Port Allen, LA Update – 9/29/13

Mayor salary issue still confounding Port Allen officials

By Terry L. Jones

PORT ALLEN — How much Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter should be earning as Port Allen’s mayor remains unclear two months after a state district judge ordered the city council to amend the 2012-13 fiscal year budget to reflect the $84,960 annual salary for the city’s top position.

The council amended that budget on Sept. 11, but Slaughter vetoed the amendment on Sept. 19, and the matter will come up for a potential veto override on Oct. 9.

Meanwhile, attorneys on both sides in a lawsuit three city councilmen had filed against Slaughter over her salary have varying opinions about both the salary issue and the judge’s order.

Judge Alvin Batiste ruled the council improperly lowered the mayor’s salary to $65,000. He basically said the council can either amend the budget to reflect the higher salary or Slaughter can seek another order from the court requiring the council to make that amendment.

But, Bastiste also granted a preliminary injunction to temporarily stop Slaughter from drawing the higher salary until the council amends the budget.

Despite the injunction, the city’s chief financial officer, Audrey McCain, confirmed via email Thursday that Slaughter’s salary has been paid at the rate of $84,960 a year since she took office on Jan. 1 — payments attorney J. Arthur Smith said are illegal.

2 Responses to “Port Allen, LA Update – 9/29/13”

  1. CitizensAll Says:

    get the salaries down and these moochers will drop out and go away.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    She might deserve the high pay if she is doing her job.

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