More on Monroe Budget Meeting

Picture Displayed @ Monroe Budget Hearing – 2/24/14

Picture Displayed @ Monroe Budget Hearing – 2/24/14

At last night’s Monroe budget hearing, District 4’s Kenny Wilson also displayed several pictures of drainage problems on Monroe’s South Side. See one of them posted above.

Wilson said that the ditches and canals hadn’t been cleaned out in many years, and that culverts are stopped up. These issues contribute to flooding problems on the Southside, Wilson said, and the $100 thousand allocated to drainage maintenance isn’t nearly enough.

Finley Jefferson of Community Youth Activity Sports requested monies (about $20 thousand) to help fund youth sports programs. Both Wilson and District 5’s Eddie Clark were participants in youth sports programs when they were young.

The only person from Mayor Jamie Mayo’s staff to attend the meeting was City Attorney Nanci Summersgill. It is unclear whether she had dispensation from Mayo to attend, or whether she defied his proclamation last week that no one from the administration participate in the budget hearings.

Her department’s budget was questioned about a line item listed as “legal and other professional” that was budgeted for $30 thousand for 2014-2015, but had no money allocated for last year.

Summersgill said she did not know for what purpose the money was intended. Said Summersgill, “I just really don’t know.”

Quipped Clark, “That may be the $30 thousand for our kids,” referring to the sports programs funding.

District 3’s Betty Blakes questioned $300 thousand in overtime for airport security.

She also wanted a breakdown and list of the vendors for $170 thousand in “public relations” funds that are budgeted for the year.

Perhaps some of the money found its way to the “real” news media outlets in Monroe – TV, newspapers, etc. That might account for the fawning and uncritical coverage Mayo regularly receives from them.

5 Responses to “More on Monroe Budget Meeting”

  1. Ken Says:

    Why do you think that cub reporter Cole Avery never questions anything that Mayo does or says. He is followed by 8 and 10 with this practice.

  2. James Says:

    The city attorney never noticed the phantom 30K added to her budget by Mayo ??? It was to pay Mayo’s lawyer, Kincade, to sue the city council of course. The best use of taxpayers money. Cole Avery never bothered to ask about this. He doesn’t want to know.

  3. Amanda Says:

    300K in overtime at the airport for what. New Orleans and Shreveport is much less than this and they are busy.

  4. NoDebt Says:

    That airport is the ugliest, sorriest new building I have ever seen. What a waste of money (we don’t have).

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