Defense Appeal to Remove FA Folden Fails

A motion filed late last week by the defense team for former Jonesboro mayor Leslie Thompson opposing the appointment of Kenneth Folden as the town’s Fiscal Administrator has been denied by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, sources have told Lincoln Parish News Online.

Also, Monroe City Court Judge Tammy Lee has “lawyered up,” in response to the controversy regarding her trip to Jonesboro last week where she administered an oath of office to Thompson’s wife Yoshi.

The attorney, George Britton, has released a statement about the issue.

KNOE-TV8 News has the story.

52 Responses to “Defense Appeal to Remove FA Folden Fails”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Would really, really, really like to know who is paying Scott & Lexing at this time? There are winners and loosers in this world, Scott and Lexing defininately are on the “LOOSER” side!!!!

    Didn’t take Tammy long to realize she had stepped into a pile of deep dodo. Should learn not to stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong.

    As for the council, I would bail before it gets worse, and yes it is going to get worse. go to the judge and tell him you resign your office and promise to never enter into politics again and will never interfere with the operations of the town again. You might just get leniency in your punishment for malfeasance in office.

    If you want to fight then you better lawyer up on your own dime, spending the town’s money for defense has ended. Time to pay for your mistakes and decisions after you were given good council by a reputable attorney that you were breaking the law.

    Run quick your time is running out. If you have any common sense left, “BAIL OUT” the ship has sunk!!!!

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I just can’t resist when I see something stupid. “Looser”? You should have said “loser” side.

  2. Mae West Says:

    Well said Annonymous @11:58.

    Lexing Powell still trying to win something….it is interesting the Jena Six men she represented….look and see what they did after she represented them… most have not become hard working, honest members of society just yet.

    Thanks KNOE – 8 for looking into this matter with da judge…We want you to determine and explain just why and how the Monroe Marshal auto ended up in Jonesboro at the same exact time the judge was swearing in Yoshi

    Judge Tammy Lee got her a lawyer to do her talking….ain’t that something…too bad she did not talk to him before her Friday morning ride to Jonesboro.

    Judge Teat not do too bad is he now????

  3. Karlie Simon Says:

    So does this mean Yoshi is not the first black female mayor of Jonesboro since Kenneth Folden is STILL the FA and was the FA the night Leslie had her appointed?

    I can see clearly now

  4. Resign NOW Says:

    I have been wishing Leslie would resign…maybe Yoshi will turn in her resignation too….

  5. Book of Wonder Says:

    Wondering why Judge Tammy Lee did not hire Lexing-Powell to speak for her?

    Being friends and all…..

    Lexing-Powell gonna need a lawyer soon?

  6. Grapevine Says:

    Maybe they can get the same one and just have a class reunion at the Chucky Cheese over there in Monroe !

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i like chucky cheese maybe they will gather at jpcc and have their meetings.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    People, the “swearing in” of Yoshi was about as official as if Mickey mouse would have came to Jonesboro and sworn in a sock puppet.
    Yoshi was not the mayor, is not the mayor and will not be the mayor unless she wins an official election! Kenneth Folden said NO!
    Right now, What Kenneth Folden says, goes!
    He has total and complete control over the town! The council serve absolutely zero purpose other than to make “suggestions” to Folden to seek his approval! They can vote til they are blue in the face! They could not buy a pencil or make a motion to sharpen it without Folden’s “stamp of approval” on it!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Sooooo… can Mayor Thompson say he was going to “help FA Folden” by passing on info via Yoshi to FA Folden while a) he wouldn’t honor his requests the last time he was the FA…nor the following FAs AND b) all the while filing suit to get FA removed? WHO does he think believes this stuff?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Yoshi has nothing to resign from. She is not now and never has been the mayor until the papers go through that Judge Tammy Lee has asked the state to hold up on.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Maybe she can be a “common law” mayor for Jonesboro….voted in by the town council.

      Did she ride in the homecoming parade????

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Well, at least she thought she was when she rode in the homecoming parade. So did a lot of others.Those pictures should be good for posterity: The “mayor” that wasn’t.

  12. LifeBites Says:

    I thought it was against the law to pretend to be a public officer. At least that’s what I understood when reading the revised statutes.

  13. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    That large family, the “anonymous'” is at it again. Eight responses above. I’m not complaining about what they (some of them are right on). I just wish they had the guts to put their name on what they say. I realize that you all (maybe) live in and around Jonesboro and are afraid that your neighbors might object to what you are saying; in that case – KEEP YOUR laptops and what-not idle.

    • Marilyn Monroe Says:

      We still have to earn a living in Jonesboro …not as well heeled as your Mr. Fowler

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Me? Well-healed” I am a shinning example of a person who is on a fixed budget – military retirement, disability. social security, and retirement from the Judson Independent School District. I think that adds up to $14.27. So, well-healed I am not. I like the Marilyn Monroe moniker. Doesn’t tell me your name but it, and many other monikers, do give me a laugh every now and then.

    • Leslie Thompson Says:

      “Anybody can use any user name, so trust nothing you read on the internet.” – Abraham Lincoln

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Even if the papers that the Not so honorable Tammy Lee filed did go go through Yoshi would still not be mayor, let me put this in crayon,- Kenneth Folden said “NO!”

    End of story! There will be no mayor until one of two things happens:
    1. There is an Election.
    2. Kenneth Folden gives the person the “Thumbs up!”

    To the 3 “Council members” I will say this slowly, listen close,

    It is over!
    Deal with it!

  15. Dee Says:

    I see nothing wrong with using ” anonymous”. Mr. Abbot himself uses phrases like, “sources have told Lincoln Parish News Online.”. That is anonymous! I respect that . Some people, dont want their name in public, but it should not keep them from expressing their opinion. I like the way Mr. Abbot conducts his online news. Thank you Mr. Abbot! Thank you for allowing anonymous postings from your readers.
    There might be news he would miss if people didn’t feel comfortable confiding in him , knowing he would keep their name out of his posts.

  16. Cowboy Says:

    There are those who exhort commentators to post under their own names as if posting under their name somehow makes the drivel they post more legitimate. Given that the Internet is global and website posts are viewed by most of the world, it is extremely foolish for anyone to release too much of their personal information, especially in connection with political topics that tend to inflame the passions. Progressives take every opportunity to target those with whom they disagree, often resorting to extravagant operations to discredit those with whom they vehemently disagree.

    The ability to remain anonymous allows one to present their true feelings without fear of repercussion. This is the same principle behind the right to vote in private which assures votes are not cast under duress. Those who comment under the nom de plume of Anonymous are assured there will be no repercussions from exercising the right to free speech online by those who might target them with information found online. Putting one’s name to a comment does not make the information in the comment any more or less valid, nor the point it makes. At best, it opens those foolish enough to fall for this goading into revealing information which can then be used to target them online by malicious operatives.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I like Donalds view on everything he keeps up with the Jonesboro news also if I was going to put a nickname on him it would be tumblebug.This is said in a good ole boy way.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I think that tumblebug would be a better moniker for those with PHD’s that are dumping on me right now. PHD = piled higher and deeper. They are at home in the fecal matter pile. No offense taken of your use of it to describe me.

  18. JustMe Says:

    Amen!!! I could care less who you are – in fact, I’m sometimes more accepting of the text you’re adding if I don’t know your identity – and, I can also “skip over” those of you that do nothing but complain about trivial things such as names. Your name, where you live, what you have or have not done has nothing to do with anything – in my opinion. Oh well, that’s Just Me ..

    • Anon a mouse Says:

      Do you realize that you just contributed absolutely nothing to the discussion at hand? Oh, well! That’s just me.

  19. Curious Says:

    Has anyone heard the latest adventure of stupid and stupider? Seems that Powell -Lexington and Flowers made a special trip to Baton Rouge this week to show up unannounced at a retired employee of The Louisiana Legislative Office’s home to offer them the FA position. These two may be the dumbest humans alive!!!!

    • Road Runner Says:

      Let’s hope the folks with legal muscle can prove this….did they drive the town car since it was town business?

      They do not seem to understand this process….

      This sounds believable ….can you prove it or is it a rumor?

      How would Flowers know a retired Legislative Auditor???

    • Dream Weaver Says:

      Maybe Powell-Lexing should move to Jonesboro and become mayor…..

    • Lone Ranger Says:

      Mr. Flowers told you all he was gonna stop this injustice…bless his heart…he is not smart enough to understand all this legal stuff…it is just above is ability…

      Ms. Powell-Lexing…I thinks she got somebody paying her to act like this…who has the money?

      Mr. Cottonham….where are you?

      Rev. Dill….you need to step up to the plate and tell what you know…become a witness for the DA.

      Charla ….well, she just gonna follow Mr. Flowers me thinks

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      If this is true, it certainly was very RUDE. But, that is their natural behavior. These people just keep getting dumb and dumber with each passing day. What next for these bimbos?

      Wonder if they enjoyed their trip together. Just suppose…..nah!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    i think powell-lexing ,flowers and judge lee are idiots not sure about the driver of the marshall’s car but he is an idiot too.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    That just goes to show the level of intelligence of Flowers. This has got to be the biggest idiot on Earth!
    Exactly why is he offering anyone the job of F.A.?
    Last I heard Jonesboro already had an F.A., Kenneth Folden.
    Why on Earth does this moron think he has the authority to hire a F.A.?
    He has absolutely zero concept of the law! Good lord this man needs help.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      If there were a trip to Baton Rouge by an elected official of Jonesboro, I would do two things – (1) check to see if the trip were authorized by the aldermen at some secret meeting and (2) check to see if he filed a claim for reimbursement for the trip. I don’t care if they made a porno movie while down there. That is not part of the question. Of course bringing sex into this makes it more interesting for a lot of people in Jonesboro.



    • tickle Says:

      Yes, Walter, please do what Mr. Flowers said! I repeat, remove the comment about going to Baton Rouge with the lady attorney. I repeat it is not true!!! ROFL!!!

      • Anonymous Says:

        The post has already been removed and had nothing to do with a trip to Baton Rouge.

  23. old dog Says:

    Oh Snap you might have gone to far with that one !

  24. Willis Says:

    what was the statement?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    If Abbott removed everything that somebody said was not true on this weibsite, he would be too busy to do any reporting himself. Besides, how would he know whether the authof of the original statement or the one complaining were telling the truth? Everybody that posts on this website is responsible for the accuracy of his own statements; nobody else.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    The story on the trip to Baton Rouge has not been removed from my computer and I doubt that it will be, true or not..

    • Anonymous Says:

      The Baton Rouge story has not been removed but another offensive post that was made last night was removed, you and some others may not have seen it but I did and I commend Walter for removing it. Remarks like that are representative of those made by juveniles on the Topix website and do not belong here.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    See “Curious Says” 9-27 @ 9:25 a.m. “special trip to Baton Rouge.”

  28. old dog Says:

    Sure didn’t have anything to do with Baton Rouge I can a sure ya’ll of that ! What was took off should have never been posted to start with !

  29. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I don’t know if this true or not because I don’t keep up with all branches of my family tree, but Walter Abbott may be loosely related to me by marriage. A cousin of mine married an Abbot; they lived in East Texas; he was president of bank in East Texas; she was a school teacher; he died; she married Freddie Joe Nomey (I think that is his name). They still live in East Texas. All of this doesn’t mean crapola; just thought I would bore you with useless information.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Scratch that last comment. Thought you were referring to another one that was removed. There is no reason to remove the Baton Rouge article, it was only a rumor and you can decide to believe it or not. The other article was obviously crossing the boundaries of decency and should have been removed, as it was..

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t know why these comments are not in descending order by date and time. Very confusing when they appear way before they should.

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