Judge: Thompson Would Continue to “Meddle”

If left out on bond, former Jonesboro mayor Leslie Thompson would try to run the town as if he were still mayor, Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson Parishes) District Division B Judge Jimmy Teat wrote in his Reason’s for Judgement yesterday.

Thompson’s bond was revoked by Teat’s ruling and Thompson will remain in jail until his formal sentencing set for November 13.

See here the document.

Wrote Teat:

It is this Court’s opinion that if this Court did not revoke the defendant’s bond that he would continue to flagrantly disregard the law and would continue to make every effort to “meddle” into the affairs of the Town of Jonesboro to the point where the fiscal administrator would be prohibited from doing his job that he has been appointed to do.


In reading the statements that the defendant herein made to the media as well as the statement he made at the city council meeting one can easily conclude that his intentions were to exercise control over the government of the Town of Jonesboro.

Teat also noted,

It is also this Court’s opinion that having the town council vote in any manner would unquestionably be an official act, duty, and/or function. It would also be this Court’s opinion that having the town council vote in favor of and supporting a given recommendation by the defendant herein is clearly an emolument and privilege of the office.

21 Responses to “Judge: Thompson Would Continue to “Meddle””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Teat is totally correct. Thompson was trying to control the meeting and appointment of his wife. Thompson wants to continue to control the daily activity of the town. Incarceration is the only remedy to this problem.

  2. EJ Says:

    In the private business world, Leslie likely could have done many, if not all, of the things he did and had no real repercussions put upon him… Pay people when they aren’t working…”I didn’t know that wasn’t ok”. Pay insurance premiums for anyone I wish to cover…”Is that wrong?”. Drive my employer’s car to Dallas for my daughter’s wedding and say “I made a business related phone call while I was driving, doesn’t that make it a business trip?”
    When you steal in the private world, you are stealing from a private person, or corporation, etc. Punishment varies, mostly depending on the wishes of those whose money you stole. However, in government, it’s a different story. You are stealing from the taxpayers, and that’s some serious stuff. You can’t play dumb. If you don’t know, you ask. If there’s any question if it’s ok, you err on the side of caution. Ignorance of the law excuses no one.
    Sorry Leslie, you did wrong, and for too long. You had chances to make it right, and you chose instead to dig yourself in deeper. Well, it’s time to pay up, both literally and figuratively. With some of the facts coming out about what some of the other council members may have done…you may not fall alone.
    If I had any last bit of advice for you, I’d suggest you stop talking. You’re only making it worse on yourself (read the judge’s ruling)….It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

    • The Jet Says:

      Not so sure about that. The mechanisms and the instruments may vary, but the private sector has its ways of handling business as well. If the Town of Jonesboro were a private for-profit corporation, I would think Steak Sauce would’ve been fired long ago for incompetence, malfeasance, and complete failure to perform his fiduciary duty. Because looking at the town’s finances, a blind man could see that the ship be sinkin’.

      In politics, though, it is up to the people to be boss and fire incompetent leaders, via elections. The people of this town had that oppurtunity in the Fall of 2010 and let it pass untaken. This worries me. I have the utmost confidence in our justice system to permanently dispense with Leslie, and in Mr. Folden to right the ship and get Jonesboro back to being a functioning town again. But when elections and local control are restored, can we trust a majority of the citizens of Jonesboro to wisely choose good leaders for mayor and the BoA?

      That I cannot answer. Only they can.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        I love your reference to “Steak Sauce.” Priceless! I went to Louisiana Tech with Kenneth Folden in the 1980’s and a better person for the job can not be found.

  3. EJ Says:

    I should be a little more clear…I certainly agree he would have been fired long ago with similar circumstances if in the private world. What I was trying to say was that if he were to have been able to hide his dealings for all that time, then it all came out at once, the repercussions would have been based on the wishes of those stolen from…
    Either way, just not a very smart man.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I am still in a little shock here with this situation….everyone been meddling in the business of Jonesboro…how can the Mayor go to jail over meddling????

    • Anonymous Says:

      Simple, he was convicted of three felonies, suspended from his position as mayor and had to give up all perks of office, this was just a way to rule through his wife

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Can we have Judge Tammy Lee tell us her opinion on this ruling?

    Does she believe the same way or not?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I think, at sentencing, he should get one year in jail for every year he held office!

  7. sgsc Says:

    I think he should get 5 years on each count (3) to run consecutively…I think this is the maximum he could receive. Maybe then he would open his eyes and wise up to what he did. Also, maybe this would be a deterrent for others who plan on abusing their positions.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Absolutely. But, look at Gibsland. Crooked black mayor caught. Honest white mayor elected. Outstanding job performance. Then, next election comes around and said crooked black mayor re-elected once again. Now, it is the same with him as in his first term. Crooked is as crooked does. I do not think the residents in Gibsland care about his corruption. Otherwise, they would have not elected him again. Sad!

  8. CitizensAll Says:


  9. Anonymous Says:

    I bet he don’t serve not one day for this crap , bet it all gets suspended

    • The Jet Says:

      Not the way he has behaved since sentencing. He has done himself no favors and given plenty of aggravating factors to justify serious jailtime.

      Keep in mind, the last two mayors in this state caught in corruption/malfeasance cases, Eddie Price of Mandeville and Roy Hebron of Ball, both got serious prison time. Granted, those were federal cases, not state, but the state has big incentive to make an example of Leslie. Send a message that Louisiana has zero tolerance for corruption, that we can handle our own business without federal help, and put all the other wannabe town-wrecking dictators in Gibsland, Richwood, Coushatta, Homer, Ringgold, Waterproof, Port Allen and everywhere else that the powers-that-be in Baton Rouge will not just sit idly by and let this crisis of local governance degenerate into anarchy. I think that will be the thought process for sentencing.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe he can ask for a re-trail based on having a HORRIBLE, BAD attorney

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I think he should have got a local attorney. A local that didn’t care for leslie could have represented him better.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Where do you get the Free L. T. tea shirts ? When will the Monroe press lose the “hands off attitude” on Mayo?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Afraid it is going to take more than T-shirts to get Thompson free. They didn’t do much good when they were worn (or tried to wear) at the trial. Probably would go on sale pretty cheap when nobody bought them.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure that any other lawyers would touch his case. You would think that there were some who would do almost anything for money, but this was one that they may figure would cost them more in the long run than they earned in a losing cause.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    If you think Leslie Thompson is the only one having problems, look at what the three stooges are facing. A few weeks ago, everything looked rosy for them. Thompson would be able to finish his term before going to prison. Flowers would then run for mayor, Cottonham, Mason-Thompson and another rubber stamp follower would run for council.
    All would be elected, and although there would be little if any money left, they would vote themselves another raise. The party would go on at taxpayer expense until all the money was gone.
    That picture changed dramatically in the past few weeks. Nobody knows how long Thompson will be imprisoned, but even when he finally gets out, there would be a lot of restrictions on what a convicted felon can do. Yoshi is not going be interim mayor, and probably will not run for office in 2014.
    At the least, the three stooges will be forced to give up their offices under the law specifying that penalty for assisting a usurper. If they plead guilty, they may get out without a trial, saving lawyer and court costs that would not be paid for by the town.
    Don’t know if the law allows them to run for office in 2014 or not.
    It could be even worse, if all are charged and convicted for malfeasance in office. Anybody got a crystal ball?>

  16. Anonymous Says:

    That law refers not just to someone who “assists” a usurper, An office-holder would forfeit his position “for recognizing the authority of any usurper.” That could cover a lot more than just the three council members, depending on how it is interpreted by the courts.. It will be up to the district attorney and his assistants to decide who to make the charges against.

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