Mayo Goes Off on Buses, Council Shutters Bar

Controversial Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo launched into one of his patented rants at Monday night’s meeting of the Monroe City Council, accusing the council of “lies” about the ongoing issues concerning the Monroe Transit Authority.

Also, the council voted 3-1, with one abstention to not renew the Class A liquor license for the Sixth Street Saloon.

During opening comments, Mayo said that the vote by the council at the 12/10/13 meeting to not renew the transit management contract with First Transit of Cincinnati, OH, was “irresponsible.”

Mayo also claimed that the council had not communicated with him concerning alleged problems with the management company, but that they did have the right to approve/disapprove their contract.

Said Mayo, “The only problem was it was an irresponsible vote, because there was no communication whatsoever, that I’m aware of, with the administration concerning that.”

He added, “When you say that the administration ignore people, that is a flat out lie!” “We have a council that is trying to create a kingdom for themselves.”

Mayo’s tirade followed council comments earlier that touched on the transit issue.

District 1’s Ray Armstrong said that transit workers (who are city employees) had problems with First Transit and complained at council meetings, but that First Transit would not respond. The workers also claimed the buses weren’t being maintained.

There were proposals from four other firms to manage the bus system, Armstrong claimed.

Said Amstrong, “There were four other applications for the job, and we only turned down one.”

District 3’s Betty Blakes noted that they didn’t vote to do away with public transportation, just the management company.

Said Blakes, “We voted not to get rid of the transit system – what we voted was to get rid of the managing company.”

The liquor license renewal vote followed comments from a couple of citizens who lived in the area, and also comments from the bar’s owner and an employee.

Among the citizen complaints was noise and gunfire at the establishment.

Monroe Police Department (MPD) Chief Quentin Holmes said the gunfire was an “accidental discharge” that happened last summer.

The owner said he was doing all that he could to control the noise, and that he was trying to be a good corporate citizen.

Voting not to renew the license was Armstrong, Gretchen Ezernack (District 2), and Kenneth Wilson (District 4). Blakes abstained and Eddie Clark (District 5) voted yes to the renewal.

The rest of the license renewals for classes A, B, C, D, F, and G – about 65 total – were renewed.

See here the memo.

More reporting later.

3 Responses to “Mayo Goes Off on Buses, Council Shutters Bar”

  1. Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies Says:

    Is Mayo wanting a kingdom?
    Is Mayo being irresponsible?
    Is Mayo lieing?

    Is he guilty of all that he is hollering about others doing?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Too bad he did not actually LEAVE on a BUS!

  3. PP Says:

    The thing with this whole deal with the management company for the transit is the Mayo has to be getting a kick back why would any elected official want to get a contract that is not the least. Now he does not know anything about the four other bidders, and one was less than first transit…you would throw a tirade because the council voted it down. I do not know why he is locked up with the rest of those crooked mayors, this mayor is dangerous, he think he can walk on watert.

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