More on Lafayette DA Race – 8/27/13

Keith Stutes taking on Harson

TUE, AUG 27 12:56PM by Leslie Turk

Keith Stutes, the respected former assistant district attorney who retired last year and confirmed his decision to leave was in part related to the federal bribery probe of the DA’s office, is taking on his old boss next year.

Stutes’ goal is to restore confidence in the position. In an Aug. 23 letter about an upcoming fundraiser, he indicates he will turn the dysfunctional office around and ensure justice is administered in a fair and impartial manner. The candidate, a longtime amateur sports photographer, plans to release this video at Friday and Saturday’s high school Jamboree at Cajun Field. Stutes will make his candidacy official Sept. 5, although he has not confirmed where the announcement will take place. He has already set up a website.

One Response to “More on Lafayette DA Race – 8/27/13”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wish he would move to Monroe to replace we don’t convict politicians (Jerry Jones) and their friends like king Dawson City Engineer Darrell Berry Gilmore & Stevens (yes his case was already made here) any one want to add to this list…

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