AG Caldwell: “Lot of Trouble” Prosecuting WalMart Looting Cases

Attorney General weighs in on food stamp flap

Marsha Shuler

Food stamp fraud cases would be hard to make against those who overspent benefit limits during a computer crash last October, state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell said Friday.

“There’s no evidence available as to who cashed the checks, who presented the (food stamp) card,” Caldwell said. “Prosecutors are going to have a lot of trouble in taking the cases.”

Caldwell also said there were no victim complaints or arrests which complicates the situation.

Jeff Landry for Attorney General.

4 Responses to “AG Caldwell: “Lot of Trouble” Prosecuting WalMart Looting Cases”

  1. Fast Freddy Says:

    Bull….What happened to the security cameras and tapes?

    Getting the evidence should piece of cake. Match the photos to the purchases or person. Lots of work YES….but worth it.

    Make a statement…..this behavior will not be accepted without a fight from the tax payers.

  2. Rastus B. Gumm Says:

    protected class- no prosecution

  3. John Says:

    Don’t bother the AG it’s TGIF…

  4. Oldman Says:

    Cannot prosecute,don’t want to lose a Democrat vote. The entitlement race wins again.

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