The Dream vs How it Really Is

This is what Mayo/The News Star want to talk about.

$80 Million Dream

$80 Million Dream

This is what Mayo/The News Star won’t talk about.

Homeless Sleeping Under the Brides

Homeless Sleeping Under the Brides

One of Monroe's Clogged Drainage Canals

One of Monroe’s Clogged Drainage Canals

9 Responses to “The Dream vs How it Really Is”

  1. Pete Says:

    OMG…I thought that our beloved mayor was doing a great job, shocking, how could the News Star be misleading the public…glad I didn’t listen to the News Star about the recall of City Council. Can I scratch out the Council and put Mayo’s name on the recall?

    • Al Says:

      Mayo gave the convicted felon (Gilmore & Stevens) council members a standing ovation during their trial. They always voted his way. He now will not take their calls from jail, according to Mayo’s Garden District secretary. When mayo doesn’t need you: rot in jail.

  2. John Says:

    Is that a V-Car in front of Mayo’s monument to himself. Good news is Billy Boles will make a minimum of 8 million dollars in fees for selling the bonds @ 10%. He can afford to be generous.

  3. Oldman, Says:

    It happens again,it’s not mayo’s money it’s YOURS

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think I’m gonna start a website so I can bash the people I don’t like and call it NEWS!!!

  5. Mason Jawr Says:

    John you got it right; “Mayo’s Monument to himself.”

  6. Dirk Says:

    Silly comparison. I thought more of Walter than this. He should be embarrassed and ashamed. There was a time Walter actually provided news. Now this. But, it is his blog and he does not have to follow the rules of a real journalist. He can be as silly as he wants.

  7. PP Says:

    The new name will be “J.E. Mayo Expo Center”… or something in that respect…that guy really think he can walk on water…when he fall I believe he will actually commit suicide.

  8. Oldman Says:

    Homeless people need jobs,they don’t need anymore handouts.Hand outs don’t work, it just causes more homeless people.

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