Shrinking Newspaper Lectures About Finances

Long-time Northeast Louisiana residents have no doubt noticed the emaciated condition of the area’s “premier” newspaper, The (Monroe) News-Star. Shrunken pages, decimated reporting staff, declining circulation – outward manifestations of financial problems.

Indeed, Gannett’s last quarter’s earnings showed a decline compared to the same time period last year.

Gannett 4Q profit down 12 pct on lower ad spending

But today, that “newspaper” sees fit to lecture people on how to handle money. See it here:

Our View: Enough, already!

We’ve often noted that the political endorsements of Gannett newspapers are usually good contrary indicators. In other words, whoever they endorse for office, make sure you vote for the other candidate.

Looks like the same can be said about their financial expertise.

5 Responses to “Shrinking Newspaper Lectures About Finances”

  1. Dirk Says:

    Do you plan to report on the spectacular financial capabilities of controversial councilman Ray Armstrong, controversial councilman Eddie Clark and controversial councilwoman Betty Blakes after their vote on the Gardner Denver Thomas project last night or do you intend to limit your comments on financial matters to your pet project, the News-Star?

    • Dave Says:

      The “spectacular financial capabilities” adds to their already amazing comprehension of city government and their role in it. Once again officials deem their election as carte blanche to do as they please with no regard for their duties.

  2. Bob Smith Says:

    The News Star needs to be put out of its missery. It has crippled Monroe.

    Armstrong, Blakes, and Clark are heros. Gardner Denver Thomas adds very little capital to the local economy.

  3. Mason Jawr Says:

    Should the News Star close down who will toot Mayo’s horn for him. They uphold him at every turn in the name of “Progress”.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Gannett. The problem in a nutshell.

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