Jonesboro Christmas Lights, Again

From Truth And Balance For Jonesboro

Christmas Lights Held HOSTAGE AGAIN-Same Threat Every Year

I just finished reading the most recent edition of the Jackson Independent dated Thursday July 25, 2013 and on the front page the reporter quotes Ms. Wilda Smith-Jackson Parish Chamber of Commerce Director in a interview regarding the Downtown area and it’s lack of maintenance and repair in the following manner:

“Since April the appearance of Main Street has declined.” Smith stated she had contacted the Public Works Director and the Compliance Officer and nothing had been done. The article goes on to quote Ms. Smith regarding Vandalism of benches and she is quoted in regard to that issue ” The mayor told me that he didn’t know if the town had the funds to replace the $150.00 broken benches.” Smith is also quoted with regard to the annual Christmas Lights-”The mayor has informed the Chamber that he does not know if the town of Jonesboro will be able to fund the hanging of Christmas Lights.”

6 Responses to “Jonesboro Christmas Lights, Again”

  1. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    The SFB’s DDA that wrote the article above must have his lips attached to the rectal area of the CTIC as it is very, very doubtful that Ms. Smith would so blatantly misquote our esteemed “mayor(?).” I was in Jonesboro recently (June) and what she reports about the condition of downtown is true and very visible to the eyes of the “racist” white folk but apparently not to the eyes of the CTIC who claims that he is making progress in town despite those dispicable racist white folk. Has he got enough money in his illegal campaign collection to buy at least one bench? Probably not. Who wants to give that turd a cent?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sure would have been nice if the majority of the town council had elected to put part of that $35,000 that they voted the mayor into beautifying the town, more police officers, and the many other things that Jonesboro needs, rather than giving it to a mayor that has not presided over a successful audit in five years, is facing a defense to a number of legal charges, and has managed to bring the town to near bankruptcy with the help of his three stooges.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    But there is enough money for his raise? The man must go

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thompson is not anymore guilty of breaking the law than Edwin Edwards was.

    • Dee Says:

      Edwards ended up in prison. That’s where all public officials who break the laws should end up.

  5. anonymous Says:

    no money for christmas lights nor to fix the aerator in the cesspool behind the carwash so the whole town smells like dookie…

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