SUV, Car Allowance, or Both?

So the Monroe Regional Airport wants a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, presumably so the airport’s director Ron Phillips can have a nice, taxpayer supplied vehicle to ride around in. That appears to be the crux of the latest flap with the city’s controversial mayor Jamie Mayo, who’s in a snit because the city council won’t rubber stamp his budget requests.

It isn’t about grass cutting, since the public works department recently got supplied with a couple million in new equipment, including eight mowers and fourteen tractors.

From the 6/11/13 city council minutes:

Upon motion of Mrs. Ezernack, seconded by Ms. Blakes and unanimously approved a request from the Sanitation Division of the Public Works Department for Council approval to purchase one (1) Tow Truck, eight (8) Mowers, fourteen (14) Tractors, one (1) Trailer, one (1) Gradall, two (2) Sweepers, one (1) Backhoe and one (1) UTV. A portion will be purchased off state contract and the remainder put out on bid. The estimated cost of these purchases is $1,752,500.00. Funds will be derived from the Capital Fund Account.

So it’s all about the luxury SUV.

Our question is this: If the airport director gets the new SUV, does he give up the $4,800/year car allowance he is now paid? Or does he get to keep both?

20 Responses to “SUV, Car Allowance, or Both?”

  1. Rastus B. Gumm Says:

    he gets BOTH

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The Mayo’s cronies get both when the taxpayers are paying. The local press didn’t touch this one. No demand for emails. How much was paid for the convicted Council members defense fund by the tax payers. Mayo was anxious to write the check and the press is slow to ask questions.

    • Mark Says:

      Similar to the Town of Jonesboro-the tax payer has paid for legal fees and no one seems to care much less want to have people held accountable for this money.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is sick, Mayo and the media pups wanted to make this look like the council was holding up progress.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Ask him how strict his car allowance was when he worked at the cable company. No he has zero airport experience. He is learning on the job how to run up his expenses.

  5. DereGoDaMoney Says:

    He ought to be able to make do with a Ford Fusion, which is used by a lot of companies as their standard company car.
    Government is arrogant with taxpayers’ money.

  6. Tired of Taxes Says:

    I just wonder how many millions or billions could be saved by government if they put an end to all this government funded welfare for well to do government workers. You know, the only people in America that get to retire after 20 years of work and get 75% of their final pay for the REST OF THEIR LIVES, plus they get health benefits for life too. Why have we placed government workers so high on the totem pole? Let these government workers do like the rest of the working world and keep a log of their mileage for work use of their personal business. OH wait, government workers should be treated better then the rest of us….Right…LOL. FYI, for those you that didn’t know, the Clerks of Courts got a $15,000 dollar car allowance during this years legislative session. Yep, 15K per year. Guess we need to buy them a Porsch/Benz or better. Basically this was a $15000 pay raise without the words “pay raise” in the law. How can you justify a 15k per year car allowance or a 15 k raise, especially during the current budget problems and also as I noted before, these gov workers have a gold plated retirement package that most of the taxpayers could only dream about. So you and I, taxpayers, should continue to pay more and more taxes so these gov workers can live such wonderful lives??? We should work 45 plus years so the gov workers can work 20 years and retire at twice or three times the retirement pay that we (the taxpayers) could even dream about. Just in case you hear the “I don’t get social security BS” that lots of gov workers say when questioned about their Gold Plate retirement. First of all, gov workers don’t pay into social security nor do the governments that employee them, so that means no 7% SSI tax on them, that the rest of us pay and no 7% SSI tax that the city/county/state/country doesn’t pay for those workers. Guess were that 7% that the employer doesn’t pay often end up, yes in the employees hands as higher pay for the same jobs in the real world. Then to make matters worst, all these gov workers need to do to get Social Security is to work for several years, all while they draw retirement pay from the gov, and pay into Social Security, then bam these workers get not only their gold plate retirement but also Social Security. Why do you think so many people want to work for the government. Just look at governments around the US, look at their budgets and see just how big of a chunk of the budget is taken up by public employees pay, benefits and retirement. Check out Detroit’s bankruptcy and you’ll see it is due mostly to having life long retirement pay at such a high rate and so many more retirees due to the 20 year retirement rules. You and I, the taxpayers need to stop this madness or else we will be the next to go bankrupt and our taxes will get higher and higher to pay these Gold Plated benefits & retirements.

    • Tired of Taxes 2 Says:

      While you are looking, look at all of the Top 4- in Parish Government-look at what they drive and then ask them about their mileage perks………..then look at other Parishes. They don’t all drive 4 door pickups…..check it out. Then ask to see a mileage log.

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