Thompson Letters to Dubach Mayor

On Monday, 4/22/13, we reported on the Town of Dubach Mayor Robert Jensen’s position regarding the appointment of John Barnett to the Lincoln Parish Fire District No. 1 Board of Commissioners.

Jensen’s 4/16/13 letter to LPFD1 Board Chair Tom Thompson noted that Barnett was and still is Dubach’s appointment to the board, that it was legally done, and that he expected that Barnett be accorded the “full rights and privileges” that he was due.

Jensen referenced a 4/8/13 letter from Thompson where he requests a new appointment to the board.

In that letter, Thompson wrote, “Please notify the Fire District by letter, as you always have, once a new commissioner has been appointed.”

See here the letter.

These letters were produced after a Louisiana’s Public Records Law request last week by Lincoln Parish News Online.

Also, there was an earlier letter from Thompson to Jensen, dated 3/26/13, where Thompson claims that Barnett cannot serve on the Board because he does not reside inside the city limits of Dubach.

See here the letter.

6 Responses to “Thompson Letters to Dubach Mayor”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This man needs to have some one proof read his letters….

  2. Confused Says:

    This man needs to realize Mr Barnett represents ward 4 views , he was sent because ward 4 wanted someone to help get a handle on LITTLE CEASEAR . Somebody tell him hes not at a drive thru , he cant order it his way .

  3. Jim Says:

    A ‘perspective commissioner?’ I would appreciate perspective from a commissioner but I think the man meant a prospective commissioner. Heh.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Check out RS 40:1506:4G

  5. Citizens for VOLUNTEER fire dept Says:

    Dont need to ck it out . Residences & business is what supposed to have fees on them . No more . You atty general opinion was biased , If you read Kostelkas letter he told ASSITANT ATTY what he wanted opinion to be . It isnt worth paper its written on .

    • Anonymous Says:

      So the AG is corrupt also. You must think any person that you don’t agree whit is no good and corrupt. That is sad.

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