More on Jonesboro Meeting

Last night’s meeting of the Town of Jonesboro’s Board of Aldermen saw some discussion about a former police officer who resigned shortly after receiving Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and is obligated to refund the $7800 course fee.

An item was on the agenda for council approval of a lawsuit against the individual, but after discussion, it was revealed that the mayor had authority on his own to initiate the action.

The council took no action, and the mayor said he would defer action until he could further study the proposed suit.

Prior to the council meeting, a public hearing was held to discuss potential Local Community Development Block Grants (LCDBG) projects.

Mayor Leslie Thompson suggested that two sewer lift stations be tagged for rehabilitation, while District A’s Sam Lamkin wanted to include some streets as projects.

During the council meeting, action on the applications was tabled until the council had time to study the projects.

As has been the historical norm since we have covered Jonesboro council meetings, very little information (including financial) was provided to the council until they arrived at the meeting.

Also discussed was animal control.

The citizen who last month wanted the town to act on vicious dog control was present again last night. While she focused on pit bulls, the council indicated that all dogs that are vicious should be included in any ordinance.

The council promised action soon on the issue.

9 Responses to “More on Jonesboro Meeting”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    had the officer stayed until the police dept was closed would he still have owed the money? maybe he was smart enough to see the demise of the town and the police dept and left before the ship sank.

    • Brett Says:

      …….there is always some sort of lame excuse for not following the law in the Town of Jonesboro……….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Good editorial on Page 5-B about Jonesboro and its problems. It is entitled “Three strikes, you are out.” Unfortunately, these town officials have had five strikes already, and are still in office. Perhaps the next fiscal administrator will be able to get more done if the bill that is pending is signed by the governor. If the last FA had that much power, we would be on our way to recovering by now. Step; one is going to be to nullify those ridiculous raises.

    • anonymous Says:

      It’s official!! Today Gov Jindal signed HB 725(relating to fiscal administrators). Now let’s get this mess cleaned up!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Forgot to give the name of the publication: The News-Star.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    From what I was told. No, of he had stayed until the police department was shut down then he would not have been reaponsible. Nor if he had been fired. It is in place only to prevent an officer from quitting after the training.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Wonder how the NAN Membership Drive Meeting Called The National Action Network (NAN) which is directed by Rev. Al Sharpton for creating a new chapter in Jonesboro is coming along…the Deputy Rev Dill must be so busy with his job that he can not post to his blog The Fount.

    He can certainly take over the town’s business if his honorable mayor would be unable to do so ….the non profit tax funded couple with the big new house can help him out.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t know how many of you noticed the statement by council member Renee Stringer on her website and in a full-page ad in The Jackson Independent. While she would be required by law to accept the proposed raise if it is passed, she said she intends to donate the $100 monthly for insect repellent for children and elderly. Those in the other three districts should ask their council person what they intend to do with the extra money if the ordinance is approved. .

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Yep, it is confirmed by NBC 33 Baton Rouge: Gov. Jindal signed HB 725 into law. Now if they will just send another FA to Jonesboro, he will have tremendous authority, and perhaps make some changes in personnel.

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