Jonesboro City Council Tonight

The Town of Jonesboro’s Board of Aldermen will hold a special called meeting tonight (8/28), 6:00 PM, W. Richard Zuber City Hall, 128 Allen Avenue.

See here the agenda.

45 Responses to “Jonesboro City Council Tonight”

  1. JustMe Says:

    Hmmm. Getting the ducks in a row for Leslie’s absence?? Me thinks maybe?? Lord, give him some help. Mayor (to be) in charge surely needs it! Lord help Jonesboro!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    KNOE said that tonight’s meeting is to decide who is going to serve as pro tem mayor. I thought that had already been decided.

  3. JustMe Says:

    Doesn’t really matter I guess – when they appoint a Fiscal Administrator – guess who’s in CHARGE???

  4. JustMe Says:

    Oh, and I do see on the agenda that we have a new Dy Clerk. Guess its official – David Dill is gone?? Does anybody know what this story is – or where Mr Dill went??

  5. Hopper Says:

    He’s back in California at the jazz club ! Look on his Facebook pic’s !

  6. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    The Dildo was told to absent himself from Louisiana (me thinks) by the CTIC. Ten dollars to a doughnut hole that if the CTIC should skate on this one and go free, Greyhound or Southwest Airlines will deliver the Dildo back to his master. You gotta remember his “I don’t know nothing about no money.” Cannot use that in a trial where you are sworn in. Has anyone checked to see if the Dildo is still on the town payroll? Bet that he is. Any takers? I HAVE A DREAM THAT ALL OF THAT RIFF RAFT WILL GO TO THE GREYBAR HOTEL IN ANGOLA.

  7. Trial Update Says:

  8. Anonymous Says:

    IF Thompson is found guility, it will not be his fault or his attorneys fault….it will be cause the jury and judge were racist….and it will be appealed for certain!!!

    • I was there Says:

      Don’t even go there , his Fine Attorney give the okay on those jury people they turned down a lot of others , so don’t start that crap !

    • Anonymous Says:

      You one dumb son of a gun

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      I am so tired of blacks using the term “racist”. Maybe all the whites should start bellowing out “racist” to them. After all, they do call whites many racist names, but do we complain? Absolutely, not. We are more refined than that.

      I feel sorry for blacks that have to resort to playing the race card at every little opportunity. Not only in Jonesboro, but throughout the country. Shameful!

      If they want to validate themselves, then get off the racist calling “bandwagon”.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    would that mean that if they are found not guilty they are not racist,what a fine line.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    who cares …….Just get his sorry ass out of office and out of Jonesboro and his whole family.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    A good place to get a report of what is going on is KNOE-TV. They had a long one yesterday about the council meeting, and a shorter one today about the trial, which resumed after the jury of three men and three women was seated. If you missed the telecast news, there is a summary of both days on Abbott is prohibited from reporting on it as a prospective witness.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    The News-Star is doing a good job of covering it also.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Was surprised that the council can appoint anyone to serve as mayor if Thompson is convicted of a felony. I thought it had to be the mayor pro tem that he appointed. It probably would be him, anyway.

  14. Anonymous Says: has a complete report of the trial through noon today on its website. You have a limited number of “hits” the first 30 days, but unlimited number if you are a subscriber to the newspaper.

  15. Anonymous Says:


  16. Anonymous Says:

    That may be one of the reasons they called him to be a defense witness, so he couldn’t report on the trial. About the only one I can think of.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Of the six jurors selected, all were white, 3 men and 3 women, with a male alternate. Two were from Eros, three from near the Jackson-Lincoln Parish line, one from Weston, and the alternate from near the Jackson-Ouachita Parish line.

    • Anonymous Says:

      There you go….if convicted they will be label as racist and appealed based on not a jury of his peers

  18. truth or consequences Says:

    Willie Joseph and Devin Flowers interview

  19. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Hell yeh! Ole Les Lie will yell racism at the top of his lungs if he is convicted. After all, there were no people of color (black) on the jury so they must have had it in for him. There are a lot of question that Ole Les Lie needs to be axing himself right about now. For example, am I competent enough for this job or was I just in over my head. For example, should I have sought out intelligent people to surround myself with instead of these “Yes sir,Master” A-holes I am stuck with. For example, How much Vaseline am I going to need if they send my ass to Angola? Appeals will last until the end of his term so someone had better watch the till while he still has a key to the City Hall.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Do you people actually think there is a snowballs chance in hell of him being convicted?
    Nope. Why?
    Because if it is, in fact, an all white jury, thejurors will be so afraid of being stamped as racist for the rest of their life and suffering the backlash, there is no wayin hell they will convict him.
    “Reverse racism” at its finest. This will be nothing but a huge waste of time.
    Lord knows I hope I’m wrong, but, think about it.

    Should have been a change of venue, point-blank-period!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    they are already stamped a racist that wont matter they can decide with their heart and mind not how they were brought up in the south.

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