Second Circuit Decision on FA

Before Drew, Lolley, and Garrett, JJ.

On the showing made, exercise of our supervisory jurisdiction is not warranted. Review of the application reveals that the substitute independent fiscal administrator was made in compliance with LA RS 39:1351.

See here the document.

129 Responses to “Second Circuit Decision on FA”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What is LA RS 39:1351? Folden’s request referred to LA RS 39:1352(A)(3)(I).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This apparently is referring to the questioning of Folden’s authority as fiscal administrator. It says that he acted under the law as recently passed by the legislature.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    LA RS 1351 outlines the duties of a fiscal administrator. See LPNO posting of September 9th, “Folden Appointed Jonesboro Fiscal Administrator.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It means “slam dunk…don’t waste my time.”

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This is all a conspiracy to get the mayor….

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Put any name you want to on it, it is the law, buddy.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Put it this way: anybody who still supports him and his cohorts are defending lawbreakers. If you want to be included in that group, go right ahead. You are fighting a losing battle.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    There would never be a better time for those who upheld Thompson and the three council members to admit they made a mistake, and join the rest of the state in condemning their actions. We all make mistakes, but it is up to us to admit them and try to keep it from happening again.

  9. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Of the nine who made comments, eight are “anonymous. A large family or a gonadless bunch afraid to express themselves under their real name?

    • Anonymous Says:

      great to hear from a real man that has nothing to say and nothing to lose. In the Mayo world your water bill can be filtered and code enforcement can inspect you into financial ruin. perhaps you should read ‘Alice in Wonderland’ written with a hidden meaning becoming anonymous in a time that did not allow open comments. Being a name calling fool is the perfect way to prove your manhood. You should comment on the News Star sight where names are now required… a Mayo idea as he was not feeling the love in comments there.

  10. anon Says:

    At least they made sense

  11. Dirk Says:

    Sometimes what is posted in the comments is more fun to read than the article itself.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I love reading the comments of all the people, also. A lot of the anonymous postings show an ignorance beyond compare and bring into question their ability to understand a problem. Somewhere today I read about Les Lie being sentenced already. Convicted? Yes! Sentenced? No! I read the article on Channel 8 or Channel 10 whether or not the swearing in can be revoked by the person who performed the act. There is a good possibility that Yo Shi* is the mayor of Jonesboro unless that state official rules it can be revoked by the person who initiated the act. I am not into Monroe politics and could care less about Mayo. I proved my manhood three times in Vietnam (1962, 1967, 1970) and being called a fool by someone who does not know the difference between “sight” and “site” amuses me and bring to mind something my pappy (who was born 101 years ago tomorrow) once told me – “Son,” he said. “Never engage in a battle of wits with a defenseless person.” Several suggest that I use vulgarity in my post. I challenge them to show me examples. I am intelligent enough to know other words to get my point across (like rectal region, nether region, gonads, etc). One person even looked up (I guess) what a pismire is. I have been called a vile progressive and a fool and that doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that the Speaker of the House of Representatives can not do his job because of the tea bagging fecal matter in his caucus are making impossible demands and the government will soon be shut down. Can you picture Cruz or Rubio or Lee or Paul being president of the United States.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Now who is paying these lawyers for frivolous lawsuits like this? If it is the taxpayers, as I suspect, doesn’t the FA now have the right to recover that from the lawyers, because he did not authorize it?

    • vote Says:

      How would they be getting paid after the FA was appointed? I wonder how they got paid BEFORE the FA was appointed.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    No question but that we, the taxpayers, were paying for all lawsuits filed in the name of the Town of Jonesboro. But if town money were taken in Thompson’s personal lawsuits, and the council members approved it, there will be a lot more trouble for somebody.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Follow the money…Why are the Mayo money men now backing Riser for Congress; have they lost faith in Mayo’s ability to feed their corruption?

  15. Willis Says:

    Leslie’s vacation at the greybar hotel is not going to stop him from attempting to run the TOJ…..what you saying

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I would like to know how many times Charla, LeStevic, and Devin have visited Les Lie the Former at his new residence. The correctional official could legally record what they talk about. In the big house (Jackson Parish style) there is no expectation of privacy. A conspiracy could exist amongst the four to continue to run (ruin) the town. Anonymous , what is the New Star “sight.”.

      • T.J. Says:

        You forget the one that took Dill’s place, the bodyguard/financier on gofund account for king Thompson. He still in play and carrying the ball for the “dream team”.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to say that I am proud of a website like LPNO that allows freedom to do as we please about our correspondence. If we feel a need to see our name displayed every time we send a message, we can do it. If we choose not to do it, that is allowed also.
    There are very few that offer this choice these days, but if some of our correspondents feel a need to have their name appear every time they send a message and want others to do likewise, I am sure there are many other websites available that have that stipulation. In the meantime, hope you continue your present practice that has worked so well in the past, Walter, You will always have critics or somebody wanting to change things, but I am sure that a lot of your bloggers would be lost if you required their true[ name. Anyway, how would you enforce it? We don’t know that the name put there is the person’s real name or not, and personally I don’t care. .

    • Anonymous Says:

      true, those in power create an enemies list, the Monroe paper has very few comments now

  17. Grapevine Says:

    I would like to know when the three sinking ships are going to jail !

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Good, Grapevine. Glad to see you get back on the business at hand. We are finally seeing things going the right way in Jonesboro after almost seven years of going down the drain. Every time we begin giving our collective thoughts on it, though, somebody changes the subject, keeps up with the number of comments that are anonymous or don’t have the person’s real name, and engages in gutter name calling much like the ones that we are critical of do.
    So far, it hasn’t met much favorable support, so maybe we can get back to what is really important, saving our town before it is too late. Let’s put an end to all these petty side issues, we can debate them after we have taken care of the only important issue right now.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Who all will be running for Mayor? I’ve heard several names,just want to know so i can make a better choice than before

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Being a name calling fool is the perfect way to prove your manhood. (ROFLMA) I liked that!

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      If you read what I said above, you will learn where I proved my manhood. I fought to defend my country. What have you done?

  21. Grapevine Says:

    Buckle up folks it going to be a “FUN” ride for the next few weeks around here . The vines are humming and the bee’s are a coming ! Making room at the gray bar hotel and getting everything in order!

    • Phil Connors Says:

      Really? Doubtful…

      We are going to miss all this fun. These people are great! Some of them have been partyin’ all night long!

      They sing songs ’till they get too exhausted… then rest a little by the fire and get revived….and then they start back up and do it again.

    • T.J. Says:

      funny funny-you focus on just three but there is one that you have overlooked-go to the gofund account and look at the largest contributor and loyal supporter that took Dill’s place……..

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Donald, your references to Cruz, Rubio, Lee and Paul sound reminiscent of the same ones mentioned by blogger who went under the title of “Leslie is king, and all of you are fools.” Surely that was not you, since you are so critical of all who do not use their real namre? Oh, I forgot, you don’t respond to messages from anonymous writers. How convenient.

  23. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Anonymous 1:53 PM, I have never posted under the name “Leslie is King.” That had to have been a boot-licking friend of his. I find a lot of the comments by “anonymous” to be amusing and not worthy of retort. Some, like yours, border on the really stupid and I will respond. Someone must call attention to your stupidity. Like “namre”? What language is that? You make a big point about my dislike of those who fail to use their own names. Using their own names will not affect their comments one iota but will show that what they say they are willing to stand behind not cower off in the dark corner of oblivion. I got on this blog shortly after I was diagnosed with stage four mantle cell lymphoma and I was hospitalized or bedridden for long periods of time and you can check back, I believe, all the way to early 2011 and read everything that I have said and see that I have always used my name. I haven’t commented on every subject because some of what is important to Jonesboro citizens doesn’t mean crapola to me. I don’t care about the sewer line in Gate City because the only reason it is being considered is that the church there will be expanding and will require a sewer system other than a septic tank. I believe that somewhere I read on this blog that there are 25 or 26 families living in Gate City. Didn’t they deserve a better sewer system long before now? I sense that you are a republican (repugnicant to me) and I bet you a dollar to a doughnut hole that you will vote for Vitter for governor despite his lack of morality and that if Cruz, Rubio, Lee, or Paul appear on the 2016 ballot for president, you will cast your vote for whichever one is on the ballot. It’s time that the tea bagging repugnicants untangle themselves and start using some common sense and do things that are right for the United States and its citizens. I just wish that one tea bagging repugnicant would spout out the truth – “I don’t like Obama because he is black.” Honesty wouldn’t change my mind about them but I would respect them more. Cruz has duel citizenship (Canada and US) and can not run for president until he renounces his Canadian citizenship and I haven’t heard that he has begun that process. You probably grew weary of reading such a long post and had to take a nap so I will close with this statement: I have never posted under the name “Leslie is King.” Got that?

    • Anonymous Says:

      I typed and backspaced about 5 different insults. Your stupidity has left me speechless.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Anonymous 7:30 PM, please point out what I said that was insulting or not true. Please. You must find amusement written on the walls in a Wal Mart toilet. Please flush and wash your hands before leaving the room.

    • Curious Says:

      Donald your I know everything agree with me or you are an idiot attitude make sense now. You are a liberal! But once again I ask your comment about everyone hates Obama because he is black sounds familiar can anyone remember who has worn that card out????

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Curious, congratulations on finally finding out that I am a PROUD Liberal Progressive (after I have acknowledged that fact in numerous posts on this blog). Can’t get anything by you, now can we. I am not playing the race card; just stating a fact. From here in San Antonio to good ole boy Jonesboro I have heard over and over “I can’t stand having that (insert N word here) in the White House.” On TV I have heard repeatedly repugnicants say “It’s time to take back our WHITE House.” If you are so stupid (not curious) that you can not understand that, I will stop wasting my time trying to convince you. Oh, by the way. Just in case the person who reads and translates the news for you has yet to arrive at your doorsteps, 39 tea bagging repugnicants shut down our government last night. For those who track my insults that last sentence was one, but give me credit, I didn’t use vulgarity although using that word will probably have curious thinking I was talking about a big black bird that eats road kill. Oops. I dropped in another insult.

        • sunrisesunset Says:

          It is I again, Donald. No where have I said I would NEVER respond to your blogs. What I have said previously was that I would not respond again to a blog you made several days ago. Now, this is a new blog.

          I am not one to get into a “War of Words” with anyone, however, I do take issue with your statement that “39 repugnicant tea baggers” shut down the government. What you have failed to mention is that there was UNWILLINGNESS of either party to come to terms. Democrats were JUST AS unwilling to co-operate as Republicans. It is a two-way street isn’t it? Look at the imbicle, Harry Reid, and of course, the Pres. himself. I know you have seen and heard their statements many times over the past few weeks. Blame, blame, blame, those ol’ Republicans for not
          coming to terms with them. Why, I do believe it is a TWO-WAY street here. Both parties are at fault on the shutdown.

          • Barney Fife Says:

            I have decided to use an alias every time I write something on this blog. Won’t be the same each time so as to confuse the illiterate that reply. I can’t think of more than one or two blogs of yours that I have complained about. You seem to be an intelligent person and I respect our political difference. I watched C-SPAN until after midnight San Antonio time and I heard more than once from several representatives that more than 100 were ready to vote for a clean CR but Bohner would not defy the tea baggers and bring it to the floor for a vote. As early as 6 PM EST this situation could have been settled. Just a note, in April Senator Reid attempted to get the budgets of the Senate and House sent to committee to iron out differences but the house under the spell of the tea baggers would not react. At 11:58 PM EST the house suggested for the first time this year that the two budgets go to committee. A wee bit late to save the day but enough for them to blame the democrats which they have done all day at every opportunity. Yeh, there is enough blame to go around but the tea baggers will get the majority of it in my opinion.

            • sunrisesunset Says:

              Did you ever STOP to think that just maybe your beloved C-SPAN SLANTS the news just as CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC MSNBC strictly because they are LIBERAL? Really, all these networks and there is little ole’ FOX News all by themselves. If I count right, that would be 6 liberal networks to 1 conservative network.

              Oh, BTW, you must be related to the infamous Don Fowler who resides in San Antonio. Probably one and the same.

              I appreciate your fact that you recognize that I am an intelligent person. Can I run a race with Mr. Fowler? No. And, I do not wish to fill my blogs with conceitedness as he does.

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            Been watching CPAN and CNN and now there are reports that I heard on both sources that more than 180 reps were ready to vote for a clean CR last night. Biggest laugh that I got was when one republican rep stated that Senator Ted Cruz was the de facto speaker of the house directing tea baggers in what to say and do. Says a lot for the Tan Man’s leadership abilities. Nite all (although I have a couple more place where I might just insert some common sense to see if the literacy rate in Jonesboro allows them to understand what I am saying).

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Donald: It is obvious that there are several different Anonymous persons sending you messages. I am the one that sent you the one about getting off this subject when there are much more important issues than saying derogatory things about each other, among some others. This is the last that I will say about it. If anybody else sends you a personal message, good or bad, you can be assured it is somebody else. I am sorry about your illness, and wish you only the best, because I think you have written some good e-mails, and seem to care about the problems we have here. My suggestion is you keep to your original promise not to respond to any more anonymous personal messages, and maybe they will get tired of sending them.

  25. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I made a suggestion on one of these blogs that someone needs to check and see how many times the three stooges have visited the former CTIC while he has been behind bars. I don’t know if they have a special room set aside for visiting inmates but if they do, recording devices could be installed and conversations listened to. An inmate has no expectation of privacy (unless he is meeting with his lawyer) and it is possible that Les Lie is still attempting to run things in Jonesboro while in prison. That would be an effort at usurping the power of the town aldermen and each time Les Lie suggested that they do something or introduce something would be another charge against him and that could be used at sentencing to insure a lengthy sentence, fifteen years being the max that he now faces. Fifteen years of no Les Lie should be sufficient to satisfy even the hardest of the bloodthirsty hounds after him at this time. Info gained from the recordings could be used to prosecute the three stooges for supporting the usurpation. Just a thought and one that I have not seen on any of these blogs. Now, I ask only that anyone who wants to, please examine the above remarks and inform me of all the vulgarity and name calling that I resorted to. I will make this comment to the “anonymous” that ranted and raved about how Mayo could do me harm. I don’t keep up with Monroe for obvious reasons – there is nothing there that I care about. I don’t worry about my water for SAWS (San Antonio Water System) is a well run organization unlike Jonesboro. Miss a payment here and you do have a fifteen day grace period and then your water is cut off until you pay. I don’t know what Mayo’s policy is and don’t care. Code compliance here works smoothly regarding abandoned property (something you see all over Jonesboro). An effort is made to find the owner, a notice is posted on the property, and if nothing is done within 30 days, the property is then razed at the owners expense. My illness is between me and my God and my family, but thank you for your comments.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Like the part about “razing” those old run-down structures if the owner refuses to do anything about them after a notice is given. Beginning at South Cooper all the way to the two churches is deplorable with the exception of 3-4 structures. As well, there are some other areas that need attention, too!

      • Opie Taylor Says:

        I used to live on Cooper (1965/1966), at least my wife and family did. I was at OCS [didn’t accept a commission] and a year in Vietnam. I guess my address was North Cooper, one block from the old swimming pool.

        • sunrisesunset Says:

          Probably North Cooper. South Cooper begins at the Sabine Bank southward toward the two churches……Baptist and Methodist.

          Do you live out of town at the moment? If not, drive down Cooper Avenue…..N&S. I think South Cooper is worse. Or, if you are an out-of-towner and are ever in Jonesboro, take a ride and recall how it used to look.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Donald ,I don’t think the stooges will be hanging around the prison until the state gets them a place to stay .I think leslie is hung out to dry by them too.

  27. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I just thought it would be a good thing to keep an eye on. After all, they are not the saltiest cracker in the barrel and they need guidance and their guidance guru is in the iron bar hotel. I bet that they have already paid him a visit, probably individually and not en masse.

  28. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    What’s going to happen at the next town council meeting if Yo Shi* tries to take the chair as mayor? Will Folden have her removed? Will Flowers attempt something opening himself up to a charge of attempted usurpation? God, this is getting to be better than Lizard Lick Towing. If Flowers does something will he be arrested and forced to forfeit his office (alderman).

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Flowers is going to lose his office anyway under the provision in the law that anyone recognizing the authority of a usurper must relinquish his position. So will the other two if the D.A ,Assistant D.A., and/or state choose to enforce it..That is the only penalty I see right now unless the three are found to be guilty of malfeasance, which could well happen..Presumably that would carry the same penalty as the mayor gets.

  30. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    It is my understanding that a person has to be charged with a crime before they are forced to forfeit their position. To me, that means the Flowers Child has got to do something and be arrested for it. If can be shown that the other two neer-do-wells went with him to the gray bar hotel and if it can be proven what they talked about was running Jonesbor, problem solved. Lock em up. Renee needs to stay away from any council meeting to keep herself a far distance from the drama about to come. Lumpkins can stay and abstain. Flower boy said that he did not want to be interim mayor for that would preclude him from being able to run on his own lack of merit in 2014 but a dollar to a doughnut hole he has people rounding up votes right now. Do you think the former CTIC will allow him to use the “massive” amount of money in the former CTIC’s legal fund for his campaign? Got to get back to mowing my little acre of land here in SA. It’s pleasant this AM compared to days past but it is still hotter that you know what and my health won’t allow lengthy stays behind the mower. See ya!

  31. Lil Abner Says:

    Almost forgot two things. On this date in 1955 actor James Dean was killed in an automobile accident. Later this week (3 Oct) O. J. Simpson was acquitted of double murder. At my school in San Antonio the black students came to school with a list (a copy exists somewhere in my files) of all the teachers that were to be killed if O. J. were convicted. I was saddened to see the list for I was only number 2 behind a female English teacher. As Father Mulcahey of MASH used to say, “We all need a little jocularity.” There’s my dose for today. What was it that OJ’s lawyers said – “from all the money we’ve spent, you must acquit.”

  32. Anonymous Says:

    The way the law reads, there is no question but that recognition of a usurper, which is what Yoshi has been charged with being, is a crime. The D.A.’s office may not choose to prosecute because it would leave the town with only a fiscal administrator and two council members to handle all the business, and there may not be much to gain by doing it. They will have to make that decision, unless the state decides to step in and make those charges, in which case they would be obligated to handle the cases.

    • T.J. Says:

      ” it would leave the town with only a fiscal administrator and two council members to handle all the business, and there may not be much to gain by doing it.”-that statement makes very little sense-crime is crime-if you are going to enforce the law then do it-that is the same mentality that has been at the core of all the crime and corruption that has taken place for the last two terms of office for most of the people involved in the Town of Jonesboro fiasco. You pick and choose who and what is prosecuted. Do them all or don’t do any. There are still at least 5 more that need a date with the Criminal Justice System in Jackson Parish…..when will they have their comeuppance?

  33. Tired of Taxes & Tired of corrupt government Says:

    To you Donald:
    Funny how you leech progressives love to call Tea Party members lovely names and make wonderful accusations against them. The true facts are is that members of the Tea Party care much more about this country than the vast majority of lefties like you Donald. Tea Party members are much more likely to have a job, pay taxes and not be a convicted felon as compared to progressive pigs such as yourself Don. Tea Party members want fairness in taxes, people to be responsible for their own actions and no more government funded worthlessness, such as the lifelong welfare system. Tea Party members are more than willing to help people in need, we just get tired of funding people Not To Work a day in their life, funding their right to do nothing to help themselves yet DEMAND that the government take care of them. None of the Tea Party members that I know are racist by any means, I would imagine Col. West of Florida would have huge support by them if he decided to run for president. Most Tea Party members are good Christians, that provide billions in charity for the poor, disabled, disadvantaged, yet a very large portion of progressives hate people that believe in God. How many “atheist” groups fund charities for the poor? You ask if we can see Cruz or Rand Paul as a president, well hell yes we can. Let me see, you’re a leftist progressive, so you are all for Obama, right? Well what in the hell has he done in his life? Well he was befriended and molded by a DEVOUT Communist when he was in high school, went to college and had a ???gpa, (well we don’t know that since he has spent millions of our tax dollars hiding his college transcripts). He graduated in political science, yet no members of his graduating class, nor did any of the poly sci professors ever meet him. It is widely speculated that he attended college on a “foreigner” visa, using an Indonesian passport for his application, but then again, we can’t verify one way or the other, since he has spent millions of my tax dollars HIDING his records. Why????? I didn’t have a good first year of college, but I would more than happily release my transcripts to anyone that wanted me to run for office, much less than if I were president and people were saying the never saw him at that college. FYI, I have released my college transcripts for every job I have applied for after I graduated college, like many Americans. Obama went on to get his law degree and on to work for ACORN as a community organizer, yes the same Acorn which was run out of business after they were found to have pushed false, fake and forged voter applications, along with being willing to help a child prostitution pimp get government help. After Acorn he was a Constitutional law professor…..That’s a laugh, I doubt he ever read it, nor does he believe in it either. He went to church for years (because of the political connections there) yet never listened to the preacher saying damn to America and how he thought we deserved 9/11. His wife was employed by the University of Chicago Hospital system were her job was to figure out how to push the low income/no insurance patients off to other care providers, to help out U of C’s hospital’s bottom line at the detriment to the patients and the other care providers where patients were dumped. Also, it has been reported that after Obama was handed the Senators job in Illinois, his wife was paid for a job that she never worked at, all because of her connections. Then the Dem power brokers decided it was a good time to have a black president, one schooled in Chicago’s Democratic cheap/illegal politics, thus President Obama was born. He has lied from his first campaign speech to today. He has relaxed any requirements for welfare and/or food stamps thus buying millions of votes, he has pushed for unemployment to on for 4/5 years, thus another few million votes bought by my tax dollars, he handed special benefits to union members (covering 100% of the retirement benefits for union workers laid off during the downfall of the auto companies all while telling non-union members to go to hell). He handed ownership of much of the auto companies to those same unions all while also promising to covering any losses they have after taking ownership of the companies. Obama brought on millions of government workers during his first term, thus a few more millions of votes. Obama then went on to get the IRS to attack Tea Party groups, denying the same tax exempt status that his supporting progressive groups were handed. Obama then had his State Department cover up a terrorist act in Libya, since that would hurt his campaign, also still refuses to call the Ft. Hood shooter a terrorist attack, thus claiming his “no attacks on my watch” bs. Obama pushed through a health care bill that does nothing but cause the cost of insurance to middle class to increase tremendously, while reducing the amount of money to care for our elderly, thus continuing his “take care of those that have never worked over those who have worked all their lives once again”. FYI, Obamacare takes care of several industry groups that promised support for him in the last election, all at our expense. Everyone in Obamacare is taken care of except those of us in the middle class who are having our insurance dropped and our cost skyrocketing. Every time the government comes close to a shutdown, he says he will stop the military pay and Social Security pay first, while continuing to fund the huge growth of welfare. Just before the last election, Obama once again used his pen, illegally circumventing congresses constitutional job of making laws by allowing the “dream act” to start “kind of odd timing, right”? Millions of more voters. So Obama has broken every promise he has made, run the country into the ground, put taxpayers on the hook for trillions more in “entitlement spending” and trillions of dollars in deficits. Most recently he played a fool in the Syria dealings, with his red-line, opps no red line, opps Russia’s red line. LOL. He has supported known terrorist in Egypt, even though he claimed they weren’t terrorist, now in Syria he has gone as far as acknowledging that the groups he is supporting are terrorist, even penning another exception to our laws that now ALLOWS America to arm KNOWN terrorist… Wow, what a president you have Donald, so YES, HELL YES I can see Cruz or Paul as president. Both of them were successful before they got into politics, Cruz a well-respected lawyer, Paul a well-respected doctor. I am pretty sure that both have or will release their transcripts just to show people what they are getting, not use millions of our taxes to hide their college careers. Obama is the worst president ever, even surpassing Carter’s downfall, Obamacare will go down as a total failure, his foreign policies have and will weaken us for generations and his buy a vote plan using taxpayer hand outs and amnesty will forever place America into debt, pushing us more and more toward a third world country. Guess you get what you deserve, right. What do you expect from a child communist, that hides his past, worked for a known vote fraud machine and brought up in Chicago’s votes for a dollar system?????

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      At first I wasn’t going to respond to your tea bagging manifesto but when you mentioned West, you got under my skin. I served our country honorably for twenty years and served three tours of duty in
      Vietnam (1962, 1967, and 1970). I have been making this bet a lot here of late but here it goes again – I bet you ten dollars to a doughnut hole you haven’t the foggiest idea why LTC West left the US Army. Come on now. Tell me and the rest of the people on this blog why. And to dare bring up The Donald’s insistence (a five million dollar bet) that our president show us his college transcripts it akin to digging up a dead dog just because you miss the smell. And lastly, you DON’T GET TO BE PRESIDENT OF HARVARD LAW REVIEW JUST BECAUSE. YOU HAVE TO BE AT THE TOP OF YOUR CLASS and that is something that you and other tea bagging repugnicants lack. Oh, in case you haven’t heard the news yet, our government has shut down because of 39 tea baggers like you.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Tired of taxes and tired of corrupt government, I don’t want you to get the idea (which you probably couldn’t on your own) that I cherry-picked your tea bagging manifesto and just pulled out on one item – LTC West. I read your entire diatribe twice hoping to find something that resembled a sane man’s comments. Came up empty on that matter but you gained points by calling me a “leech progressive” (thank you), a “progressive pig” (thanks again, I really like bacon and have a porcine aeortic valve), a “progressive who hate people who believe in God” (rectal monitors like you know nothing of my religious beliefs), and a “leftist progressive” (really don’t like people who can think on their own, do you?) With your short attention span (must be related somehow to Sarah Half Term Governor of Alaska Palin and Michelle I Have Three Kids of My Own and Have Taken in 26 Foster Kids Bachman (who stupidly proclaimed her love for this town in Iowa that “was the home of John Wayne” not knowing that it wasn’t the hometown of The Duke but the hometown of John Wayne Gacey, child molester and murderer) a lot gets past you so I will remind you again that 39 tea baggers shut down our government last night. Lurch, I am waiting on an answer to my question about your hero, the DDA SFB LTC West who once proclaimed during the repugnicant presidential debates that he had a higher security clearance than the president.

  34. Oldman Says:

    That makes more sense than donald has ever said.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Oldman, can you tell me why West left the US Army? Just checking to see if you bothered to check on his background before you fell in love with him. Here is a suggestion for your mini-mind – keep up with current events. I know that you are not in civics class at the moment and you don’t have to come up with a current event each day but keeping up with what goes on around you wouldn’t hurt. You tea baggers amaze me with your stupidity. Just amaze me.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Isn’t Donald just a BIG BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE? Must have a big ego to be that SMART.

  35. American Says:

    Good morning Mr. Fowler, thank you for your inspirational rant that could only come from one who is either mentally challenged, overcome by senility or just plain old stupid. Which are you?

    I have been reading this blog now for several months. I have no dog in this fight, concerning the problems Jonesboro is plagued with, so to that extent I reserve comment.

    However, when you use this blog as an opportunity to assault my political beliefs, as well as that of others who share my same values, then it becomes clear to me to now step in and come to the aid of a fellow Conservative.

    I have included a link for the readers concerning Mr. West’s military career, and allow anyone to view what he did and make up their own minds.

    Have a nice day.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      I think Donald is a very ANGRY PERSON. I have said this before. But, that is how liberal progressives always respond. Ranting and raving IS TRULY BAD for a person’s health.

      • Floyd the Barber Says:

        Not angry at all. Very amused that after almost two years people finally came to the conclusion that I was the enemy (you know, a vile liberal progressive and worse). I have challenged several of them to point out my vulgarity and they have not risen to the occasion. There are issues in Jonesboro far more important that your former mayor but most people are suffering from a vindictive approach to the problem – you know, tunnel vision plus they still have some smart ass remarks they wish to post before going on to something else.

  36. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I am well educated and well informed on a long list of subjects related to my degree in American History. At 73, despite the effects of cancer, I still read at least one book a month, research my lineage, and try to follow the events in my former hometown. Your referencing Wikipedia is good, for in this case they give a fairly accurate account of events that led up to his exit from the military save one salient fact: he refused the Article 15 punishment and voluntarily left the service with an honorable discharge and full benefits. American, what have you done for your country? Does it make you proud that 39 tea bagging repugnicants closed down our government. Don’t for a minute believe their dribble that they tried to take it to conference (at 11:38 last night for the first time) and the Democrats refused. Since April of this year Senator Reid has attempted to get the budget to conference and the house has refused until 11:38 last night when there was no chance of reaching a compromise, so Reid said no to their request. This AM, according to national polling the Congress (both houses) are polling at 10%, the lowest approval rating in history. I am neither stupid, nor senile, or mentally challenged, but thanks for the evaluation even though it is flawed. In less than 15 minutes the Senate will be gaveled back into session and so I must leave you and go watch the drama unfold on C-Span, not your bible Fixed News with its bevy of big breasted blonde bimbos. Oh, gosh. I just can’t resist an insult where one is called for.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Mr are an angry old man and a bully..your rantings are getting old…

  38. Anonymous Says:

    How do you know Fowler is old

    • Anonymous Says:

      Google him! He graduated from Jonesboro Hodge in 1958!

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        At least the reunion site used a good picture of me (it was taken in April of the year I was diagnosed with cancer). We were on a 14-day cruise that took us to Cozumel, Costa Maya, Costa Rico (and the zip lining in the rain forsed), Panama, Jamaica (walked up the waterfall at Ocho Rios), and Georgetown (no, I did not go to any bank to check on Mitt The Twit’s offshore accounts). We were at one of the formal dinners they have aboard most cruise line Yep, good picture.

        • sunrisesunset Says:

          To the Donald: Braggers=conceited. That is the reason I hate FB, and do not have an account. Some of the bull might be such as these remarks, “Look at me now, see what I have done, I am going to (?) next week, thank you for responding that my pics are beautiful, I have spent thousands of dollars remodeling this project, Going to take a trip to (?),I want me some (?). I detest it when I see those words. Just how stupid are these grown-up people? Don’t they know it is not correct grammar?

          Sorry, but I am not a fan of FB.

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            Nor I. While I do have an account (now the vultures will load it down with crap) I only have three friend and all are family.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Because he said so and he knows EVERYTHING.

  39. stop it Says:



    • Anonymous Says:

      That won’t work, he bullies people who do not even talk to him. It’s folks like him that spoil this blog for everyone. I would not be surprised if the comment section was shut down.

  40. old hag Says:

    There’s only two things that come from over there in Flowers part of the wood and one is cows you know what the other is !

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Do us all big favor old hag and just come out of the closet and watch Brokeback Mountain with the rest of the skin flute players you hang with. Darn it!!! There I go again with the catty remarks.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Forgot to correct your spelling of my name: it is

      F O W L E R.

      • old hag Says:

        oops I’m sorry for that , but I’m a Repub. you know how we are and think . I don’t have anything to come out of the closet for and the people who played in that movie was Liberals like you, look it up before you try and come back with another one. Hope it’s a lot better than that . AKA FLOWER CHILD

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          I think that ABC could help you with your grammar. Remember it like this: singular subjects require singular verbs and plural subjects require plural verbs. Then you won’t sound so uneducated when you speak (I. e. . . . . the people who played in that move WAS liberals like you,. . . .) People – plural; was – singular. WERE is the verb you were looking for. Glad you enjoyed the movie for it was made for your ilk.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Just glad he posts his name on his messages. We know which ones to skip over that way.

  42. jonesboro native Says:

    Donald, don’t let the misled teabagging wackos get to you. They can’t see ANY truth because they all watch FAUX NEWS like a religion. They worship at the alter of a drug addict. Their hero rush limp ball, Sean hannity, and bill orally know the truth but get paid big bucks to deceive and lie on republican TV. Fox (news) is the worst thing to happen to this great country. Teabaggers are happily ignorant of FACTS and don’t want to know the truth, so don’t waste your time.

    • old hag Says:

      No the problem with the world is people want get off there lazy rear ends and put in a hard days work anymore , their only there for the pay check . Over half of the others are sitting at the house drawing some kind of government help check because they think somebody owes them something or someone is holding them back. I hope they cut off everything and make people than can do work fend for themselves . That’s just a start !

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Remember for help. want = need; won’t is the word you were searching for. there = a place; an expletive. Their is the word you were searching for. Their = possessive of they. Here you should have used they are. My wife and I draw a combined four checks from the government each and every month – social security (2), military retirement (1) and 60% disability from the VA for exposure to Agent Orange, which they determined caused my mantle cell lymphoma. Oh, toss in my retirement check from the Judson Independent School District here in San Antonio and I would estimate and a family income of just under (none of your freaking business). So I will admit that I just sit around waiting for the government to help me (in your blurred vision of the world). I wish you no ill so why do you want my family to suffer? Just stupid, I guess.

  43. Lawd Hep Us Says:

    Donald, has Meghan had your child yet?

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Does your mother know which camel at the zoo is your father. How dare you insinuate such. What is normal in your family is abhorrent in good Christian families. Leave families out of this

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t pick on Donald he keeps this place alive. Besides do they really have camels at the zoo.Now I remember its hump day. See my point their on tv not at the zoo.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Most of the crap on this blog causes me amusement but when they bring the thought that I might be having sex with my granddaughter into the discussion they have crossed a line that can not be uncrossed. Incest and bestiality might be common in his family but not any part of mine. That was a low blow coming from a GD idiot. I repeat a GD idiot who probably sucks his thumb and sleeps with his mommy. Did you get that Lawd Hep Us – you are a GD Fing idiot. And for you anonymous 8:58, please use correct English – it’s “they are on tv. . . .” not “their on tv. . . .” If this post is taken down (and I don’t really care), the one referencing my granddaughter by Lawd Hep Us had better disappear also. You got that Walter? Both or neither.

  45. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Is there an intelligent person out there that would care to engage in conversation about matters that concern Jonesboro? There’s a sentencing coming up (13 Nov); there is a governor race that ought to be interesting because it involves Vitter the whore gitter. Then there is the police jury and their doings and the Jackson Parish Recreation Department run by a man from Ruston. I’m willing to engage because I still care about Jonesboro but you have to remember that I am an odd-ball liberal democrat. Any takers?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Vitter for governor? OMG!! THAT PERVERT MAKES ME GAG EVERYTIME I SEE THAT SMIRK ON HIS FACE. That little toad from India we have for governor now is bad enough,but demented VITTER? I sure hope the ppl aren’t THAT STUPID!

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        The answer below to your insightful comment shows what intelligent people on this blog have to put up with. Vitter will be your next governor. Mark my word.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Wow.. Libs showing their racist and homophobic sides??? Who knew

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Now, now. Let’s be civil. Vitter the whore gitter will be your next governor and from what I see in your comment he will have your vote Morality just doesn’t stand a chance among the non-informed.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Well you’re the one making the hate speech on Thompson and black council and the anti-gay comments above so

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            Please provide evidence of any hate speech I made regarding the ESTEEMED former CTIC. I am opposed to the actions of all council members except Renee (and I would like for someone to check Lumpkins pulse to see if he is alive. Old Hag suggested that only steers and queers come from Texas and all I did was ask if the watched Brokeback Mountain with his skin flute playing buddies. I admit to that anti-gay comment but only in retaliation to his initial comment. Do you think it is right to infer that I am having an incestuous relationship with my granddaughter?

            • Anonymous Says:

              So that means you are ant-gay, right?

              • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

                No, I am not “ant-gay” but I am supportive of equal protection under the law. I believe that if two women or two men want to get married, let but give them equal rights under the law. Old Hag suggested that I was queer with his remark that only cows and you know what come from Texas. I responded that he should go back and watch his Brokeback Mountain movie with his buddies and they could all play the skin flute. No, I am not anti-gay.

    • Anonymous Says:

      DMF you should be trying to defend the Castros’ and how they are screwing SA and TEXAS.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        I don’t have to defend the mayor and his brother. They do a rather good job of that themselves and are doing a fantastic job here in San Antonio and up in the nation’s capital. Why don’t you clue us in on their bad deeds? I have no use for Texas state government and Oops Perry but he will be leaving us next year to go out spout what you tea baggers want to hears.

        • Anonymous Says:

          guess that mean he dont pay no tention to where he say he from or he would know how bad they do. check out some of yo area blogs dude.

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            The Castros are democrats and open to the same criticism that all liberal thinkers get. Get someone to help you with your grammar. It sucks. Now, if it pleases everyone, let’s get back to solid worthwhile topics concerning Jonesboro.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      I think the Rec. Dept. head is not the person to whom you are referring. I know the one of which you speak. I think the new head may have been appointed a few months ago. Maybe wrong, but I do not think so.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Hope so. The one of which I spoke is probably a good man and good businessman but if he lives in Ruston (which he does) he ain’t got no business spending a dime of the parish money. Hope you’re correct. Thanks, sunrisesunset.

        • sunrisesunset Says:

          Yes, the new director is, indeed, Tommy Smith. A wonderful christian man who leads an exemplory life. He does reside in Jackson Parish, and he is committed to his church, too!

      • Curious Says:

        Tommy Smith is the new Rec. director and he is doing an amazing job. He has improved our kids ball parks 10 folds and started several new programs. Why would anyone care where the man is from? He is great for the parish and the kids.

  46. Jake Says:

    Donald Duck , sense your just so interested in what’s going on down here in Jonesboro , why don’t you just come on back down here and meet us in person . Anybody can be a big shot on the internet ! You probably look like a jackass standing in a field looking at a new gate. Do you get the meaning of that or do I have to put it in liberal terms for you ?

  47. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Jake the Snake, I sense several things in your comment. (1) you are threatening me across state lines and that is a federal offense; (2) I am not related to any of the Ducks there and Jonesboro; (3) you must have goofed off in school and that explains the “sense” instead of “since” and “your” should be “you are or you’re.” As for looking like a jackass in the field, that sounds like you. BBBBRRRRAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!

  48. Jake Says:

    Don’t know about any Threat to you from me , just said I’d like to meet you in person ! As for my spelling looks like your grasping at straws to come up with a cut down ! As for the jackass comment , no I don’t look like one , but I’ve been known to act like one !

  49. Oldman Says:

    Let’s talk about something else,I’m tired of fowler talking about how smart he is, how many retirements he has and other things.He sounds like a full blown democrat to me,you can’t tell them anything,they know it all.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Old Man, pick a subject on which you are well versed. It is certainly not the democratic party. Choose something; your choice. Advance to the forefront and let your intelligence shine! As for my retirements, I worked twenty years for two of them; lived 62 years for one; and while serving my country was exposed to Agent Orange from which, according to DOD doctors caused my cancer. Come on. Choose one ya hear!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Let’s expound on the gay bashing comments you made earlier, then.

      • Oldman Says:

        Most people work for forty years or more and all they get is social security maybe. Most people have to work past 65 to get a small social security check.It sounds like you are complaining about your service for our country.A lot of boys did not make it back,I bet those boys would like to be in your shoes.You need to stop acting like you know it all.Get a life and quit being a dumb a–.Bye

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Don’t ever accuse me of not being loyal to my country or not suffering for the 58,000+ that did not make it back from Vietnam. I don’t have a lot of buddies on the Wall but there are some and each and every time I am in Washington, I go by and visit them. I am proud of my service to my country and don’t you ever forget it. The only dumb ass in this conversation is you. Where did you serve? I don’t even come close to knowing it all but I can recognize a shirker from a mile a way. Good night, Sir and good shirking!

          • Anonymous Says:

            Donald these guys are playing you like a fiddle. Lol

            • Anonymous Says:

              I think that he is aware of that and posts just to goad them on to higher levels of stupidity. It’s the Billy Ray Joe Bob Jims that are being played.

              • Anonymous Says:

                so now D(MF) is posting as anonymous..
                too funnie

                • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

                  When I post something, it has my name on it. Take that to the bank. Until now, I haven’t seen anything today worth commenting on. I’m letting you repugnicants gloat over shutting down the government and blaming it on the Democrats. On your ARKLAMISS page today they ran a poll asking who was the blame for the shut down and 50% said the repugnicants. That’s coming from a RED STATE that supported Mitt the Twit. If someone is using my name to post as anonymous, that ain’t me boy. My name will ALWAYS be on my posts

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Hope he means that “Bye” he closed with.Already over 100 messages on this one subject. Haven’t counted them like he did the Anonymous ones, but seems like he has sent over half of them. .

  51. Anonymous Says:

    For somebody that promised not to respond to anonymous messages, he broke that about 75 messages ago, and most if not all of his have been to unknown bloggers. .

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Those with cell phones or smart phones need to delete this whole series of messages or you won’t have any room for any more on LPNO.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Maybe Walter will post a new topic tomorrow and you all can all move to there. I am tired of talking over the heads of most of the republicans on this site, so Walter let your next topic be around the 8th grade level where they can understand most of what you write about.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    This is ridiculous. I haven’t read the last dozen or so, and won’t be pulling up any more on this subject. Anybody that wants to can have it. Its up to 124 “comments” (more like self-centered speeches by someone who likes to see his name in print).

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