So… Who Lied? The Judge, or the Witnesses?

Either Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson Parishes) District Division B Judge Jimmy Teat – or trial witnesses Janice Simmons and Franciscus Jackson – lied regarding the trial of Willie Joseph last May.

There is no other possible explanation.

Teat wrote in his reasons for judgement the following:

Again, if you concentrate on the video (DVD) that the defendant introduced into evidence it clearly shows that Mrs. (Janice) Simmons could not have seen or heard anything that happened because she was not where she’s testified she was because she was still either in her chair in the meeting room or still in the meeting room, this Court has already referred to, at least six minutes after the incident occurred.

As to the testimony of Franciscus Jackson he also testified under oath that he immediately after the meeting walked out into the hallway by the water fountain and testified that at that time he saw Willie Joseph in the hallway next to the water fountain right in his proximity. (See lines four through ten). He also continued in his testimony to indicate that if anything would have happened next to the water fountain as alleged he would’ve saw it and as a matter of fact testified under oath that he never saw it. If you again clearly look at the video (DVD) that was introduced by the defendant at approximately 1:46:31 of the video (DVD) it shows Franciscus Jackson appear from the bottom right corner of the video (DVD) which clearly indicates he had not ever left the meeting room after the meeting was over which is totally contrary to his testimony under oath.

If you review the testimony of Janice Simmons and Franciscus Jackson it is clear that nothing they testified to is corroborated by either the video (DVD) and/or the CD.

See here the document.

So which party committed perjury? The judge or the witnesses?

Second Judicial District Attorney
Jonathan Stewart will have to prosecute one or the other. Otherwise, sworn testimony in a Jackson Parish court of law would become just so much hot air.

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7 Responses to “So… Who Lied? The Judge, or the Witnesses?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well…maybe nobody lied…the recording was wrong????

    • Lame Excuses Says:

      and stealing food turns into bigger crimes but if you never get arrested or prosecuted for the little things why would you ever expect to ever got prosecuted for the big ones……like perjury????

  2. hmmmmm Says:

    In most places you are arrested for perjury as soon as it is determined. But, let me guess he will need to convene a grand jury. Pathetic DA– I wish I had NEVER voted for him. Won’t make that mistake twice.

  3. Grapevine Says:

    How did Teat lie ? Did I miss something !

  4. Bill Says:

    Judge Teat only told what he saw, and anyone who watches the video can see, so he didn’t lie. If what he saw was a video with the incorrect time stamp, he didn’t lie. The people involved couldn’t see the video time stamp either so, if they relied on the clock in the meeting room, they might not have lied. My guess is that the time stamp was correct, and someone was lying, but it’s only a guess. Maybe it would be a good idea to include a shot of the clock in the meeting room to make sure it agrees with the video time stamp in future recordings.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Remember now, as the Mayor informed everyone on radio…it is a kangaroo court

  6. Anonymous Says:

    And the mayor saying something makes it gospel? When pigs fly.

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