Does Mayo’s Endorsement Help or Hurt Vance McAllister?

Monroe Mayor Mayo’s Saturday night endorsement of Vance McAllister for Congress from Louisiana’s Fifth District isn’t being talked about very much. There’s not a mention on his Facebook page, or his campaign website.

Wonder why?

8 Responses to “Does Mayo’s Endorsement Help or Hurt Vance McAllister?”

  1. TyrantsThriveAmongUs Says:

    I’m considering Vance McAllister, not because of Mayor Mayo’s endorsement, but because he has not been part of the existing political establishment, and I presume does not owe the establishment anything.
    I understand Neil Riser is a good man, but nevertheless he is allied to Jindal and more of the establishment, and I am convinced this is part of the problem. All establishment figures, left and right, seem to have one thing in common: they derive their power and wealth from Big Government, and they talk a good game but when it comes time to cut something, they won’t.
    Maybe Vance McAllister will be on OUR side; I am not entirely convinced Neil Riser understands the importance of this.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I agree and understand the importance, if McAllister is allied with Mayo, he has my vote as Mayo is on Our side.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I would not vote for Riser just because, according to his advertisements, he’s only done one thing since being our senator that being he strengthen the gun amendment. Whoopie!!
    Hey Neal do something about big government, do something to help the working man!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Poor Vance is no smarter than the people that bought tickets to the bogus Kelley concert where Mayo endorsed Vance. At lease the crowd at the civic center knew that they were taken advantage of. Vance doesn’t have a clue. He paid Mayo to cover his campaign expenses. Mayo’s endorsement at a bogus concert is really the only help Mayo will give Vance. Perhaps Vance will join the ticket holders demanding the money back.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The singer, whose new album “Black Panties”… “According to an attendee interviewed by local station KNOE, the performer took the stage three hours past the planned start time and lip-synced. Now, those in attendance are demanding refunds for their $150 tickets” from Billboard Magazine.
    This really gives Vance a black eye or a ‘black panties’ eye…Vance died with this concert, he is cooked…

  5. ShowMeResults Says:

    Think about this. Does it really matter which one gets in? Washington IS the establishment. If you expect to be relevant, you must sell out and join. Otherwise, you go sit in a corner and watch. Those in the establishment have all the power. Corner sitters draw a big salary and benefits, but are irrelevant. What these two groups have in common is they’re politicians and know how to lie. The establishment lies about what they’ve done and corner sitters lie about what they haven’t done. It is a dirty rotten system, but it is what it is. So does it really matter which one gets in? Both Riser and McAllister are already somebody else’s lapdog or they wouldn’t have made it this far. That’s just how this rotten system works.

  6. hmmmmm Says:

    I would rather have Vance than Riser who is the propped up puppet for Alexander and Jindal. I can’t stand Rino Rodney so I for sure wouldn’t vote for Riser for anything. Hope Vance wins!

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