More on Monroe City Council

Monroe City Council Chair Eddie Clark (District 5) began last night’s meeting with a recitation of the duties and responsibilities of the Chairman, and a recent news story concerning the placement of items on the agenda.

Clark noted that a KTVE-TV10 news story from earlier this week questioned the procedure for placement and removal of items on the meeting agenda. Said Clark, “Persuant to Robert’s Rules of Order, only a member of the prevailing party may move for reconsider of an agenda item once it has been previously voted upon.”

Clark also said that council procedures not covered by law or ordinance shall be governed by Robert’s Rules.

The issue concerned a request for purchase of a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV – and mowing equipment – for the airport. The request had been denied last May, and until the request for the SUV is removed, it won’t be placed on the agenda, Clark said.

Who controls the agenda reportedly goes back to when the new council was sworn in.

For the first few meetings of this year, City Attorney Nancy Summersgill and Mayor Jamie Mayo’s staff published the agenda.

Often, the council would not timely receive the information that needed to be considered at the upcoming meeting. Also, the practice of one branch of government dictating to another what they were allowed to discuss and vote upon was problematic.

Back when the council was populated with Mayo stooges, it made little difference who made up the agenda. But with an independent council, it is a basic requirement of shared governance that each branch must govern its own affairs.

Clark also made it clear that as Chairman, he would “decide all questions of order” subject to appeal to the council.

There was also a bit of discussion on a resolution to adopt a procedure for the hiring of council staff.

Summersgill claimed the resolution would violate the city’s charter.

The issue concerns hiring of a council secretary, a position that has been vacant for two years, said Clark. The paperwork has been on Mayo’s desk for three weeks, awaiting his signature, Clark added.

Mayo said he held up approval because District Two’s Gretchen Ezernack had some questions about the hire.

The resolution passed on a 3-1 vote, with Ezernack voting no. The resolution would take the mayor out of the loop, as far as city council hires are concerned.

Finally, Mayo suffered another defeat, when the quarterly budget amendment was defeated 3-1.

Ezernack was the lone yes vote.

5 Responses to “More on Monroe City Council”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    There was an earlier time when Bill Boles would call in to add an item to the agenda. Things have changed a bit lately. Oh but for the good old days.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    No wonder Betty Blakes wanted to change to another bond attorney for the city. She had Boles very worried in his $2000 sports coat.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yes so true. The Shreveport market is taken and his sister has a piece of Baton Rouge. There is really no other place open for poor Billy. Billy may have to shop at JC Penny like most of the tax payers. The Goodwill may be an option.

  4. Ms. P Says:

    It was said that the council did not need an agenda they were rubber stamps…what ever was on the agenda would be approved…now the game is being played by the rules and some people do not like the rules or the hand they were dealt…RIP

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hey keep your dirty nose out of affairs. Take care of and clean up your on backdoor before cleaning up ours. We don’t need your kind stirring up strife and aggravation for the people of Monroe. NOW BACK OFF

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