“Big Wheels Keep on Turnin'” – Monroe

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Thirty-eight City of Monroe employees, including Mayor Jamie Mayo, collect a total of over $130 thousand/year in “car allowances,” according to figures from the city’s budget documents. Many of the employees have office jobs that require no significant city-related travel.

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6 Responses to ““Big Wheels Keep on Turnin'” – Monroe”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Now this is a crime…

  2. Dee Says:

    As long as voters keep passing taxes, the government will keep spending it. It’s a shame that non property owners can place ever higher tax burdens on property owners. The legislature is responsible for the laws that allow that. The people should demand law changes so that only property owners can pass a tax on themselves.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Add this to Police use of off duty autos use and fire dept. use gives double jeopardy… some great bonuses for mayo cronies, a great way to buy votes, Let’s see the cost of the mayo trip to China with all his cronies flying 1st. class all the way.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Mayo and his poodle on the city council (Esernick) do not want to account for this rabid type of taxpayer spending. The average family income for Monroe has fallen to $34K which is equal to 5 car allowances this is ridiculous to spend like this in one of the poorest cities in the USA.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    That is nothing, look at what certain clerks of court are trying to get passed in the new Legislative Session. HB 23 will give 7 northwest LA parish clerks of court a 15% car allowance, this will be about $20,000 for each one. Now that is a nice raise…. I mean “car allowance”.

  6. Tired of Taxes Says:

    We the people, or at least we the taxpayers should realize this happens over and over, with every government agency. There is no telling how many government vehicles are given for take home use for people that don’t need them. All police in Bossier City have a take home vehicle, with many of them being new SUV’s. The fire department seems to be getting just as bad. We should end this expensive perk and make people that need to travel log their mileage and reason for travel, like many others, that way we have a real idea about how the money is being spent. Let them get the iRS allowed 50cents per mile just like the rest of us taxpayers that use our vehicles for business. Just how many vehicles are being used for personal uses, during off time??? I think we all know the answer to this. I am just wondering why someone making the kind of money that the poliicians and gov workers do, why do they need or deserve a car allowance, housing allowance, etc. Waste waste waste!!! As someone mentioned above, we are the dumb ones because we keep voting these idiots into office and we keep passing taxes to pay for all this waste. Unfortunately, people that don’t pay income taxes and/or property taxes get to vote for taxes, so it doesn’t matter to them. Make it that people that are living off the government or people that don’t pay taxes, not be allowed to vote for taxes. Kick out the politicians, add term limits, force governments to be TOTALLY transparent about their spending, especially spending on themselves.

    Government salaries have become crazy, government benefits are out of this world and it is almost impossible to get fired or laid off from a government job. Remember people, government should work for us not us working to pay their bills.

    Now to those Clerks getting a raise, this is totally ridiculous . This happens when clerks, sheriffs, judges, DA’s etc get to have the legislature raise their pay. Remember you scratch my back and I’ll support your re election bid. What a crooked system we have. People we could run our government for so much less money and have better services if only we would demand it and force the changes that need to be made. There are actually some governments in the US and around the world that work well, cheaply and provide great services for their citizens. We need to find out what they do and force our governments to enact those changes.

    This is why I am “Tired of Paying Taxes”

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