LP Fire Chair Thompson Fired

Tom Thompson, controversial long-time chairman of the Lincoln Parish Fire District No. 1 Board of Commissioners, was tonight replaced by the Town of Vienna’s Council.

Replacing Thompson will be Vienna Councilman Keith Brasuell.

Voting for Brasuell were Billy Talton and Linda Graham, with Brasuell abstaining. The action came at a special called meeting of the council at the Vienna Town Hall.

Last week, Vienna Mayor Walter Carpenter received an opinion by Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Attorney Robert Levy that indicated Thompson’s term expired at the end of 2012.

See here the document.

Carpenter said that they appreciated Thompson’s service on the fire board, but that “the village has decided to go a different route.”

Thompson had become increasingly controversial over the past year, often firing off harsh letters to fellow board members, Lincoln Parish police jurors, and area mayors.

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70 Responses to “LP Fire Chair Thompson Fired”

  1. Profire is soon to be unemployed! Says:

    Well Country Gentleman, Look’s like that Fat Lady has sung!

  2. Accused of being a Tax Cheat Says:

    Squeal for me boy!!!!

  3. TEA Taxpayer Says:

    What is Tome’s delivery address. Wouldn’t want the flowers delivered to the wrong address. Never mind, he can pick them at Chief Ford’s office when he is cleaning out his desk. The florist may need to know where Ford’s office is anyway. Thanks Vienna & LPPJ.

  4. Happy Happy Happy Says:

    I love HICO says may he rest in peace

  5. Anonymous III Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    You may have won th battle, but you haven’t won the war.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    From the explanation given above doesn’t sound like he was FIRED. Sounds like his term had expired. Thats a pretty big difference.
    Gees, you guys are some kind of pitiful . . .

  8. Poor speller country feller Says:

    . Big dogs little kennell , who let dogs out Who let dogs out Who Who

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Remember guys the Chief’s position in Lincoln Parish is civil service with all the rights, rules and protection of such. Just sayin

  10. Country Gentleman Says:

    I can certainly understand the outpouring of relief from taxpayers who have been taunted by those in power and their acolytes, but it is truly sad that this situation got to such a sorry point. This episode demonstrates the need for us citizens to remain vigilant over our elected (and unelected) officials lest our lack of oversight result in the waste and misappropriation that occurred in this case.

    Tom Thompson was arrogant and heavy handed in running the fire board as his personal kingdom. He angered us taxpayers by demanding more of our hard earned taxes to support a system we not only didn’t vote on, but were expressly promised would not come to fruition. The volunteers were chased off and replaced by paid firemen and the system was continually expanded by dipping into the equipment replacement fund to balance the budget each year. He attempted to violate the original agreement on taxing only habitable dwellings by expanding the fire fire to agricultural buildings and sheds. He also attempted to raise the fee above the $72 per year. These were bridges too far for a rural parish with a history of hating taxes.

    It is now up to the new fire board to replace Ford, eliminate the paid fire positions, and return the system to the all volunteer force as it was originally intended. Ford and Thompson worked together to raise his salary to one of the highest in the state, all for a rural fire system that’s seen very few fires since it’s creation in 1992 and certainly out of line with other parish officials. This sort of abuse must be stopped in this age of personal austerity brought on by hard economic times.

    This is not a time of celebration. We can be encouraged that this out-of-control situation is being brought back under control by responsible citizens who are working to right this wrong. Thompson’s firing was an important first step, but still just a first step. The really hard work will come after the situation is finally resolved. That will involve our vigilant attention to local government instead of allowing ourselves to fall away in pursuit of other leisures.

    We warned back in 1992 that any government agency or body created by the citizens would be another agency requiring citizen oversight in the hopes that citizens would realize their responsibility and refuse to create the unnecessary rural fire district. It was created anyway, and the citizens who voted for it predictably failed to oversee its operations, resulting in Tom Thompson running it as his personal kingdom for over a decade. He created a terrible mess, and it has taken a tremendous amount of work to dislodge him from his position of power. Please, let this be a warning the next time someone tempts us into creating yet another government body. It takes a lot of work to keep tabs on these people.

    Remember, they are doing the people’s business, and we are the people. This is our business, and we are responsible for overseeing our business!

    • Fed up with Profire # 2 Says:

      Well said Country Gentleman !

      • Black Cat Says:

        Yes lets return the 500sq mile parish back to all volunteer that’s the answer to all our problems. Keep in mind that before 1991, when the district was started, but hey 92 close enough right, that could take up to 20-30 mintues before a fire truck even arrived on scene to a person’s home that was burning. Think about it, where are most of you are 2am? Probably in your bed, lets say that you live in a standard 1 story brick home somewhere in the parish. A fire breaks out in your home for whatever reason. You call 911, and boom the clock starts. It takes 1-2 mintues for dispatch to get your information and page out the fire dept. 2:01AM-2:02AM Most firefighters like you are at home asleep, so by the time the page goes off and they are in their truck headed to the fire station another 3-5 minutes has passed. 2:04-2:07AM. Depending on where you live and where the firefighters live it can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to get to the fire station. 2:09-2:23AM. Another 1-2 minutes to get from the firefighters truck into gear, and into the fire truck and head to your home. 2:10-2:25AM. Again depending on where you live in relation to the fire station it can take another 5-15 minutes to get to your home. 2:15-2:40AM. Lastly another 2-4 minutes to pull off the attack lines, get on an air pack and finally start to put water to the flames. 2:17-2:44AM. Now I know what your thinking 44MIN? to get to a fire that’s crazy. Get a map of the parish and put it on your wall, set an alarm for 2AM and when it goes off throw a dart at the map, wherever it lands drive there and see how long it takes, and that’s without having to pick up a fire truck or mess with any gear or equipment. Now lets take the same story with a 24hr station. The same 1-2 minutes from the time you call 911 to the time that dispatch pages out the fire department, the same 3-5 minutes to go from a dead sleep to rolling down the road, and the same 5-15 minutes to get from station to your house. So now your looking at 2:09-2:23AM. 23 minutes worse case is still pretty bad but that’s from one side of the parish to the other and its a heck of a lot better than 44min. Now if you don’t believe that minutes count please follow the links. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piofZLySsNc or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6lLbDQcJyA or for a real world case check this one out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4xaWMKBlw4.

        One last question? Are you guys going to do this every time something doesn’t go the way you wanted it to? Mindlessly rant posting on an online article? If so by all means have right at it, I enjoy a good laugh out of the mountains that you make from just a mole hill.

    • Dee Says:

      I appreciate your well written post and how you admonished l citizens to take a more active part in the administration of our government by always being diligent in overseeing our employees.
      Government can get out of hand very quickly. This is just a beginning.

    • Accused of being a Tax Cheat Says:

      Thank’s for you contribution , and very well written post Country Gentleman!

  11. Lets start over Says:

    We realize the ( little chief ) is civil service , we also realize he answers to fire board & taxpayers . He needs to realize WHO he works for and what direction they want to go . He also needs to realize hes way overpaid and the board we hope will do what they can to correct this PROBLEM .

  12. Anonymous III Says:

    I say run him off and get someone who wants to lead a quality volunteer department, like we had before.

  13. Old Man Says:

    As you all recall the Fire District started as a paid director and a sec. the only paid employes. The second director that was hired saw that an only vol. dept. was not enough to keep the fire rating down so he hired some people that where needed. When the dist. was formed we had about 20-25 volunteers at every fire call and as time went on the numbers would go up and down. Now some 22 years later the volunteers got older and just not able to fight fire anymore so they left the fire dept and not being run off by the current director like everybody else wants to say and VERY FEW of the citizens of Lincoln parish have the nerve of filling the shoes of the ones that left.Yes some of them have left because they didn’t like change when former chief Kirkland retired but that’s life come on people lets grow up. A lot of people are playing with the lives and family’s of the paid firemen we have because they don’t like chief Ford.We have a group of paid guys that are scared they want have a job tomorrow I personal know 5 of the current staff that are looking to leave Lincoln parish because of the budget issue.When these guys leave and we don’t have a paid staff and about 5 of us volunteers left to protect you and your family it’s going to be bad. First your homeowners insurance is going to more than double and then it will take us longer to respond to the call and somebody’s life is going to be on the line and I hope and pray it’s not someone I know. Instead of all the griping and fussing about who we like and dislike let the fire dist board sort things out and get with the police jury or somebody and solve the issues at hand and keep our good firefighting men here in Lincoln parish.

    • Accused of being a Tax Cheat Says:

      A lot of us are scared that we won’t have a job tomorrow. Truth is any business in this day and time is uncertain. This is a small rural parish, with the majority of the population residing in Ruston, and they have their own Fire Dept. The only way that a paid fire dept. is really going to help is if they have manned stations in every small community in the parish. The parish can not afford that, as evident with this whole fiasco. The fact remains that the people are unwilling to continue raising taxes in this horrible economy. I hate it for anyone to lose a job, but it happens every day. As far as the Insurance issue, All of our surrounding parishes have volunteer fire department’s and I personally know that the homeowner’s Insurance is not that much higher than mine, fact is , I know one rural homeowner with a house the same size as mine, and his insurance is actually lower than mine, and he resides in rural claiborne Parish, so that argument does not hold water!

  14. Lets start over Says:

    Mr Old Man we understand what you are saying , and agree these are all good men . Problem is fire district shouldnt have hired so many , sad thing they doing all work and paid least . Maybe if theres a way to bring the TWO chiefs pay down this would help .but rest assured if they did leave somebody else would step in their place . Most of problem in past was FORDS waste ( weight room etc ) and him being able to get away with it with help of X – CHAIRMAN . Ford also needs to realize when he arrives on landowners property it might not hurt to be RESPECTFUL & COURTEOUS something that hasnt been in his history . If the new fire board can get handle on fords spending and let him learn who he works for maybe all this mess can get fixed and the 5 good fireman you know call all keep their jobs .

    • Fed up with Profire #2 Says:

      Whoever that Profire is need’s to be canned, that is if he is a firefighter. Anybody with that type personality, and outlook toward’s the taxpayer does not need to be employed by the people! Using this forum to accuse the taxpayer’s of cheating on their taxes, and calling people Sorry is just wrong! I personally hope if anyone get’s fired , it is him!

  15. Poor speller country feller Says:

    Fed up with pro fire #2 , dont lose any sleep over pro fire hes just idiot with no common sense . Time will take care of him , if he is employed by fire dist , eventually his true colors will come out and they will deal with his sorry ass .

  16. Cowboy Says:

    The issue of the Lincoln Parish Fire District continues to be obfuscated by talk of good men, unemployment, being underpaid, insurance rates, arguments over which structures should incur the fee, and the idea that life as we know it will suddenly end if the fire district is shut down. Well, it won’t. The trouble with starting these taxpayer funded embodiments of good intentions is that people either quickly forget that they made it just fine before, or other people work to create the illusion that we didn’t make it just fine before they came into being. All of these other issues I mentioned just detract from the real issue of whether we need a rural fire department or can afford it.

    Before the fire district, our houses were affordably insured, no one worried about a fire getting out and burning down a bunch of rural homes, and we had one less government body to worry about as Country Gentleman has pointed out.

    It has been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that is a very true statement. On paper, rural fire protection sounds like a great idea. If a house catches on fire, then the firemen will suddenly appear, extinguish the blaze, save the house and family, look heroic, and all will end well.

    It has also been said that the devil is in the details. In reality, it takes time for the firemen to get to the station and get to the fire, most rural homes are single story meaning the residents can easily get out in plenty of time, there are very few fires in the first place, and creation and staffing of a full time fire department to cover the entire parish is prohibitively expensive. Especially when you take into account that the vast majority of rural fires are easily contained to one structure, and there are very few rural fires.

    We never really needed the rural fire district in the first place, but it was voted in when times were good and it was confined to a much cheaper concept. It sounded good, and insurance rates came down a little, so grumbling was kept to a minimum.

    However, things have changed drastically since then. The concept has morphed into a paid force making it a much more expensive proposition. The economy has collapsed and left residents with much less ability to afford extravagances in government. And, home insurance rates shot up because of Katrina and the subsequent ill advised state building code that adds $1200 in permit fees to construction of a home, plus creates more government bureaucrats with subsequently more opportunities for corruption and graft as they get paid off to smooth the permit flow.

    Government has gotten entirely out of control on the federal, state, and local level. We can’t do much about those other levels, but we can do something on the local level to shrink government and make it more accountable. We need to realize that rural fire protection is one of those ideas that sound great but is ultimately difficult and expensive to realize. We need to pull the plug on it and pocket the savings.

    • Fed up with Profire #2 Says:

      Well said Cowboy

      • Anonymous Says:

        Lets get real on what has happened. The people of Lincoln parish voted for the fire district and the police jury and the towns of Dubach, Simsboro and Vienna appointed the board of commissioners. The jurors elected by the people of the parish and councils of the towns in the parish appointed ALL of the commissioners on the board that have gotten the fire district in the shape it is in now NOT Chief Ford or Tom Tompson that everybody is blaming its all the commissioners,town councils and the police jury. If the police jury runs out of money do they close a road or the library or the park? Put blame where it belongs. Somebody must be jealous of the Chief because they didn’t get the job when Kirkland retired and now they are taking it out on the fire district. Get over it and let’s move on!!

        • Stop The Waste Says:

          First thing a liberal wants to do when they lose is move on.

        • Amused Says:

          Give it up anoy us . Nobody buying what you selling .

          • Anonymous Says:

            You should all become a volunteer and see how things really are and stop all the bs. And yes I have been a volunteer for a few years and no I’m not selling anything just look at who put who on the board. They voted to put the district where it is not the firemen or the administration. And if you think you will make me mad about all this amused your not that smart.

            • Amused Says:

              Nobody blaming fireman , but everybody knows Ford & Thompson were ones running fire district . Yes your correct we are responsible for allowing them to stay there as long as we did . And if you will ck the dumbasses have started cleaning up this mess .you keep refering to how smart we are maybe your wright all i know we were smart enough to get rid of Thompson

        • Poor speller country feller Says:

          Thats like saying when you have a one vechicle accident from being careless & wreckless its not drivers fault its the mechanic .

        • Fed up with Profire #2 Says:

          All of the evidence , say’s something entirely different there Anoy!

  17. Fed up with Profire #2 Says:

    All you have to do is read, It’s all in the letter’s detailed in this online new’s ! Evidence enough!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I heard on my scanner the fire distric is testing hoses Thursday night at Tech football parking lot at 6:00 pm why don’t we all show up and help them test hoses. Just think if 25-30 of us that aren’t volunteers volunteered maybe the chief could retire then it could be a all volunteer department like all of you smart people think we need. Did you know that All the fire line men with the fire district are basic EMT’s or higher.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Excellent point anonymous@810! That’s the kind of thinking this parish needs. I commend you!!!

  19. Dr LoTax Says:

    My hose worked fine last time I checked…

    • Anonymous Says:

      Your “hose” isn’t going to put out citizens’ fires now is it?! Hose testing is done to ensure they all work properly when they’re needed. No room for error on fire scene.
      Thanks for entertainIng us with your dumbass comment anyway.

      We can obviously tell you’re not willing to volunteer based on your comment.

  20. Case closed Says:

    If you want more volunteers then replace Ford and it probably wont be that hard to find them . I dont know many people that are willing to fool with him . Thats great that fire line are EMT’s or higher . Speaks well on what VOLUNTEERS are capable of exactly what this argument been about . A VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT .

  21. Angry_Taxpayer! Says:

    There’s no use arguing with the fire supporters. They’re in it for the money and that’s why they’re so pissed. Their agenda is being derailed and they don’t like that the party is winding down.

    • Volunteer Firefighter Says:

      I’m not pissed. I’m challenging everyone here to volunteer. Let me make this clear:
      Y’all are screaming for a volunteer department, then VOLUNTEER!

      • Angry_Taxpayer! Says:

        I was never for a fire department in the first place – volunteer or not! It was and is unnecessary, and it has become the burden on taxpayers we said it would when it got voted in. Stop demanding that we “volunteer!” Once again, I was never for a fire department in the first place!

        If you volunteer, then fine. I have neither the time nor the inclination to run around and play firefighter. This entire episode has been about the waste and misappropriation by Thompson and Ford. Some of the paid firemen have involved themselves and made themselves targets by making arrogant demands of us taxpayers and attempting to rewrite the history of the original fee agreement and the original emphasis on the volunteer aspect. Some on here keep saying that no one is blaming the firemen, but those firemen who have taken to denigrating us taxpayers, well, we are blaming them!

        • Fed up with Profire #2 Says:


        • Law Abiding Citizen Says:

          Too bad. Y’all weren’t the majority, that want a fire department. Also, you don’t speak for the majority that still want fire protection. I hate y’all feel that way. But I don’t want to loose my fire protection! I value what they can do for me and family should we have an emergency.

          • Fed up with Profire #2 Says:

            We want a Volunteer Fire department, not a paid one! Your protection in a rural part or the parish is not good even with this system we have now! Fact is we can’t afford to man fire station’s all over the parish. And yes we are the majority!

  22. Law Abiding Citizen Says:

    Well, Mr. Fed up With Profire #2, you agreed with Angry TaxPayer!, and he stated he was not for any fire department, career or volunteer. Maybe you should be more careful of what/who you agree with.
    And, oh yeah, the polls don’t lie.. We (the majority vote) got fire protection.

    • Angry_Taxpayer! Says:

      I noticed that you didn’t bother to elaborate on why I was against either a volunteer or paid fire department. As I explained in my post and others have also pointed out, creation of the fire department morphed from volunteer to paid as we predicted it would back in 1991. THAT is why I was never for creation of any fire department in the first place. As soon as citizens stopped paying attention, Thompson and Ford hijacked the department, ran off the volunteers, hired paid firemen, and raided the equipment account to pay for it all while agitating for higher taxes.

      You persist in painting anyone against this excuse for government waste as being in favor of allowing houses to burn down. Not true! There have not been enough fires to justify the expense of rural fire protection, which is ineffective unless permanently manned at far greater expense.

      Yes, I absolutely was not in favor of creating the rural fire department back in 1991, and I am less in favor of it after having watched all of the predictions of its expansion come to pass in the intervening years! It was and is unnecessary and prohibitively expensive! I would like to see this exercise in government waste shut down permanently!

      As for a majority of voters approving the rural fire department, a check of the election results from July 13, 1991 shows that less than 1600 Lincoln Parish residents even voted in the election, and the two propositions were passed by just over a thousand voters. So, that puts the lie to a majority of Lincoln Parish residents voting for rural fire protection. Yes, it passed with a majority of votes cast, but not from a majority of parish residents, and not even by a majority of rural parish residents.

  23. Law Abiding Citizen Says:

    I bet all of you want to get rid of the Sheriffs Department too.
    Crazy folks I tell ya! Crazy!

  24. Fed up with Profire #2 Says:

    Yep, I did . Thank,s for calling me out. I am for a Volunteer fire dept. I personally think we need that, because it is useful in putting out grass fire’s, and also in keeping fires from spreading. I am against a paid fire dept. though, and will not support any tax increases to expand it. And no I am not anti Sheriff , I supported them last time. I don’t agree with those that are accusing the people of tax dodging when in fact, they are paying the structure tax as it was set up in the beginning. I think that before that is changed, it should be voted on by the people that will be effected, and not changed by a fire chief, or a board or committee. And all of this demonizing and class warfare perpetrated by the fire supporter’s is not helping their case at all!

  25. ProFire Says:

    ProFire Says:

    05/02/2013 at 9:45 pm | Reply
    “Hey you know me, because I’m not down with the JCC (Jefferson Corner Clique)!! It appears that I’ve made some infamous impressions upon my tax-dodging fans. I backed off, hoping that your rhetorical rant would be satisfied. I was wrong. It appears that my anti-fans have continued to call on ProFire with every biased article submitted. So I say what the heck, lets get some blood pressures going. This all started when B.A-cock and crew ranted on chicken houses being ag exempt. Equal taxation is demanded. Well that issue hasn’t been resolved at this point in time. Standby for ruling! Yet my anti-tax constituents continued to make degrading comments toward the people of this parish (the yes voters) and the Fire District employees. They continue to bark their “Big Dog” song. For the record, nobody let the dogs out, they just threw you a bone! I’m still entertained to the lack of facts that still get slung out there to misinform the public. Biased, one-sided opinions! Dont badger me about being rude to the taxpayer(only the tax-dodger that expects a free service), when the JCC sits in the public and continually degrades the Fire District and its employees. Like you tax -dodgers, there are fire supporters among you. So keep running your mouth in public, because the word is getting spread of the useless harassment that continues. Back to the facts….. according to the 2012 Census, there approximately 46K people in this parish, approximately 20K of those are protected by the Fire District (this excludes Choudrant & Grambling Populations) get on your “dial-up”, in those far corners of the parish, and Google it. Dont attempt to deprive all citizens of this parish of protection because you choose to reside in remote areas. Facts! I find it very amusing that the United States has been rated one of the “fattest” countries in the world, but somehow a weight room is a waste. This “waste” helps to keep Fire District employees/volunteers in shape to perform their job duties. Push back away from the chicken buffet, and volunteer, and a significance might be understood. Thats the equivalent of saying, the military doesn’t need to waste time with PT. Selfishness still flows with all your anti-fire post. It boils down to, I choose to live in the most remote corners of this parish, therefore the fire district doesn’t benefit me, so nobody should have it. SELFISH! To Mr. Tom Thompson, WE THE PEOPLE, would like to thank you for your many years of dedication to the Fire District board and your struggle to improve this parish regardless of the opposition that was bestowed upon you. To conclude as always, EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL SERVICE!

    • L.I. Dauntno Says:

      Yes, we know you well! You certainly haven’t backed off calling the people who pay your salary tax -dodgers! You’re the one that’s selfish, expecting the citizen’s to just hand over their hard earned money so you can just expand on this monstrosity ! If it’s any harassment ,it’s coming from you ! You want to know the fact’s, just read yesterday’s mourning paper. It goes into great detail why this rural fire dept. will never be affordable! It also explain’s how Thompson and Ford ran your fire dept. in the ground, so if you want to blame someone , blame them!

  26. Country Bastard Says:

    You guys complain about affording a rural fire dept yet you don’t want to pay your structure fees because you feel you should be exempt. You want to spend your money on more important things like new football fields and baseball fields for losing teams. Your overweight, out-of-shape, uneducated volunteers can come to the rescue…because you know lifting weights and being in shape isn’t important. I would rather a professional handle the situation. You have full-time employees at the stations 24/7 covering any call made while your volunteers are away and have to get to the station first before ever heading towards the fire.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Please don’t give country boys a bad name just stick with the B…
    I really feel sorry for someone who thinks the JCC crew are the problem. Perhaps you need to go back and read the Ruston Leader’s front page coverage of a house fire on Old Wire Road as the reason we needed to pass the last tax. The house burned to the ground before any PAID firemen responded- this was in the middle of the day with Ford leading the charge.. Ford said there were too few volunteers at the fire and we needed to pass the tax and hire the additional firemen for two other stations- one in Dubach and one in Simsboro. This would solve the problem. I feel sure that a lot of working people that pay your salary believed Ford and voted for the tax. Just let me know when you can walk out in the middle of the highway in front of the Vienna station and I will be more than happy to walk out in the highway at the end of Old Wire Road and we can wave to each other and maybe even blow a kiss or two. This is why people are getting a little tired of Ford and OLD TOEM. 🙂 If you professionals cannot put out a house fire a mile from the station -in the middle of the day- don’t think throwing more money at you would help. Why don’t you just take your hat off to the JCC crew. One of them single handed put out a house fire in Dubach (in the middle of the night) with a garden hose- he was a trained volunteer. He had it all under control before a single professional showed up. Now lets talk about tax dodgers with the JCC crew. They pay more taxes than any of you will make in a life time. They know what hard work is and they actually pay for their homes, taxes and those weights you are so proud of – why don’t ya’ll try paying your bills. Seems like quite a few of you professionals go bankrupt and live off hard working people. People that get up before daylight and work well after dark. You know the kind of physical work that actually does something other than just lifting weights. Maybe you should try working more than one day out of three- pay your bills instead of pushing your debts off on the JCC crew that actually pay taxes. Would be glad to sit down with you and compare how much taxes I pay and see how much you pay. I know that it is more than your little brain (but big muscles) can understand but if you can’t pay to heat and cool a building don’t build a bigger building right next to it. Did you think that a bigger building would help pay for heating and cooling the other building? SORRY I FORGOT YOU HAVE BIG MUSCLES. As for OLD TOEM 🙂 don’t think I would buy anything from him or invest with him. He has a real hard time adding numbers and he sells homeowners insurance – maybe you should rethink who you trust. But as a side kick, buddy, watch dog, attack dog or whatever he does for FORD OR TO FORD he sure spends lot of time doing it and not much time making money so he can pay more taxes. When you are lifting all those weights THANKS GOD FOR THE JCC CREW. Try and be a little more like them – hard working – tax paying men. Honest days work / not play.

    • Fed up with Profire # 2 Says:

      Well, I think you pretty much got them told there Anonymous @ 9.29 p.m. LMAO!!!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      lets talk about work. i do work for 24 hrs. then i get off and work both of my so called off days. i do what i have to do to provide for my family. i also sacrifice for my family to provide a service to my community. you people aint got a freakin clue what it takes to do what we do, especially when we are not appreciated for what we do. as far as old wire road is concerned, know the whole story before you run your mouth. that house was on the ground before we got the call. as far as weight room is concerned, it is imperative that we stay in some what decent shape to do what we do. you obviously don’t have any idea what it takes to do our job. as far as hard working and tax paying, i pay mine and work hard. dont go there. is it fair for me to judge and make assumptions that the jcc crew doesnt work bc they spend their mornings drinking coffee and gossiping? no, i dont have a clue what they do after that or what they did the night before. its not my place to judge. and when it comes to hard work, put on the gear, grab a hose and fight a structure fire. that is work like youhave never done before. i don’t like paying for insurance on my car but when i need it, i am happy that i paid it. same thing with the fire dept. i hope and pray that people don’t need us but when we are needed, we are needed when a life could be on the line. so let me ask you, what is your life worth? or better yet, your daughter or wife or son. or whats my life worth. i can guarantee that to my little girls and my wife, my life is worth more than yours. but every third day,we career fireman wake up and go to work for our 24 with a chance that we wont be going home. yes we all have a percentage that something could happen throughout our day that could cost us our life, but let me ask you this, we choose to put our life on the line, do you? we do this job bc we love it. do we have good benefits, yes we do. i can retire fairly young with a retirement. but with thirty hard years put in and most of them being exposed to carcinogens daily, how long do you think we actually live. and to be point of fact, guess what we do when retire? we go work another job so we can survive. i could get into what i make but it isn’t worth my time. lets just say that my hourly rate is comparable to a fast food chain. sorry for the rant but i am sick and tired of people running off at the mouth with no clue what they are talking about. have a great day, your friendly neighborhood fireman.

      john 15:13

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I think you need to go one step further. Within a three miles of the fire station a rather large two story home was lost not because the fire department didn’t respond in time to save the home but because they were unable to get enough water to the home even with other fire departments help. Hays has it right it is impossible to save most homes because of their location and lack of water. The fire district has lost homes of their volunteers and paid professionals parents’ home not because the fire department didn’t respond as soon as they received the call but that the calls came it after the homes were too far gone. The tiny brain but big muscles needs to understand that the success or failure of the fire department depends on citizens within the parish to see and call the fire into to the department. So the more good will the fire department has with the local citizens the more likely they are to go out of their way to be more observant and call the fire department even if it turns out to be a controlled burn. You have got to have a good relation with the public in order to run a successful fire department either paid or volunteer. I personally don’t think the chief has the skills to run the department because of his lack of basic accounting and lack of people skills. When you can’t meet payroll-don’t continue to hire either firemen or build buildings you cannot afford to heat or cool.. As for muscle, if you want to lift weights and become fit , do it on your own time and dime. Don’t expect the tax payers to pick up the tab. Do your work see that the trucks run in all 22 stations, keep the grass mowed and make sure that each truck contains all the necessary equipment and that it is in proper working order. Lift weights on your own time not mine. If you can’t or won’t make the necessary changes either in your work or interaction skills with the parish residents then leave.

    • Anonymous Says:

      the fire you’re talking about anonymous 9:00 was actually lit by the home owner, and accelerant was put on it by said home owner to keep it from being able to be put out with ease.

      • L.I. Dauntno Says:

        What difference does it make, the fact is , your success rate for putting out Rural fire’s is terrible. You will not convince us that we need a paid fire protection district!

    • L.I. Dauntno Says:

      You are right , This Chief is not a good public relation’s person, he need’s to go! It is our property , our tax dollar’s, and when he comes on our property, he need’s to show some respect, and so does the firefighters! If they all share the attitude as Profire, I wish they all would get fired! It is pathetic the way Profire rant’s on this board towards the taxpayer’s! And if they stand with Profire, Then I will never support them!

  29. TomTom Says:

    fire departments came about anyway in an effort to prevent the entire town of crowded buildings from burning down like Chicago did. it is rare that an individual home in the country can be substantially saved. usually it would be better to let it burn down; that way the owner is saved the cost or razing and clearing away the remains of the burned out hulk.
    I promise that reasearch would reveal that more money is spent on the fire department than on burning homes.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks 5/4/13 4:06 you made my case. Yes the house on Old Wire road was already burned to the ground when the Vienna station got the call but it is only 1 mile from that station. So how did your great commander fell to say that in the newspaper instead of ranting how that loss proved we needed more paid firemen in more stations. It was a lie and the commander knew it. You professionals need JohnQ public to notify you 99% of the time of house fires. Maybe you need to stop watching Flash Over and Chicago Fire and get real. The best you can do in most cases is the clean up because the houses are usually burned to the ground before you get a call. I think you missed the point about the house fire on 146. The house was too far off the road and because of the small road leading to the house the firemen had absolutely no chance of saving it regardless of giving it the very best try possible under the circumstances. It really doesn’t matter how it started only how it ended. You can’t put our fires if you don’t know about them it doesn’t matter if you had 22 stations with a full shift of paid firemen most house would burn up.

    • Anonymous Says:

      seriously clark? how does any fire dept know that something is on fire without john q public notifying us? as far as the 146 fire goes, that fire was contained. yes the house was a loss but if its the fire i am thinking of, the bridge to the house collapsed and we werent able to get enough water in time and we lost it. we are not perfect. we dont save all houses. no fire dept does. we however do our best, regardless of the circumstances we are given. no two fires are the same. some we can save and some we cant. but, if we cant save the house, we save what we can. i cant tell you how many times that at the end of the call, the house was gone but personal items were saved. pictures, family heirlooms, and things that you cant put a price on were saved. and to those citizens, that meant everything. and a thank you directed our way means everything. please understand that we do what we do bc we love it. we are the working man. we don’t make decisions regarding day to day ops. we show up and do the job the best we can. have you ever talked to someone whos house we did save. i can tell you that there is one in particular on 146 that was saved. house is 100 yrs old and thenhomeowners are living in it once again. they were very greatful. there are countless more that were saved. likewise, there are countless that werent. you win some and you lose some. like isaid, we arent perfect. all of this crap needs to stop. in the end, we need to support one another. yes, i am in fact dependent on the public to pay my salary. i am so thankful for that and to show my appreciation, i risk my life to save whats most important to them. whether it be on the fire side or medical side. i am trained in both. along with many other things that most citizens don[t know about. we will keep doing our job as long as the public needs us too. as far as volunteers go, we need them. this dept would not make it without them. likewise, the dept needs paid personel too. you cant ask a volunteer to leave his work to respond all the time. they have families tonsupport too. i completely understand about having to give money for taxes. i dont like it anymore than the next man. thats why i am asking for your support, the public. help me, the public servant, to do my job the best i can so that when you need me most, i will be there.

  31. I love Hico Says:

    Anonymous 11:39 , I appreciate what you are saying and the way you said it . I hope when this is over you are one of the fireman we keep I truly believe what you say comes from the heart .I thank you for your service , Im one that does not support new fire fee Thompson tried to put in place . I believe we can get handle on spending and try to perserve your job and respect in community . If this economy wasnt what it is everyone wouldnt be so anti tax , this is one of the reasons I believe x-comm lost touch with everyday working man like yourself .I wish you and your family the best .

  32. Anonymous Says:

    I realize it is very hard for you professional firefighters to understand about the chief using the fire on Old Wire Road to promote his need for a tax and more paid firefighters. Yes I know that the house had burned down before you were able to respond. But the chief twisted it around that the only reason the house had burned was because of lack of volunteers and that fact justified the need for two additional stations and more paid firefighters. I don’t care if the man poured fifty gallons of gasoline on it before it burned. Two more stations fully staffed with paid firefighters would not made a difference. Your CHIEF LIED.

    As to the fire at least a quarter of mile off 146. As Mr. Hays pointed out most houses in the parish are lost through no fault of the firemen but due to circumstances beyond their control. It did not matter that you had a huge response from other fire departments and the bridge fell in – the house burned.

    The old house less than a mile east of the above house- both houses on hwy 146. One was lost and one was saved by paid firemen. The house that was saved was just feet off the paved road hwy 146 with easy access- it was saved. Hurray! Are you beginning to understand what the word circumstances means.

    Also another house just off the paved hwy of 146 about a mile further west of the two above mentioned houses was saved by a volunteer department. Hurray!

    Paid firefighters – 2 losses 1 win
    All the homes were within one to four miles tops from the fire station in Vienna.

  33. Dan Michael Burson Says:

    Just more from a parish that practices its on corrupt political cohersion–It really comes as no surprise–as I have already seen it many times.

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