DA Levy Wants LPPJ to Cough Up $90K for Overdue Bills

Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Attorney Bob Levy has sent a request to the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) for an extra appropriation of about $90 thousand to cover obligations of his office.

See here the letter.

Among the items listed are: Parochial Employees Retirement System (PERS), Louisiana District Attorney’s Association (LDAA), and Blue Cross Health Coverage.

A response from the Jury advised Levy that any additional monies in excess of that already approved would require action from the jury. The letter requested that Levy be present at the 11/12 meeting of the jury’s finance committee and formally present his request.

See here the letter.

6 Responses to “DA Levy Wants LPPJ to Cough Up $90K for Overdue Bills”

  1. CitizensAll Says:

    Mr. Levy is the DA for Union and Lincoln parishes, which together are the Third Judicial District. What has he asked Union Parish Police Jury to pay? Don’t the two parishes share the cost?

    • Cowboy Says:

      Union Parish is so broke it can’t pay attention, so I doubt he’s bothering with them. The deeper pockets are in Lincoln Parish and the LPPJ should demand to know why Levy hasn’t lived within his budget! Levy knows exactly how much is allocated to run the DA’s office, and there is no excuse for overspending. Levy figures the Jury will just cover whatever expenses he decides to run up. We just went through all of this with the Fire District and booted those troublemakers out for overspending. Now it’s time to turn our attention on Levy who spends most of his time in Baton Rouge anyway. Levy’s worse than Jindal at being someplace other than where he’s supposed to be! If Levy is so fond of Baton Rouge, he should give up being DA and move down there permanently!

  2. ruth Says:

    Cowboy is right. For the last several years, the DA has spent an average of three days per month in the DA’s office, being the DA he promised to be. When he ran against Tommy Adkins, he (Levy) promised the people he would close his law office and be their “full time” district attorney. What a joke. A few days in the office a month can’t cut it. Not to mention it’s been years and years since he actually went to the courtroom and tried a case. If he claims to be a full time DA then why are his travel expenses for ten months this year $38,000.00??? Cowboy is also wrong, Levy is threatening the Union Parish Police Jury with a lawsuit if they don’t increase their funding from $120,000.00 to $200,000.00 per year. Even more troubling, is that Levy claims the $289,660.00 he wants from the Lincoln Parish Police Jury is just 17% of his operating expenses. So, it takes him $1,703,880.00 (yes million) a year to run his office. No wonder he doesn’t want anyone to see his books.

  3. ruth Says:

    Did anyone notice that part of the past due expenses Levy wants the Lincoln Parish Police Jury to pay for is Thompson-West. That’s the law books. Seven lawyers in the office with no law books. But if you have 53 secretaries in the office you can’t afford law books.

  4. ruth Says:

    Speaking of seven lawyers in the office, why is he always hiring outside attorneys? That’s either a waste of money or a statement by him that neither he nor his assistants are competent.

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