LP Fire’s Thompson Wrecks AG Opinion

A law cited by Lincoln Parish Fire District No. 1 Board of Commissioner’s presumed Chairman Tom Thompson may result in the untended consequence of wrecking a Louisiana Attorney General (AG) opinion that he had solicited.

In a 3/27/13 letter, the AG opined:

…pursuant to La. R.S. 42:64(A)(1), the Mayor of Simsboro may not simultaneously hold a position of Commissioner on the Lincoln Parish Fire District No. 1 Board of Commissioners.

See here the opinion.

Thompson had challenged the legitimacy of Village of Simsboro Mayor Willie Hendricks’ appointment to the board because of the state’s prohibition against dual office holding.

See here Thompson’s 3/21/2013 letter to Hendricks.

See also a 3/21/13 Thompson letter to Village of Downsville’s board member Layne Parnell.

However, in a 3/26/13 letter to Dubach Mayor Robert Jensen, Thompson cites LA RS 40:1506 G.(1):

The district shall be governed by a board of commissioners consisting of one representative of each subdistrict appointed by the governing body of the subdistrict. Each subdistrict representative on the board shall be a resident of the subdistrict and may be a member of the governing body of the subdistrict.

Looks like Hendricks is fully qualified to serve on the board, according to the law. So much for “opinions” from the AG.

52 Responses to “LP Fire’s Thompson Wrecks AG Opinion”

  1. gwebbtwo Says:

    AG’s opinion is only an opinion and does not have force of law.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Where do you think the AG goes to get his opinions from. If you have ever looked at one of his opinions you would see that the laws that form the opinion. Do a little research.

  2. Citizens for VOLUNTEER fire dept Says:

    King tom wouldnt be very happy if he called meeting with citizens of Lincoln parish , I doubt if he could even draw crowd . Mr Parnell ,Mr Barnett , Mr Hendricks , were sent by those citizens to do something about his & fords waste . Wake up , think about it Mr Thompson , you may think you are only one that knows what is best for lincoln parish but you AINT.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Astonished by the misconstrued information here..
    For everyone’s knowledge the AG Opinion was not sought due to Mayor Hendricks’s supposed “dual office holding”, but because of his self-appointment to the Fire Board, withouth the approval of the Board of Aldermen of Simsboro. Read pg3, paragraph 2 of the opinion 13-0009

  4. gwebbtwo Says:

    For your information Anonymous Says on 4/26 @9:31 am. I did my research. Maybe you should follow your own advice before suggesting someone else do their research. I will make it easy for you. Go to: Louisiana’s AG web site and click on opinions and you will see this: “Opinions of the AG are advisory ONLY, they do not have the FORCE and EFFECT OF law: And they are LIMITED to the FACTS PRESENTED by the OFFICIAL or OFFICIALS REQUESTING THE OPINION. So The AG just looks at what someone presents to him to make that opinion. Did that official present all the facts or just the facts for his desired opinion? I don’t know. If this goes to court maybe we will find out.

    • Fedup Says:

      Well said gwebbtwo

    • Anonymous Says:

      This is true and I have known this for over 30 years. I also know that AG opinion is very very rarely over turn. This may very well go to court. A it probley needs to. A similar cass has been to the state supreme court Acorn V. City of New Orleans. These thing I know from many years in the courts.

  5. Citizens for VOLUNTEER fire dept Says:

    If this does go to court it will have backing of ENTIRE Agricultral community in state La . It will be lots of people concerned about every greedy little ( chairman ) thinking he knows best , everybody else just needs to do what he thinks . Where would it end . Most likely best thing can happen is new chairman , new chief , start over .

  6. Anonymous Says:

    It will also be every other citizen that pays their structure fee for fire protection

  7. Citizens for VOLUNTEER fire dept Says:

    Well see

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymous in case you havent figured it out yet agricultral community pays fire fees also , on their homes etc just like everybody else .

  9. ProFire Says:

    It appears I have been missing some fine literary debate. To start, get off the structure fees! Totally out of context. This is about the appointment or “disappointment” of Governor Willie. On an afterthought, I hope that $72 possibility is keeping you up to the roosters crow. The fact is that Willie was never appointed by the Board of Aldermans. He relied on the Lawrason Act, when the Fire District requested an appointment letter. He knew he was on the board illegally, which explains why he so easily backed out when Thompsons sent his “c’ya” letter. Willies objective was to dismantle the Fire District out of personal vengenance. He was upset with Fords decision in not manning the Simsboro fire station. (closed down due to lack of funds, I mean lack of structure fee collection) He failed! He even went as far as to give false information (aka as a lie) in a December Fire District Board meeting. He cowardly accused Ford as recommending the layoff of 3 firemen. It was his objective to get rid of firemen and cripple our protection. I find it altogether amusing how a banker couldnt resolve the budget problem. So GWEBB…. Willie presented Fire District with the Lawrason Act, which was turned over to AG for validity of his appointment. AG opinions are not ”magic ball answers.” They are researched and given in a professional manner. AG opinions are not biased,as facts and previous rulings are considered. It appears to me that my local tax-dodgers have jumped on the willie express because of his malicious intent. Willies objective, to dismantle the Fire District, fits your own. As always EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL SERVICE!!

    • Country Gentleman Says:

      Man, drop that feminist equal pay crap line you keep posting. You’re getting paid when we were promised an all-volunteer force. Ford ran the volunteers off and started hiring you guys. We taxpayers don’t owe you a damn living, and we’re tired of you guys running around with your entitlement mentality making demands of us taxpayers!

      We taxpayers are finally getting members on the Fire Board to shut down the misappropriation of funds in which Thompson and Ford have been engaged. You guys are pulling out every little trick to save your sorry arses, but it isn’t going to work. You have burned all of your bridges with us taxpayers and we’re ready to pull the plug on this whole mess! You make demands of us like you own our paychecks!

      Thompson has hand picked board members, bullied other board members, run to Kostelka for cover, written threatening letters, bullied the LPPJ, run the fire board as if he owned it, threatened taxpayers, run off the volunteers, hired firefighters, repeatedly dipped into the equipment fund, demanded new taxes, demanded the original agreement to exempt farm buildings and other structures to increase revenue, and generally made an arse out of himself in the process!

      We are sick of him and his antics, and we want him GONE! We want Ford GONE! We want you GONE! And, we want that damn useless fire department burden on the taxpayers GONE!

      Lincoln Parish was dumb enough to vote this rural fire department idiocy into being, and everything we warned people about has come to pass! You all only know how to expand government and demand more! It’s never enough!

      This embarrassing episode has gotten entirely out of hand and it’s past time to shut it all down!

      • Profire is soon to be unemployed! Says:

        I am with you 100% Country Gentleman! I am also having conversation with other taxpayer’s and voter’s in this parish, I assure you we are all on the same page, and have had enough! We need to get this shut down ASAP, This will only get worse if we let it! Thank’s to this forum, and the thursday paper, more people are finding out about this , and the cronyism that is going on. I hope this Profire dude get’s what he’s got coming !

      • Anonymous Says:

        the fire district doesn’t have many volunteers that can show up anymore. Of the ones you have accused ford of “running off” not many of them are capable of fighting fire. If you want the firefighters gone, so be it. I guarantee you they won’t volunteer, and I guarantee you Ruston won’t screw their rating to come fight your burning chicken houses and structures.

        Good luck trying to get enough people to start a volunteer force, maintain the trucks, and actually put out your neighbor’s fires, because people are too selfish to help their neighbor now.

        • Country Gentleman Says:

          I never wanted a damn rural fire department in the first place, so the sooner it gets shut down, the better I’ll like it! We’ll go back to fighting fires the way we did before Lincoln Parish got conned into creating this boondoggle – neighbors helping out neighbors! If something burns down, then I’ll contact my insurance company and file a claim like we did back in the day! I’d rather the whole thing burn down than fool with the insurance company trying to pro rate the damage! GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

          • Anonymous Says:

            Do i smell an Insurance scam? That’s it fire district is keeping you from scamming or making it hard. Selfish tax dodging insurance scamming man you are. HFD- Hico Fire Dept! Tractor and a water pump. Maybe Claiborne Parish will annex you in.

            • Profire is soon to be unemployed! Says:

              If it was a race between the lincoln parish fire district , and the tractor and water pump, my money is on the tractor and water pump of the Hico Fire dept. Because in the last 60 yrs. 2 chicken house fires have happened in the Hico area. Would you like to guess how many were saved by the FEE collected lincoln parish fire district ? Zero, yes that’s right, Zero! So the tractor and water pump’s success rate is just as good!

    • Fed up Says:

      Pro fire kiss my ###

  10. gwebbtwo Says:

    To ProFire: Please go to Louisiana AG’s web site and click on opinions. You will see how the AG’s opinion is formed. ” They are limited to the facts presented by the official or officials requesting the opinion.” AG’s words not mine. So you are contradicting the AG’s web site when you state: “AG’s opinions not biased, as facts and previous rulings are considered. They are researched and given in a professional manner.” No research, no previous rulings considered. Opinions limited to the facts presented by the official requesting the opinion. What’s so hard about that. Man up. Put a name with ProFire says. Let everybody know who you are and how you feel.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Pro fire your little king tom didnt have problem untill he finally started to figure out most board didnt hold same ideas as he did . Maybe when this is over you can find job teaching english since you seem so concerned about it .

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Also pro fire reason Simsboro fire station not maned as told when sales tax passed is because monies wasted on higher salaries & benefits for you pro fire .

  13. Anonymous III Says:

    If someone wants to disband the Fire District, then shut up and let them go: within two years they will have spent enough of the capital equipment reserve fund on salaries to make it impossible to replace the aging equipment, and since there is no more money, Poof! it’s gone, and without anyone outside firing a shot.

  14. ProFire Says:

    CountryNuisance calm down before you have a heart attack. That useless rural fire dept might be your saviour! I told you I could get those blood pressures up! Arses? Ok where do we start. I will start by saying half of the Morning Paper “Haze” hockey is untrue. Thats the problem with this website and that paper, its just a cowardly attempt to misinform the public. None of the articles are based on factual information only biased, one sided lies. This isnt about employment or salaries, this is about your antitax beliefs being casted out there without any regard. Suggestion: move to another country. I can honestly say that 99% people in the U.S. would like less taxes. Those same people like paved roads, good education for their kids, protection when called upon, etc. I understand that in your tax dodging world, you alone are the only concern. Dont speak for the parish, speak for yourself. The chicken farmer rally has lit some flames but you are not the majority
    (as represented by a vote for structure fee and % tax). As before, if the parish decides no rural fire district, thats life, people move on. I promise one day that useless waste of tax dodgers $, known as the Lincoln Parish Fire District will be needed by you or your family. Remember at that point in time, your tight ass (not arse) couldn’t afford $72 on a structure that made thousands for you annually to support a rural fire district. You are all weak-minded, small town, power hungry finatics. I refer to you as “Big dogs in a little kennel”. If the Fire District was to revert back to an all volunteers status, would you volunteer? Answer: No! Its below you to put your life on the line for your neighbor or community. Oh yea, Hico sucks. EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL SERVICE. EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL SERVICE. EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL SERVICE.

    • Fed up equal pay Says:

      Pro fire fire i would be willing to bet you wouldnt VOLUNTEER either because all you have on your mind is equal pay

      • Anonymous Says:

        5 of the currently employed staff of firefighters were former volunteers, actually. Although I doubt if you gave them the finger and sent them on their way that they would come back.

        Just get rid of them, have your volunteer fire department, see who shows up when your stuff burns or you are in need of help, and watch your insurance go up.

        When you beg them to come back I bet you they won’t come.

        • Profire is soon to be unemployed! Says:

          We plan on it! Having our Volunteer fire dept. that is! And trust me, we will not beg anyone back, There will be plenty sign up. Most all rural parish fire department’s are Volunteer, and they all have Insurance.

    • Amused Says:

      Now we know how u refer to us big dogs , we will just refer to u as soon to be
      unemployed or soon to be put in ur place no pay for no service

      • Profire is soon to be unemployed! Says:

        My question is, Who would want someone with that kind of attitude helping them? Calling farmer’s Sorry, Tax Dodger’s, and accusing people in the parish of not paying their fair share, when they are paying the way it was originally set up! If they want to change a law, it should be up to the people to decide by vote, not by some spendthrift committee member, or fire chief that can’t balance a budget!

    • Country Gentleman Says:

      My heart’s in a lot better shape than Thompson’s! My stress level is a lot lower also! I’m not the one being run off by the citizens of Lincoln Parish fed up with this sorry episode!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Pro fire how was your vacation . Maybe you liked it and can take your own suggestion and move there .By the way I guess all those letters werent factual just biased one sided lies .

  16. gwebbtwo Says:

    ; None of the articles are based on factual information only biased,one sided lies” Really, Mr. ProFire Says. “That’s the problem with this website and that paper, it’s just a cowardly attempt to misinform the public” you state. You know who owns the website and the paper, they are not cowards. They (paper and website and posters) don’t who you are because you refuse to use your name. So who is the COWARD, who says “biased one sided lies”

    • Anonymous Says:

      this blog has actually published misinformation before, without retraction. I’m just saying.

      That’s what sensationalist do though, right? Curve things to their own opinion.

      • Profire is soon to be unemployed! Says:

        Curve things to their own opinion? That sound’s like King Tom to me!

    • Anonymous Says:

      GWebb you are the only idiot putting a partial name. Nobody else.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I don’t see hardly any real names.

  17. Anonymous III Says:

    Fact is: (1) the fire district is exceeding its original charter and has been for some time;(2) in doing so it has for several years now spent more than its actual income; (3) the fire equipment is approaching the age where it will need to be replaced; (4) the money saved up for this, the capital equipment fund, is gradually being spent to make up the budget deficit; (5) until recently there was only one board member who understood the budgeting and that because of overspending the District was headed for a collapse; (6) some citizens, the towns involved, and the Police Jury have caught on and are trying to get the Fire District headed toward financial solvency and a sustainable business model; (7) like every citizen in the Parish, the Fire District has to understand its income, budget and limitations, and prioritize accordingly; (8) like every other governmental function in the parish, the fire district is accountable to the citizens; it cannot just do whatever it wants to without consulting the public or the without the informed consent of the public, so the Fire District is obligated to tell the public up front if it proposes to change from its original functional model, if it needs more money, then how much, and tell the public how much the new operation is going to cost (accurately) and then obtain the consent of the public. They cannot just do something else which is much more expensive, and expect the public to suck it up and send the money.

    If you cannot understand these basic premesis, I hope your spouse goes out and buys something your family cannot afford, then tells you that it was not only needed but how good the item is, and the fact that you do not have the money really is not relevant, and, no, it was not right that they ask you first before they spent the money (you did not have). Then expect you to pay for it anyway and not criticize (“don’t be negative!”).
    Then maybe you will understand.

  18. Ed Webb Says:

    Cowards resort to name calling,attacking the truth and telling lies,behind the screen of anonymous. You want see me calling people names and if I did my name would be attached to it, Oh brave one called anonymous.

  19. Cowboy Says:

    I see the looney left is out in force posting under their preferred name Anonymous and spinning their usual conspiracy theories. They berate taxpayers into supporting their government expansion and resort to all manner of vile name calling and hatred when they don’t get their way. They arrogantly demand taxpayers fork over their hard earned money to support their looney visions of socialist Utopia. If they want fire protection, then they should move to Ruston. We made out just fine without them or the rural fire department before, and we can do so again.

    From what I’ve heard from people who were there at each of the fires in the parish we’ve had since the rural fire department was created, the Ruston Fire Department consistently beat the rural fire department to the scene even in the most rural parts of the parish. We haven’t had but a few fires in the last 20 years, and the Ruston FD responds for the practice. So, if Ruston is already beating them out to the rural fires, tell me again why we need to be putting up with this headache? And please, leave off the platitudes about fairness and it being for the kids. Those dogs don’t hunt anymore!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Seriously cowgirl, get on a horse and ride away. Ruston fire doesn’t respond to Lincoln’s district unless its very close to city limits. You are misinformed. Get your clique together and get the facts straight, otherwise shut up.

    • Anonymous Says:

      But you say anonymous is a cowerd by not posting under his or her mane. but i dont see your mane on your post.

  20. Profire is soon to be unemployed! Says:

    Kind of quiet in here today. Profire must be out job hunting! Hey Profire , you might have some luck with some of those Chicken Farmer’s, now that the added structure fee is not going to happen, they might have enough now to add some help! But you may need to take back all those names you were calling them! Got to warn you though, it’s a smelly job I hear!

  21. Amused Says:

    Mr anoy us you may want stop take look at whats going on thompson has been very successful in turning police jury against him , mayors against him , tax accessor against him ,and any support in rural community against him also working toward losing any rural support for fire district .wasnt this district formed for rural fire protection ??the mans a genius

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