North Monroe Zoning Change Deferred

A proposed ordinance that would have changed the designation of properties located at 2513 and 2515 Broadmoor Boulevard from B-2 (Neighborhood Business District) to R-MD (Medium Density Residential District) was removed from the agenda at last night’s meeting of the Monroe City Council.

See here the ordinance.

The city’s Zoning Commission had recommended the change at a meeting last December.

See here the recommendation.

According to sources, changes to the city’s zoning ordinances adopted at the 11/12/13 meeting would allow the proposed construction outright, and wouldn’t require a zoning change for that specific property. See here the final draft of the new zoning ordinance.

Sampco, LLC/Greg Sampognaro intends to construct an apartment complex on the property.

The council approved $5 thousand for the upcoming Lions Club State Convention, set for April 25-27 in West Monroe.

See here the resolution.

The council approved a contract with Onyx Advertising, LLC, for advertising the Monroe Regional Airport, but only after the contract terms were modified. Originally, the contract was for three years, with an automatic nine-year renewal, but the council opted to delete the renewal language.

Finally, there was a bit of animated discussion over the language of a grant application form for Monroe Transit.

Listed on the application forms was Marc Keenan, an employee of First Transit, the system’s contract operator. The council recently chose not to approve a renewal of First Transit’s contract.

City Attorney Nanci Summersgill agreed to redo the applications with Public Works Director Tom Janway as the contact, instead of Keenan.

Council President Eddie Clark (District Five) explained the disagreement thus: “Why would we vote to pay First Transit, who we voted not to renew their contract in November of 2013? Why not just change the contact person to put everybody at ease, instead of trying to get in the back door what you couldn’t get in the front door, just change the contact person?”

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  1. Arthur Says:

    you are as always a great source for information that the local press can’t understand or report. They are the repeat press not reporting anything.

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