Jonesboro oath of office investigation

By Nolan Crane, Reporter

MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) – The controversy in Jonesboro continues and is expanding. Our Nolan Crane spoke with a state senator and former judge who says Monroe taxpayer dollars might have been misused in the process of swearing in Yoshi Thompson as Jonesboro’s interim mayor.

Bob Kostelka says he was shocked when he heard that Judge Tammy Lee asked to recant her swearing in of Yoshi Thompson. He also pretty certain Monroe taxpayer dollars were likely misused in the process.

It is unclear how many Monroe taxpayer dollars were used when Yoshi Thompson was sworn in as Jonesboro’s interim mayor. These photos clearly show Monroe City Court Judge Tammy Lee administering the oath and signing the documents.

Click here for the full story and video.

30 Responses to “Jonesboro oath of office investigation”

  1. Rastus B. Gumm Says:

    What a tangled web we weave…..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    See?? Anyone who helps leslie ends up in trouble!!!

  3. Jim Says:

    Council members recognized an usurper at that last meeting and that is actionable.

  4. Franklin farmer Says:

    Tammy Lee is a joke! She’s qualified to sit on the front porch in the hood and wait on a government check and that’s about it! She breaks the law continuously and she will lose her job over it sooner or later!

  5. Blue Gum Says:

    Follow the Tammy lee ordeal on She stole $$ once again from the city and she is going down.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Has anything that’s happened in Jonesboro since Leslie took office in 2007 really surprised anyone? The man had one agenda when he took office. Do any and everything he could to break the town

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Dang….now you messy folks want to pick on the Monroe City Judge too….she was just helping out since there was no judge in Jonesboro ….just lending a helping hand….and that Marshal, he knew there was no police department and came just in case he was needed….fine folks in Monroe really do not care about their tax dollars….

  8. Anonymous Says:

    If Monroe has the money to support Judge Lee’s running to Jonesboro and trying to take care of our business why don’t they take that money and chip in on the help Leslie legal fund his lawyers will need it soon.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Check out KNOE channel 8 Judge Lee tell the truth and nothing but the truth. I seen the marshal car in town but nobody drove it or road in it maybe it came on its own.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      You gave yours truly a good laugh. Thanks!

    • Anon a mouse Says:

      The verb “seen” requires a helping verb as in “I have seen the marshal car. . . ” although as it was used it should have been “I saw the marshal car. . . .” and as for “road” that is what we drive on. Should have used “rode.” Maybe you can explain why we drive on parkways and park on drive ways and why when we send something by boat it is cargo and when we send some by truck it is a shipment. And lastly, why do flammable and inflammable have the same definition?

  10. TyrantsThriveAmongUs Says:

    Oh, no, everbody in troubble now…

  11. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Walter does a great job with this site so I can offer him but one way to improve it – DON’T ALLOW A POSTING BY “ANONYMOUS.” If you can’t own up to your rantings, DON’T POST. Only cowards hide behind false identities. There are seven posting on this site (eight counting mine) and five are by anonymous. No gonads; no posts. What say thee Walter?

    • Robin Hood Says:

      You are so right

      • Anonymous Says:

        is this the robin hood that owes me rent??
        and i can find no hits on a DMF from jonesboro…

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          I am breaking my promise not to respond to an anonymous just this once. I live in San Antonio, Texas and maybe anything that I own in Jonesboro is in another’s name.

  12. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    There are several issues that need to be brought out into the bright sunlight – the police jury (what are they doing now with all of the attention of Les Lie the Former (or as some called him “Steak Sauce”) and what about the local business man who owns Family Pharmacy, lives in Ruston, and spends our tax dollars as head of the Jackson Parish Rec Department and is (was) pushing the parish to purchase the worthless Advance Country Club? And people on this site complain about a judge from Monroe who comes over to Jonesboro to perform what undoubtedly will be ruled an illegal act. The broom needs to be larger that life to rid Jonesboro of all of its problems. Not all of them are centered around “Steak Sauce.”

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Sometimes its better to be known and not talk and sometimes its better to talk and be not known. Gonads are doing fine and I am planning on keeping them.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    The Mayor of Jonesboro (?) needs a cell mate like Tammy Lee.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Where is the NAACP? Why they not helping Leslie get out of jail?

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Yes! It is almost like they have totally abondoned the FORMER mayor. What say ye NAACP? Are you now ashamed that you honored such a crook as Leslie with your presence?

      Again, what say ye NAACP and other out of towners that came and marched to Leslie’s drumbeat?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I think they are a little wet behind the ears after the last protest to the courthouse.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Why does Jonesboro even need a interim mayor, Yoshi or anybody else? We would have to pay them $5,833 to do nothing. The mayor pro tem could sign what the FA couldn’t. Let him earn the raise he got for being on the town council. Of course, if he is charged with
    malfeasance as well as two others, it presumably would all fall on the FA. .

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I doubt that the NCAA or any other organization will want to get into this, after seeing the overwhelming evidence against Thompson. They probably have many other areas that they are more likely to be successful in. For that matter, nobody knows how many members of the black race are just as fed up with this mess as whites, and will express themselves when they get behind that voting curtain again.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      What has the National Collegiate Athletic Association have to do with our problems in Jonesboro? I think you meant NAACP.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    When is Moe, Larry and Curly going to get what is coming to them. Funny how they marched old Les to court everyday and now they are still trying to be stupid what do they think his wife could be mayor. Please I have a dog that could do just as good if not better.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hollywood should make a TV show about this, This is some really funny stuff. You Jonesboro Hillbilly rednecks verses the Jonesboro Hood. This is great!!!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Donald: Thanks for the free proof-reading. I thought you said you didn’;t respond to Anonymous messages. Guess that means you won’t respond to this one. Too busy counting how many there are?; Here is one more for you.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I make exceptions when exceptions are required. And for your information I don’t count the number of anonymous contributions to this site. I pointed that out twice. You ought to be able to understand that number – one, two. There ought to be a change in subject matter on this site – on Tuesday, in all likelihood, our government will shut down (a wee bit more important than Les Lie) and soon the governmental machines of Louisiana will start to grind as the citizens of Louisiana elect a new governor. The whoremonger David Vitter is most likely to be elected. Do you believe that morality should be an issue when electing someone to public office? You certainly questioned Les Lie’s morality, as did I. I think that election is more important than Les Lie or Yo Shi*. Here is a question for you – everyone calls it Obama Care but do you know its real name?

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