved and cared for our country.Our borders are unsecured and if someone is caught coming across all oboma does is to give them a plane ticket home with spending money.Be honest and tell me how much longer you think we can go on like this.How much money has oboma borrowed since he has been in office,more than all the other Preaidents together.I think you need to quit being a liberal socialist democrat and join some other party, maybe the Tea party,it will take something pretty strong to get you straighten out, maybe just maybe there may be a little hope left in you yet.Once more quit listening to gov. radio you’ll learn something. Have a good day dmf.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Where did you learn that there are now missiles in cuba? Enquiring mind wants to know. We all need to know this.

      • Oldman Says:

        Web site ,Before Its News,Cuban Missiles2014

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        He reads articles written by the far right wing of the repugnicant party. I invite you to go to Before It’s News and read the tripe that guides the thinking of the less than intelligent. As I have said before OLDMAN sees ghosts in every window, hears noises in the attic, trouble lurks around every corner, and to him everything is a conspiracy. I would almost be willing to bet that he thinks the drones have targeted him specifically. He didn’t learn that there were missiles in Cuba, someone had to tell him for he can not distinguish between fact and fiction and make judgments on his own. My question of the day is: was there anything in the Jackson Independent about the saga of the missing simmons docket? I really doubt it for I am beginning to believe that Chris Smith is a pseudo news-person who is afraid to offend anyone even if it means shying away from the truth.

  16. Oldman Says:

    If you don’t think like dmf you are wrong.dmf is a liberal socialist democrat that thinks like obuma in every way.He’s for abortion,obuma care,welfare,food stamps,wealth distribution,amongst other socialist things.Borrow more money ,all we have to do is print more,cut the armed forces and let Russia and China have their way,that’s ok they are harmless we don’t have to worry.Open the borders so good people can come across,they need jobs.The people in USA don’t have to work.Raise common labor to whatever then they won’t have to work as much,they can stay home and make babies.That’s the liberal socialist way,that’s what Mr.dmf stands for,mighty fine fellow don’t you think?He has been brain washed and not able to think for himself.That’s bad. So long dmf

  17. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Has there been any word about the simmons broad and her shenanigans or does no one care. I just wrote a letter to your DA asking him what is going on with this perjury case and where is the lost docket and if he still has possession of it why hasn’t he re-fixed the date of her appearance in court or did some money exchange hands to hold the docket until her deal with the hotel/motel owners is a done deal. What are the chances that he will answer my questions. I do have to respond to one of SFB/s statement – your mother had one child too many. .

  18. Oldman Says:

    Everytime I think of you I remember something we used to say as kids(Theres nothing but steers and queers in Texas and I don’t see any horns on your head)That was about 50or55 years ago and it still holds true today. So long liberal socialist democrat limp wristed doodad bye

  19. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    For your information: this is one of the headlines on “Before It’s News” today, April 4, 2014. Idiots who believe crap like this see ghosts in every window, trouble lurking around every corner, noises in the attic, and conspiracies in everything that happens. This is one of the news articles for idiots. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN are nothing but government controlled news outlets, giving Americans only what they want them to know; whereas, Before it’s News is factual,. I am laughing so hard that some idiot would believe this crap that I have to quit typing. hahahahahahahahaha


    The YouTuber TruthSeeker has been making some ground breaking discoveries ,you would think NASA would want some part of these discoveries ,but still no official comment from NASA or JPL ,What were seeing in this video could change life on earth forever .The response to this video has all been positive.Near the end of this video there is a man walking with a shoulder bag and he has his cloths on a line drying ,either this pic is from mars or its from earth either way NASA has some explaining to do to all of us ,at the time of this story no comment from NASA yet

    • Oldman Says:

      Dmf ,I just picked one site by looking up nuclear missiles in Cuba.So mr. Dumb arse how about these sites? Russia expert Stephen Cohen
      Jewsnews. Missiles in Cuba
      Washington Times. Why did Russia spy ship dock in Cuba?
      Russia with plans for military bases in Nicaragua,Cuba,Venezuela and other places?
      Russia will soon have bases within quick easy distances of USA
      What is your favorite President obuma doing about this ? There’s not much he can do as he has already painted himself into a hole.His military is a joke with all his cuts,his vice president can get his double barrel shotgun and run them off I guess.Maybe his sec. of state can tell them to leave or he will get mad at them if they don’t.I don’t of any other options do you? Don’t tell you are so dumb as not to believe Russia and China will and can do as they like as long as obuma is in office.Look how far his 10,000,000 vacations would go for our military and vets which a lot are homeless but you think he cares,no.Maybe we can ask Can.and Mexico to look after us and keep the bad boys run off.But no we have bad arse liberal socialist democrats like you that all they think about is money and how much they can get from the gov.Let’s print more money and pay Russia to stay away and not bother us.China will stay away if we give them d.c. and Texas and a couple of national parks.Then all will be ok. So mr.dumb arse tell me there’s no missiles in Cuba and that all that Russia and China are doing is helping us with our every day problems


      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Seeing ghosts in every window, hearing voices in the attic, finding conspiracies in every event, following the lead of idiots like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck. Some of your comments about my being a Marxist, socialist, having sex with my granddaughter, and being gay have come close to being slander (I was advised by one person that it was slander and I had a case against you) and as long as you continue to direct such comments against my character I just may sue. Here is the definition of slander. See if it fits: “The utterance of defamatory statements injurious to the reputation or well-being of a person.” I will take your allegations no more. Portraying me as a communist or queer or a socialist or a Marxist is an attack on my character and my cause some people to believe that I am those things. That, my moronic, nameless friend(?) is injurious to my reputation. Now, why don’t your honor my request not to respond to any of my blogs. You may notice that I have not wasted my time with yours (except this one). If you had balls you would identify yourself and you and I could have a face-to-face discussion about the crap you have attempted to dump on me but you are just a weak little eunuch who finds safety in animity. Adios person who does not understand much and knows even less.

  20. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    People who tend to speak out their ass find crap on sites like Before It’s News to be to their liking whether it true or not, This particular piece of news has the MH370 at a secret US military base in the Indian Ocean. It plays right into the hands of the many mindless Tea Party turds that are out there. After this one, I will post one about Russian newspapers reporting that the missing flight is in Pakistan. Believe what you wish.


    The image, which appears black was posted as taken in a dark cell by an IBM engineer. The picture is black because the cell was too dark, but a critical piece of information was embedded in the Exif data, the coordinates to Diego Garcia, where the picture was taken. And it’s real, this is NOT a hoax. The coordinates in the picture indicate that the photo was taken within 3 miles of what Google officially gives for Diego Garcia. It is NOT EXACTLY what comes up on Google. It is off a couple miles, so NO ONE GOOGLED THIS, thus helping to confirm its authenticity. I don’t know how big the island is, but if it has a runway, that certainly fits.

    The picture posted with the following text: “I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.”

  21. Oldman Says:

    Since I got you on the site(Before Its News) it seems as if you have gotten real interested and that’s all you can talk about.I think it’s a liberal socialist democrat news outlet so you should fit right in with no problems.No telling what you will be talking about next.Happy reading. Have a good day

  22. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Before it’s news is a far right wing news(?) outlet that is not even as good as the National Enquirer. I was pointing out where the less informed get their news. I don’t read it, but for those that believe in its factuality, there is an article about Michelle Obama being a man and there is blurred videos to prove it (for the idiots who read it).

  23. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Faxed Jonathan M. Stewart yesterday and no response to my questions. Might should write Kincade; he’s defending a crook and liar and maybe he is of he same ilk. Story doesn’t seem to interest citizens of Jonesboro so why do I care – BECAUSE IT IS A FREAKING CRIME AND SOMEONE IS GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

    • Oldman Says:

      Mr.Fowler the truth finally came out of your mouth,did it cause you to choke?It seems as if the people in Jonesboro could care less about what is going on here.They had better wake up and wake up fast Well go on back to your lying liberalist socialist democrat ways,did you know you haven’t said any bad words today you had better hurry up the day is almost gone.Also you haven’t said anything real bad about me today.Getting old and senile I guess,that’s what being a liberal socialist democrat does to you,you need to change don’t you think?

  24. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Oldman. That’s my vulgar word for the day. You’re a dipstick know nothing who isn’t aware of his surroundings and when you speak the truth is not part of your vocabulary. I said that I wasn’t going to lower myself to your level and would not be responding to any of your posts. Why don’t you do me the same courtesy and don’t bother me with your dribble? You have to watch out for those missiles in Cuba, China, Russia, and Iran sailing in international waters (you said Reagan and Bush would not have allowed that: how laughable), stop heeding those voices you hear in the attic, stop seeing ghosts in every window, don’t worry what is lurking around the corner, and for God’s sake give up on the conspiracy in everything you read. Was that enough vulgarity for you? Glad to oblige. Do you know a four letter word for intercourse? Awaiting your answer.

    • Oldman Says:

      MDMF,that’s my answer and I’m sticking to it.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        The answer is “talk”, you dip stick. You know, “social intercourse” of which you have no understanding, Here’s another question for your snail paced mind: “what is that dogs do on three legs, that women do sitting down, and men do standing up?” Better check your windows as someone might be watching you; don’t forget to answer those voices in the attic; be sure and walk to the far left side of the sidewalk for something may be lurking around the next corner; and while you are at it, think up another conspiracy theory.

        • Oldman Says:

          Man you are one more crazy Texan,I don’t even think you know what you are talking about.All those drugs have made you crazy like a bat.I was beginning to wonder about you as we have not heard from you today but I knew you could not stay away.Let’s see if you can post one article without using foul talk,I think you do that to try and show people what a big man you are.Well my little liberal socialist democrat buddy remember what I said about the steers and queers in Texas and hold your chest out as there are more than one of you in Texas,you might find you a buddy.
          Have a good day,little buddy

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            Dip Stick, the answer is “shake hands.” The only foul language that I have used lately is the word OLDMAN, the phony name that you use. Go back to reading (if you can read) your far right wing BEFORE IT’S NEW. Be careful around windows and corners, and quit answering those voices that you hear in the attic; and please, no more conspiracies. You have a lot of courage when you can hide behind phony names. Come out of the closet you worthless piece of beetle dung.

            • Oldman Says:

              Good morning dmf,beginning to wonder if you made it thru the nite.Sure would miss my little buddie from Texas. I need to rewrite that and say( I would miss my liberal socialist democrat obuma loving little buddie). BYE

  25. WILLIE Says:

    Just figured out an idea for a new reality show. It would be called OLD FOOLS BRAWLING. Won`t need an ambulance backed up for the event. Would have a hearse on hand instead. The winner would get a new and unused set of teeth. It could be scheduled following Duck Dynasty. What a winning combo that would be.

  26. uncle sly Says:

    Now, that`s what i`m talking about

  27. uncle sly Says:

    Well, our new congressman got caught in a lip lock with a staffer. I bet she was actually a democratic slut that can`t control her urges as we republicans like to point out on our discussions about women. I just don`t know what we will have to do about these kind of people.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Vitter (R) Louisiana, your next governor seemed to prefer hookers (high priced hookers).

      • uncle sly Says:

        These democrats have no sense of christian values, faith, and family. Thy will do all they can to mess up a good republican. Tell him about it oldman.

        • Oldman Says:

          Not just any democrat,they are called liberalist socialist democrat whores that are payed by the democrat party to mess up good christian Republicans.Mr.dmf could better tell you how it works as he is a liberal socialist democrat that keeps up on all the news. I wonder how much she got paid to do that or is she a full time democrat employe,I wonder who will set up next.More of our tax money being spent by the democrat party to keep them in office,right Mr. dmf?

          • Oldman Says:

            Mr. Fowler. Could you help us out on this matter with our new congressman and the democrat party call girl? What do you know about this and how it works?Is she paid full time Or a commission on each one? How do y’all get those little cameras in the right places or do y’all pay a full time cameraman? Where does the money come from and who pays for it?How do you get the congressman at the right place and right time so she can run up throw her arms around him and kiss him before he can step back or run? I bet he thought it was a friend or some voter that wanted to just wanted say hello.Mr. Fowler I’m sure you can help us on this one as you are one smart socialist democrat that knows a little about everything. It would help if you could name names. With deepest regards, Oldman

  28. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    A headline from today’s issue of BEFORE IT’S NEWS, which seems to be the right wing Bible for at least one stupid idiot in Jonesboro.
    DIEGO GARCIA UNDERWATER BASE EXPOSED: WHERE FLIGHT MH370 WAS TAKEN. I forgot to send condolences to this Jonesboro idiot when his hero Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas died. Beware: the voices in the attic are sending you messages while someone watches you through your window and lurks behind every corner when you are out in town. A dumber person I have never run across. I do believe that the square root of his IQ if 4 (but I may be a bit high on that). I forgot my profanity —OLDMAN! That’s the only profane word that I will use. OLDMAN. As for all of your conspiracies, I shot Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley. Run with that.

  29. Oldman Says:

    Before it’s news is wrong about flight 307,I heard fro a a reliable source that the plane is being held hostage at the Jonesboro airport.Flowers highjacked it and is asking to be mayor and also asking for Leslie to be released from jail.He says he needs help being mayor and Leslie will help him.He also needs 1000000 dollars cash.If he’s turned down he says he will drop out and let the other candidate win,the people are out trying to get the money as we talk.They are not having any trouble getting the money,even the car wash boy is putting in a good bit.If you know the right people,the news is easy to come by.

  30. Oldman Says:

    Back on track,has anybody heard anything and I mean anything about the simmons trial ?Mighty quite ,not a peep out of anybody.It’s as if it had never happened.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      You ain’t close to being on topic, you braying barnyard animal. The subject is IT’S NOT JUST IN LOUISIANA – CHARLOTTE, NC MAYOR PINCHED.

  31. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I doubt very seriously that he was kissed by a “democratic slut of a call girl” McAllister got caught and is burning up the airwaves apologizing for his “indiscretion” and promising to be good from now on to be a man of Christian values. Hogwash. He got caught and it is not a democrat/repugnicant thing – he was listening to his weeny, not thinking about the people he is supposed to serve. He will fit right in with the whore chaser Vitter (R) Louisiana. God! You Louisiana people ought to be so proud to have such studs serving you.

  32. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) – The surveillance video of Congressman Vance McAllister kissing who’s said to be a staffer in his office has raised eyebrows and questions about his political future.

    KNOE reporter Jillian Corder sat down with ULM professor and political analyst Joshua Stockley, who followed last year’s congressional election, to ask what may be next for Vance McAllister.

    “If his family remains at his side,” says Stockley, “then potentially he could – bruised ego – still remain.”

    Stockley says although some politicians careers can’t recover from this type of scandal like Anthony Weiner or Eliot Spitzer, that’s not always the case.

    “There are numerous examples of politicians who remain relatively unscathed from these types of scandals. Mark Sanford was caught going to Argentina visiting a mistress, our own Senator Vitter is caught up in his own scandal,” says Stockley.

    Options for McAllister: overcome or be brought down by the video.

    “(He could say) Give me a second chance, let me show you that I am that individual that I said I was,” says Stockley about the next step for McAllister, “But certainly his emphasis on the Christian values, and the family values, doesn’t help an individual in that situation.”

    With a November 4th election right around the corner, Stockley says “this scandal changes everything.”

    As of now, no candidate has thrown their hat into the ring.

    “This might blowover and we forget about it, this might remain relevant, and suddenly we have 2, 3, 4, 5 major candidates and this becomes a major election again.”

  33. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    West Monroe — Congressman Vance McAllister tells KTVE/KARD he will not resign following the release of video showing him kissing another woman. He says he will also run for another term this year.

    In a statement released Monday, Rep. McAllister says he is asking for forgiveness.

    “There’s no doubt I’ve fallen short and I’m asking for forgiveness. I’m asking for forgiveness from God, my wife, my kids, my staff, and my constituents who elected me to serve. Trust is something I know has to be earned whether you’re a husband, a father, or a congressman. I promise to do everything I can to earn back the trust of everyone I’ve disappointed. From day one, I’ve always tried to be an honest man. I ran for congress to make a difference and not to just be another politician. I don’t want to make a political statement on this, I would just simply like to say that I’m very sorry for what I’ve done. While I realize I serve the public, I would appreciate the privacy given to my children as we get through this.”

    The video was posted earlier today on the Ouachita Citizen. The Ouachita Citizen received the video from an anonymous source.

    The woman in the video is said to be an aide from Congressman McAllister.

    McAllister took office in November after winning a special election.

    McAllister and his wife Kelly have five children.

    The staffer with whom McAllister is with in the video is Melissa Peacock, of Sterlington. According to McAllister’s Chief of Staff Adam Terry, Peacock was a new addition to the staff when McAllister was elected. She did not work for former Rep. Rodney Alexander. She was in charge of scheduling for McAllister. Terry says Peacock is no longer on the payroll as of Monday.

    • Oldman Says:

      dmf,Anybody can read the the paper or watch tv,but I’m impressed with you being able to read much less being able to type and remember what you’re typing and being able to make a post of it.I didn’t know you had it in you. How many women have you kissed
      and —— since you and Francis have been married? Come on and be honest about it,I will not tell I promise. It might make a better man of him,look what a great man it’s made of Vitter. You Democrats had better watch out in the next election,I think the republicans will have a piece of cake with you Democrats.The people know a good Man when they see one,plus look at all the women votes he’s going to get now.,Well dmf take your meds and maybe you’ll make another day,I want you to stay around to see the good republicans make hay out of the democrats
      Good bye see you later

      • Anonymous Says:

        copy and paste

      • Oldman Says:

        I need an answer if you don’t mine,I will not tell, I promise.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Know now the old white man republican`s feelings. As a white republican woman, what are your thoughts sunrisesunset. Stand by your man or judge them as a person and not a democrat or republican,

        • sunrisesunset Says:

          In short, everyone deserves second chances if he/she is sincere about the misdeed. Wrong is wrong, regardless whether the person (cheater) is Republican or Democrat. Matters not. It is still immoral. Hopefully, McAlister has learned a very hard lesson from the cheating escapade. The only true “Judge” is the Lord, Jesus Christ. Is that answer satisfactory?

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Let me remind you of my post of April 4th and the definition of slander. Watch your words, my brainless twit., Watch your words.

  34. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I haven’t used any profanity today, so as I prepare for bed let me say a few FOWL (used that just for Old man) word or two: . OLDMAN, OLDMAN, OLDMAN. That’s enough for just thinking that name makes me sick.

    • Oldman Says:

      Sorry I made you sick,hope I made you thru the nite.I’m going to keep a real close eye on everything you do today.I’m real proud of you not using bad names and also all the good names you have been calling me. Good day

  35. Oldman Says:

    O well it’s 1:50 and heard from dmf yet, he must be sick.Or he is on the porch ,scared to get down.Come on down Mr. Fowler ,tell me the news.Have you heard anything on cottonham,simmons,leslie or any of the others? Come on down mr. Fowler let’s play.I’ll keep our secret safe,you don’t have to worry bout me.

  36. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    For the reckless and irresponsible, the head of the repugnicant party in Louisiana has written a letter to John Boehner (Speaker of the House of Representatives) urging him to ask Vance McAllister to resign his seat in Congress because of his indiscretion with his staff member. Very slim chance that he will resign because he likes that $174,000 a year salary and the chance to pick up some lobbyist money. But we can always hope. For those that feel that a little contrition will make everything go away, may be in Louisiana but not the real world. We don’t need the tea baggers running our country nor do we need people with the character of Vance in our government.

    There are many intelligent people in Jonesboro who read these blogs and I ask one or more of you to tell the brainless twit who blogs under the name OLDMAN that I have chosen not to respond to his very childish comments. If you put a candle beside his right ear and blew into the left ear, the candle would go out for there is nothing between his ears except stupidity.

  37. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    ****** (God, how I hate to say that vulgar name) once quoted from “Before it’ News” and I want to share one or two of its headlines today just to show where ******’s head resides.

    Flight 370 mystery SOLVED: Israel and the United States have it at Diego Garcia.

    As a Freemason myself this next one irks me no end but I post it to show what ****** quotes:

    Pennsylvania School Stabbing. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism
    April 9 2014
    The spiritual aspect to this and these types of tragedies is investigated in this informative video. Look at the symbolism this event has shared with the Sandy Hook tragedy. We are nearing the Time the Pit is opened in the Bible to begin the End of Days and the demonic are on the rise!

    • Oldman Says:

      dmf,funny,funny,also as a freemason bast–d you are a crook and the main reason the world is like it is today.No wonder you are a liberalist socialist democrat I knew something was wrong with you from the start.The things you believe in are wrong,I don’t have to list them you know what I’m talking about. Freemasons are nothing but a cult no better than the cult at James Town,

      • Oldman Says:

        Last post with dmf,my age, my health,and my heart will not let me keep doing this.So this is it.dmf you are wrong,Argue with somebody else not me,bye

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        ****** you can’t even get your history correct – it’s JONES TOWN where James Jones had over 900 followers commit suicide by drinking grape kool aid laced with a poison. Jamestown was a settlement in Virginia in the late 1600s fool. Most people who try to put down the Masonic order are those who were denied entry and can only lash out at those who turned them down. Remember, if you got turned down it was by your friends who undoubtedly knew something about you that WE don’t want in our midst., I have been a member for 44 years and am proud of it. If you wish to learn about the Masons, you can find our entire ritual in a well-stocked library or you can watch the several shows that non-Masons have put together attempting to show how evil we are.

        ******, you are a tea bagging jerk and I am a liberal democrat and in your eyes because I am not a tea bagger like you, then I am wrong. I believe that a woman should get paid the same as a man for doing the same job; I believe that a woman’s body is her own and she has a right to do with it as she sees fit. I believe that the minimum wage should be raised $15 an hour. I believe that the NRA should be outlawed because they do not represent the gun owner but the gun manufacturer. I believe in registration of guns. I believe that there should be background checks on anyone purchasing a gun. I believe in the death penalty. I believe in freedom of religion (including the rights of Muslims to worship in their holy places; I am catholic and once in the United States there was an anti catholic party that wanted to run us out of the USA). I don’t believe that President Obama is a Muslim nor do I believe that he seeks the advice of the Muslim Brotherhood before making a decision. President Obama was born in Hawaii and was just as eligible as ****** and I to run for president.

        I believe that you are a coward as you have failed to identify yourself or answer any of my questions, especially they one about the lies that I have told., Whip it on me old boy. Tell me and everyone the lies that I have told.

        I don’t give a rat’s rectal area about your age, health, or heart. But, I do not believe that you will never respond to my comments. You have used several different names in your posts including ANONYMOUS and ANONYMOUS IN QUITMAN just to name a few. You are the liar, brainless twit. You are the liar. Let’s see you hold off answering this blog.

  38. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Was there anything in the local newspaper about the simmons fiasco? Just curious. It seems that if you want to call yourself a newsman, you would go after all the stories that have a bearing on your readership. I think Chris Smith is a coward who would crather not report on something that might offend the affluent of Jonesboro. I see where the male simmons is attempting to sell the land back to Jonesboro so her troubles may have already tossed a wrench to the dealings. I certainly hope that simmons does not think that any monies received from the sale of the land are his and for his pockets. Wasn’t that grant money? So it ain’t his,

  39. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Even Booby Jindal thinks Vance McAllister should resign., Wow!

    Governor Bobby Jindal is now among those calling on Congressman Vance McAllister to resign following the release of video showing McAllister kissing an aide.

    The Jindal administration released this statement to KTVE/KARD:

    “Congressman McAllister’s behavior is an embarrassment and he should resign. He says he wants privacy to work on his issues with his family. The best way to get privacy and work on putting his family back together is to resign from Congress.”

    KTVE/KARD has reached out to McAllister’s congressional office for reaction to Jindal’s statement, but has yet to receive a response.
    ven Booby Jindal thinks Vance McAllister should resign. Wow!

  40. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    That last line should have been erased by for some reason it stayed so please disregard it.

  41. Says:

    Dragon City Hack Cheats Obtain 2014 Limitless Gold Gems Meals

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