Active Investigation Ongoing of Alleged Perjured Testimony in Jonesboro Trial

There is an active investigation ongoing by the Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson Parishes) District Attorney’s office into alleged perjury by at least two witnesses during a trial held last May in Jonesboro, several sources have told Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO).

Janice Simmons and Franciscus Jackson are alleged to have testified that they witnessed an altercation between defendant Willie Joseph and a citizen after a August, 2012 city council meeting, when a video introduced into evidence at the trial allegedly showed the two to be in another room at the time of the incident.

Simmons is listed as the Executive Director of the Greater North Louisiana Community Development Corporation (GNLCDC), according to the agency’s 2011 Form 990 tax return.

Second Judicial Division B Judge Jimmy Teat noted the conflicting testimony is his judgement.

Wrote Teat, “If you review the testimony of Janice Simmons and Franciscus Jackson it is clear that nothing they testified to is corroborated by either the video (DVD) and/or the CD.”

See here the document.

Teat made note of the issue again when Joseph was sentenced.

See here the 6/12/13 news story.

The status of the investigation, or any timetable of when/if evidence may be presented to a grand jury is unclear at this time.

LA RS 14:123 defines perjury thus:

Perjury is the intentional making of a false written or oral statement in or for use in a judicial proceeding, any proceeding before a board or official, wherein such board or official is authorized to take testimony, or before any committee or subcommittee of either house or any joint committee or subcommittee of both houses of the legislature. In order to constitute perjury the false statement must be made under sanction of an oath or an equivalent affirmation and must relate to matter material to the issue or question in controversy.

Sentences for a perjury conviction range from five to forty years, depending upon the seriousness of the underlying case. The prison terms are “hard labor,” which constitute a felony crime.

23 Responses to “Active Investigation Ongoing of Alleged Perjured Testimony in Jonesboro Trial”

  1. Wayne Says:

    How long will Mr. Willie Joseph be allowed to walk around on bond? Who monitors that appeal or will that just fade into the sunset?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This will all fade into the sunset….and the sun will raise on a new hotel for the Simmons with no taxes due for many years….

    It will all keep on keeping on just like it has for the past six years…learn to live with it if you can not like it

    The powers that be will not touch Mrs. Simmons….heck, she may be in line to be the Mayor of Jonesboro…we can have the first woman mayor next up

    • E.M. Says:

      and lest you forget the next police chief -yes we must learn to live with it but we do not have to like or even acknowledge it, we will leave that up to the ones that bow to the king.

  3. vote Says:

    Sounds like some people better vote this time.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yes,yes,yes this is good news. I can’t wait for the Grand Jury.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Its going to happen.You cant only break the law so many times before the law will break you.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    This looks like a fine time for our D A to earn the money he is bothering the police jury in jp about. he could get a performance bonus and some of the people in jonesboro might support him again.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The House Made of Cards might fall…

  8. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I am wondering if they too saw the guy on the grassy knoll shoot President Kennedy. If you can’t see something (and evidence shows that you were not there) how can the testimony be anything other than a black-face lie.

    • anonymous Says:

      ever look at how some people get busted quick, no questions, nothing, just busted- other case you have a video, audio and they get to prance around and wait for a grand jury to tell if they breaked law?

      what set this case higher up any other crime in your town that the special treatment is used for it?

      guess that special treatment is only for the special folk and the rest of just get the same as usual-busted, cuffed and stuffed.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Off the subject: I heard someone rented the McDonald Rec for some young kids but yet they had a D. J. That was playing music with profanity in it. Wonder if the town was paid for the rent of the building.

    • anonymous Says:

      sounds like a compliance question……dial them up and ask.

    • Satan rules this world through others Says:

      yep that’s right! They were playing the music (and other music with profanity) of that lil snupe kid that got shot in winnfield. Whomever gave that event should be more conscious of what goes in the ears of little kids. That music was not appropriate. Whatever happened to lifting up the name of Jesus and giving God the glory? People need to stop allowing Satan any opportunity to infiltrate what could be an opportunity to witness to the kids about Jesus. It’s time to put Jesus at the head of ALL we do.

  10. hmmmmm Says:

    Channel 8 had this on tonight. I think a video should always be done—it brings the lies into the light. It is a sad day when people will lie just to help someone of the same race. Whatever happened to TRUTH?! Apparently, it doesn’t exist in J-berry.

    • martin Says:

      video shows the story…..wonder why no one is willing to make an arrest off that video- wait, I forgot, someone might just miss a vote.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    ms Simmons Should be fired from her job. If she lies in court under oath what else does she lie about. Maybe on some of those grants…. Just thinking and as for Franco he aint nothing but a lie.

    • Anonymous Says:

      IRS folks need to take a little peek a boo at the books….sometimes folks like to cook the books…

      Any one seen the Dill man? Maybe he has rolled on over….he came here from California…anyone ever know why he ended up in this old place….seems odd to me…unless he was sent by big brother

      • Tell Us Says:

        how do you cook a book, do you sauté it with butter or boil it or microwave it? Do you throw in a pinch of oregano or parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme?

        Who is big brother? Is he the brother from another mother or is he just big or how do you recognize big brother?

      • Anonymous Says:

        I think a little Dill when cooking is a great idea

        We are family….my big brother and me…

  12. aminvolved Says:

    It’s no longer alleged perjury…IT IS perjury! I read the transcripts. It is clear those in government in the city where I was born and raised no longer has a conscious and know the truth. This is clearly a war about race. I don’t care if you are red, black, white, or purple, you should tell the truth. If you will lie under oath, you are not worthy of public trust and thus public office. Since when was Jonesboro voted “above the law”? Where are all the attorney’s that are on every corner. Have they been bought too? Why is it that no one is willing to stand up for what is right and do the hard thing? Forget race, this is about doing the right think and what is best for Jonesboro lest it become a has-been.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    These two if no one else need to be prosecuted to the maximum and be made an example of that you do not lie in court to protect other crooks!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    This is not a black thing and not a white it is a black and white thing and they stink.Stewart ,Teat,and the rest of the bunch could take care of this.

  15. Brown dog Says:

    Most likley voters will take care stewart next election

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