Buddy Caldwell Can Move Fast When he Wants

Potential takeover of Madison Parish Hospital

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell has heard enough from leaders of the Madison Parish Hospital. During Tuesday’s meeting Caldwell reminded board members things need to change if they want to stay in control of the hospital.

Madison Parish hospital board members welcomed Attorney General Buddy Caldwell into their meeting. They listened to his candid remarks about the importance of this hospital and the problems he wants to help fix.

“The attorney general’s office wants to help and take care of the issues that can cripple and crush this hospital which would additionally hurt this area tremendously,” said Buddy Caldwell.

With people saying different things Caldwell wants to see the results of a current audit before he makes a decision about who controls the hospital.

Caldwell says if anyone is guilty of lying about the financial situation at the hospital he or she is guilty of committing a felony. This attorney general says he will get to work and send anyone responsible to the unemployment line.

Caldwell says taking over the hospital would be extreme, but it is a possibility depending on the outcome of the audit.

The Madison Parish Hospital has had only two bad audits compared to the Town of Jonesboro’s five. So when does Buddy Caldwell show up in Jonesboro?

11 Responses to “Buddy Caldwell Can Move Fast When he Wants”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    There are no toes to step on here so he finally makes a move. He wants to be governor. He also had his PR team with him, they always are.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Why hasn’t he already been to jonesboro

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Cause the situation in Jtown does not have any bearing on folks health like the hospital does….

    • JustMe Says:

      I beg to differ. It’s ruining my health and financially draining me. It has lowered my property value tremendously!! When, oh when, will somebody take over the reins here? If its a felony to lie about the financial position of a hospital – why would that be different from our Town. If Mayor has committed a felony – lying about the financial stability of this Town, can’t he be removed from office?? Like NOW??

    • anonymous Says:

      What about water quality, doesn’t that affect people’s health?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I have said before Fannin ,Stewart , and the race game is what these guys are afraid of.Maybe if they would get this behind them their life would go better.

  5. Anonymous Says:


    Just move on and get over this!!!

    You all are beating a dead horse.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    A spur is as good as a bucket of oats to a dead horse.

  7. Grapevine Says:

    I’d like to get my hot shot ahold of their rear ends !

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