Hazel Hunter New Lincoln Parish Police Jury President

Hazel Hunter (District Two) was tonight elected President of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) on a 9-3 vote. Also nominated was incumbent Skip Russell (District Eight).

Voting for Hunter were:

Theresa Wyatt (District One)
David Hammons (District Five)
Walter Pullen (District Six)
Jody Backus (District Seven)
Joe Henderson (District Nine)
Nancy Wilson (District Ten)
Sharyon Mayfield (District Eleven)
Ronny Walker (District Twelve)

Voting for Russell were:

Bobby Bennett (District Three)
Randy Roberson (District Four)

The two nominees both voted for themselves.

David Hammond was elected Vice-President unanimously.

Hunter told the jury members to get their names in the hopper for two upcoming taxpayer-funded political junkets: The Police Jury Association of Louisiana Annual Convention set for late February in Baton Rouge, and the National Association of Counties Annual Convention set for July in New Orleans.

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