Mayo Forbids Department Heads from Meeting with Council on Budget

It’s my way or no way on the budget, controversial Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo has decreed in a letter to the members of the Monroe City Council earlier this week. Mayo’s 2/17/14 edict said that he would not allow department heads to participate in budget meetings with the council next week. Proclaimed Mayo:

Last year for the first time known to the Administration the participation by Department Heads was unnecessary and yielded no input that was accepted by the Monroe City Council in determining the budget finally approved by the Monroe City Council and vetoed by me. Therefore, there will be no input from Department Heads to the balanced budget that I already submitted until the introduction of the budget by the Council. The Administration has determined the Charter will be strictly adhered to and meetings with Department Heads is not authorized in Section 5-02 and 5-05 of the Monroe City Charter.

See here the letter.

Here is the agenda for the Monday, February 24 budget hearing at Monroe City Hall, 401 Lea Joyner Expressway, 5:30 PM.

4 Responses to “Mayo Forbids Department Heads from Meeting with Council on Budget”

  1. Josh Says:

    Basically Jamie is saying that he doesn’t need a city council. He presented a budget and why is there a need to approve it. Karl Marx is no longer there to lick Mayo’s boots but the current council should. Marx was promoted to the editorial board of the failing News Star to shine for Mayo in another way. Now Marx can approve Mayo’s budget from the News Star.

    • Jimmy Says:

      Word on the street is that Mayo got Marx a job selling pool supplies at Walmart. Marx is very happy now. Read Marx’s financial report with the Secretary of State filed when he ran for City Council.

      • Brenda Says:

        Marx is still appreciative for Mayo hiring his child predator buddy to work with children at the city golf course. Cub reporter Cole Avery should ask Marx about this if he wanted a future beyond the News Star.

  2. Lynn Says:

    Does anyone know how much Mayo pays the Chamber to be cheerleaders for him with city taxpayer’s dollars.

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