Additional Jonesboro Reporting

In his reasons for judgement, Judge Jimmy Teat noted that in a statement to the court attached to the pre-sentence investigation, Thompson denied culpability for his crimes and showed no remorse.

Teat noted Thompson’s behavior after he was convicted, where he attempted to have his wife Yoshi replace him as mayor, and the involvement of a Monroe City Court judge in an attempt to “swear in” his wife. All this was an attempt by Thompson to maintain political control of the town, Teat said.

He also noted Thompson’s use of the town’s car as a personal vehicle, a 2010 land transaction between the town and Greater North Louisiana Community Development Corporation, and a catered political event paid for with town funds.

As mitigating factors, Teat said that Thompson wasn’t likely to be a flight risk, nor was there any risk of violence.

On counts one and two of the conviction, Thompson is to serve 3 years each, consecutively, and on count three, he was sentenced to 5 years, suspended, with five years of supervised probation. Each of the counts carried a $1 thousand fine.

The terms of the probation include no contact with the town or its employees.

The $51 thousand in restitution must be paid back to the town in installments over a period of 60 months.

A defense motion for Thompson’s immediate release pending appeals was denied.

46 Responses to “Additional Jonesboro Reporting”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good job all around: the prosecution, sentencing, a very fair and just verdict considering what this man has done to our town with the help of three council members.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That’s one down, waiting on a few more to Go down now.

  3. Dee Says:

    Can anyone explain how anyone pays a fine when they are in jail and have no income? That has always been a puzzle to me.
    What is the penalty for not paying the imposed fine? When are the payments supposed to begin?

    • JHHSGrad Says:

      Sounds it me like a good reason not to break the law.

    • Anonymous Says:

      He seems to have plenty of money to pay his lawyers and all the ongoing and forever appeals

    • Anonymous Says:

      Les filed for indegent status so taxpayers can pay his legal bills “again”.

      Will get an indegent defender assigned now probably, should be better representation than he currently has.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hard to feel sorry for someone who brought it all on himself at the expense of hundreds of Jonesboro citizens. Complete disregard for anybody except his friends, relatives, and those of the same color. .

  5. Anonymous Says:

    He has five years after he completes his jail time to repay the restitution. If he does not repay the money then that is a probation violation and his probation is revoked and he goes back to jail. Read the article in the news star.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    As soon as he completes the 6 years, He’ll be right back in there for probation violation! No contact with the town or employees? This man can not stop! He cant control his ego! The only hope for him is that thankfully by the time he gets out everything about the town will be changed. new mayor new council.

    This was the beat day Jonesboro has had in years!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Good job of reporting by KTVE and KNOE both on the evening and nightly news. KTVE had about five minutes, including interviews with both attorneys and Jonathan Stewart.

  8. Itsnowrnever Says:

    What about Monroe’s Mayor, the Marshall’s Office, Red & Gilmore, Engineering, Oneymechara. We still waiting and suffering because of these people ruthless shakedowns and money laundering. Pay to Play. Mayo and cronies must go! No difference, same as that Mayor in Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick. Mayo Enterprise

  9. Dirk Says:

    I did not see the KTVE report. In the Stewart interview did they ask him whether the fact Thompson was on his campaign team, having received over $10,000 from Stewart, had any bearing on the delays in prosecution? Did they ask him why he said at a police jury meeting, in response to pressure and questions on the delays in prosecution, that Thompson had committed no crimes? Did they ask him whether the reelection he had looming on the horizon had anything to do with his decision to hire a special prosecutor to pursue this case? Or, as is the more likely scenario, did they go the softball route and give him the opportunity to pat his trial attorney on the back ( a well-deserved pat) and say the Town can now heal and move forward?

    • Show me the money Says:

      Amen….you are right…let’s hear from Fannin as well….he paid Leslie to consult…..just like DA Stewart

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Their election days getting closer I cant see anyone voting for Stewart, Fannin or anyone else that pays for votes by spending tax payers money.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Oh, well, it will be politics as usual. You pat my back, I’ll pat yours. Most people in the parish are ill-advised about the happenings of Stewart and Fannin in re to the FORMER mayor…… incarcerated former mayor.

      This needs to be shouted to the roof-tops!!!!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I had understood that this was not a special prosecutor hired for this case. The story I got is that Lea Hall was formerly at Homer, and transferred to this district as an assistant D.A. Also, the figure I heard that Stewart paid to Thompson was nearer $15,000. Of course, that is a public record, and could be double-checked.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    In answer to a previous question, neither KNOE nor KTVE reporters asked Stewart any of those questions. Although they interviewed both the prosecutor and the defense attorney, many of the photos they showed were of Thompson’s supporters, or photos from the trial. There were none, of course, of Thompson in his prison stripe uniform. He was brought in from the back for a brief period, which was probably intentional, and they likely had no chance to get a photo, if indeed it was even permissible.

  13. meemee Says:

    • Anonymous Says:

      How can you create a better Jonesboro by boycotting businesses and spending tax dollars outside of the parish? You’re not very bright meemee…

    • Anonymous Says:

      Blackout week??? What about all the other businesses that black people work at? Are they not going to show up for work for a week? Are you going to pull your children out of parish schools for a week? I hear you talking but none of it makes sense, I guess you are upset about the recent conviction of a certain criminal. You are passing out a whole decks of race cards.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Well, I guess Mr. Jody may as well go ahead & lock the doors until the 25th. As far as the video below, it is taken in front of government funded housing, why would they even have any money in the bank?

    • bighoss saintsfan Says:

      I think that Jonesboro should have a WHITE-OUT week, just to celebrate the conviction of public enemy #1….. Think about THAT !!!!

  14. meemee Says:

    • M. Jackson Says:

      Obviously neither one have ever taken an Economics class…………

      • Pinocchio Jones Says:

        Perhaps they have also not taken Speech 101

      • bighoss saintsfan Says:

        I think that Jonesboro should have a WHITE-OUT week, just to celebrate the conviction of public enemy #1….. Think about THAT !!!!

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        Maybe meemee wants to start a new bank to try and help herself!

        This woman is one stupid gal! How much dumber can she get. We shall wait for the next rant!!! Hahaha

        Rant on, meemee. Did anyone take your VERY SOUND advice?

  15. Dee Says:

    Leslie ‘s sentence was reported by one news media to entail “hard labor” . In prison, what kind of labor is imposed, I wonder.
    Will he be sent to a prison outside of Jackson Parish?

  16. Dee Says:

    Seems there is a group of people who have a slave mentality and want to enslave others by giving them a list of places they should shop or bank their money. They even give you a timeline to follow. Slave-masters are very controlling if you let them .

    God gave us freedoms as individuals. When one understands this , those who would like to have control over you lose their power to manipulate you. You are free! Trust in God, not man.
    John 8:32
    King James Version (KJV)
    32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
    Exercise your freedom to choose for yourself and follow truth.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Who are the persons in the videos? And what organizations do they represent?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    If they don’t like Jonesboro or Jackson parish ( persons in the video ) move. As for Simmons and Fran I guess they going to blame someone else for their lies in court. I’m just thinking

    • Pinocchio Jones Says:

      Wonder how they will turn their lies and play the race card…I feel sure they will blame somebody….or come with a doctors note about an illness that make one lie

  19. meemee Says:

    The first video is Nicole Henry and the second video is Wendy Calahan of the NAACP.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Now wouldn’t it be bad if they had a black out month and the post office didn’t send out welfare checks .We better support them white folks so we can keep getting fed.I still remember when I had a job.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    The astonishing thing to me is that some of the people of Jonesboro feel that they have been personally wronged. How has their life been changed? What are they going to be missing now?
    If they really are going to be missing something that they had, then it was illegally obtained/handed out.
    Stand up and tell the court how you participated in breaking the law and contributing to the former mayor’s conviction.
    Give your names, stand trial, be convicted, and go to jail with him to show your true support. The town of Jonesboro will applaud your courage.
    We await your actions ….

  22. Anonymous Says:

    If Anonymous of 12:41 a.m. can’t see where a large portion of the people in Jonesboro have been personally wronged by the actions of Thompson with the help of three council members, then I don’t suppose it would do any good to take any of those actions that he (or she) suggested. Apparently the author of that missle is not one of those who was in that portion that was seriously affected in bringing our town down almost to its knees, or if so, is just not interested.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like that guy is on the wrong website; he needs to send that to one of Dill’s propaganda blurbs. Apparently he does not appreciate all the hard work that people like Stringer, Essmeier. Schmidt, Cruse, Abbott, the auditors and fiscal administrators, the state legislative people, the state and district prosecutors, and many others have done the past few years to bring this about. Well, we do, and we want them to know there are many, many citizens who do. We are deeply indebted to you all.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I think some of you are missing the point. You are assuming that Anonymous of 12:41 was referring to those that have been wronged by the actions.of the mayor and council members. I think he is referring to those who feel they have been “wronged” by the conviction and sentencing of Thompson. We will await his clarification before condemning him.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    If that is what he meant, I don’t think he will get many offers on his suggested actions.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Wonder what happened to “Messy?” Haven’t heard from him since all this has taken place.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, Messy would get a kick out of you guys getting confused and going at one another, when you are all on the same side. Guess he still says “Everything is going to be all right.” He finally got it right.

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