Monroe Mayor Mayo Reaffirms McAllister Endorsement

Mayor Mayo endorses McAllister

by jordan blum

WASHINGTON — Democratic Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo said Tuesday that he is “strongly supporting” Republican businessman Vance McAllister in the all-GOP runoff for the vacant congressional 5th District seat.

Mayo, who finished third in the Oct. 12 primary election, said he is endorsing McAllister because he is the candidate willing to work across party lines and fight to improve the district, which is “one of the poorest” in the nation.

“He (McAllister) has the ability to relate to all people within the district, which includes people of different party lines and races … people of all walks of life. … That makes him best suited to represent the entire district and not just a portion of it,” Mayo said.

Mayo said he is willing to be as active or inactive in the campaign as McAllister would like leading up to the Nov. 16 runoff election.

The endorsement has the potential to increase McAllister’s standing with Democratic and African-American voters.

4 Responses to “Monroe Mayor Mayo Reaffirms McAllister Endorsement”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Did Mayo get paid by McAllister for consulting?

    Like Leslie Thompson got paid by Fannin, Stewart & Alexander?

    Just wondering….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yes Mac paid off his campaign debt, Mayo just took his money and will do nothing…Mayo went to him with his scam…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The people at the bogus civic center concert hope that Mayo will refund their tickets with McAllister’s money.

  4. The Jet Says:

    A cynical mind would think Mayo is actually trying to HURT McAllister instead of help him with broadcasting this endorsement so loudly. Ya’ll sure Riser ain’t paying Mayo for this?

    (BTW, poison pill/”Kiss of Death” endorsements are not new, nor is it outlandish conspiracy theory, it’s a dirty trick as old as politics itself).

    I thought McAllister was Tea Party or TP-affiliated? Am I wrong in thinking that? He certainly is trying to paint Riser as the “establishment insider” type in the race.

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