St. George, LA Update – 1/27/14

St. George event raises $18,750

By Rebekah Allen

More than 150 people attended the first city of St. George fundraiser Sunday evening, generating at least $18,750 for the campaign to incorporate a new city in East Baton Rouge Parish.

Lionel Rainey, a spokesman for the St. George effort, said every dollar raised goes into the campaign to aid in the group’s first hurdle of collecting at least 18,000 signatures from registered voters to put incorporation to a vote.

Earlier in January, he said they had about 10,000 signatures, but the number cannot be validated because St. George leaders never made the lists of signatures public and there is no legal requirement for the group to disclose its signature counts.

If the St. George proposition is placed on the ballot, only those living within its boundaries can vote.

The money raised will be used for buying signs, brochures and Facebook advertisements.

Eventually, Rainey said, the group may engage a firm to help promote the effort and conduct polling.

Rainey said more fundraisers likely will be held because he believes opponents representing the city of Baton Rouge are quietly raising money to finance an aggressive campaign against the St. George effort.

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