Simmons, Jackson Indicted for Perjury

In other Jonesboro developments today, Janice Simmons and Franciscus Jackson were indicted by a Jackson Parish Grand Jury earlier this afternoon on one count each of perjury.

They are alleged to have falsely testified in court that they witnessed an altercation between Willie Joseph and a citizen after a August, 2012 Jonesboro city council meeting. Joseph was at the time on trial for battery against the citizen.

A video introduced into evidence at the trial purportedly showed the two to be in another room at the time of the incident, and unable to directly witness the altercation, or lack thereof.

Joseph was convicted in the trial and was sentenced to six months in jail, with five months suspended. He is appealing the conviction.

Simmons is listed as the Executive Director of the Greater North Louisiana Community Development Corporation (GNLCDC), according to the agency’s 2011 Form 990 tax return.

Assistant District Attorney Benjamin Durrett prosecuted the case.

17 Responses to “Simmons, Jackson Indicted for Perjury”

  1. Freeddie boy Says:

    I would hope that the GNLCDC would be cut off from receiving any and all grants while Simmons is under the “care” of the grand jury.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe the mayor will be called as a “character” witness for Simmons & Jackson. The black clergy need to keep their suits on so they will be ready to attend the next trials and sentencings.

    So, who is going to perjure themselves for Simmons & Jackson. The rabbit hole goes deep, wonder who wants to go down it now.

    Simmons & Jackson should just admit guilt and get it over with. Ask the court for mercy for doing something stupid. Video doesn’t lie like some people do.

    Federal Government needs to investigate GNLCDC, bet there has been some lieing going on there also.

    Herb, what you gonna do when they come for you, bad boy bad boy?

  3. Barney Fife Says:

    Oh NO…Dr. Simmons gonna have to help out his wife on this…
    Any marches and out of town people coming in to protest this one?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    best news i’ve heard in a long time

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Justice is finally being served. How does it taste?

  6. justmythought Says:

    what happens now that they are indicted by a grand jury? will they be arrested an what is the penalty for perjury

    • Confused Says:

      They get to have a hearing to prove themselves innocent or guilty…with a lawyer working for them.

      A fine of not more than ten thousand dollars or imprisonment at hard labor for not more than five years, or both might be the penalty if found guilty.

  7. Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies Says:

    Was Janice or Herb hanging around the courthouse for Leslie’s appearances lately?

    Their whole family just to come in and watch.

    Were these Leslie supporters his character witnesses this last time Leslie was in court?

    Herb and Janice need to be upset with Leslie’s lawyer….the lawyer who submitted the tape as evidence. One of two things happened…lawyer did not review tape before trail OR lawyer did not think Janice being in the room made a differnece (i.e. not a smart lawyer)

  8. sunrisesunset Says:

    Way to go Janice & Jackson! Now, spit out the truth after you lied. You probably will now that you have been indicted for perjury. What’s good for the goose is, also, good for the gander.

  9. TruthBeTold Says:

    Are there two Franciscus Jackson’s in Jonesboro? The one I know is a Barber in Ruston

  10. Wait for it Says:

    Will Janice & Franco play the race card? Was it white folks that made them lie on the stand?

    How can they spin their lies under oath to were it is their race?

    Maybe this was just a test on Judge Teat?

  11. Casper Says:

    Also, where in the world is the Rev David Dill? Poof….he disappeared….

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Wonder if the Jena Six attorneys are good enough for Herb’s wife?

  13. Armand Carathers Says:


  14. Emilio Muschamp Says:


  15. Marylou Glaab Says:

    No Experience Necessary

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