Jefferson Corner Open for Business Today

Jefferson Corner, Friday, February 14, 2014

Jefferson Corner, Friday, February 14, 2014

Jefferson Corner, home of North Central Louisiana’s premier morning “coffee group,” is once again open for business. The convenience store/restaurant had been closed since the first of the year for remodeling.

Manager Robert Morse was on hand this morning, with hot coffee to greet returning customers.

Morse said it would be several weeks before hot meals would be served, pending arrival of kitchen equipment. Meanwhile, the store has snack foods, coffee, and fountain soft drinks available.

Many of the group’s regulars were present this morning. Seen were retired Lincoln Parish Tax Assessor Jewett Farley, Tommy Boddie, Richard “Lizard” Howard, and David Carnal, among others.

Keith Huffman said of the group, “This is one of the groups that if they can’t impress you with their intelligence, they’ll baffle you with BS.”

Police Juror Bobby Bennett, another regular, denied the oft-leveled accusation that the group is composed of liars.

Exclaimed Bennett, “We don’t lie!” He added “Now we might add to and take away a little bit, but that ain’t really lying.”

See also the Prunepicker Blog for pictures from this morning.

Jefferson Corner opens on Valentine Day. Today.

3 Responses to “Jefferson Corner Open for Business Today”

  1. Stop It I Say! Says:

    After all, the absolute truth doesn’t always make the most interesting story…

  2. Cowboy Says:

    Seth Tatum always said “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story” and this group takes that advice to heart.

    Hope the accommodations are better than ever.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You’re absolutely right, I remember him saying that a few times. I miss him at the coffee table, and a few other’s as well !

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