More on Jail Commission Meeting

One other important issue was discussed at Tuesday’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Detention Center Commission – the “emergency” declared last December because of a report by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal isn’t quite as dire as first advertised.

Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office (LPSO) Chief Deputy Jim Tuten told the group that the fire marshal gave the commission additional time to repair the most pressing problem, the jail doors.

Said Tuten, “Meeting with the fire marshal, he has given us time, because he realizes that you can’t snap your finger and fix all the problems that are there.” He added, “The detention center has taken steps that the fire marshal recommended in order to alleviate the immediate problem. And that was the problem of if there’s a fire, inmates being trapped in the facility – that was solved that day.”

Tuten also reported that the dishwasher issue was solved by leasing a machine, rather than purchasing one for over $40 thousand.

2 Responses to “More on Jail Commission Meeting”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Can’t the inmates just wash the dishes?

  2. GodSaidManSaid Says:

    Sorry but you can’t hand-wash dishes because of the requirements of government regulation. The machine in question is probably a Hobart sanitizer. The dishes are rinsed off then run through this machine which washes the dishes with either near-boiling water or, in newer models, less hot water but with chlorine as a sanitizing agent. The old machines cannot use the chemical because they have some parts which will corrode.
    The school cafeterias all have them. Big shiny stainless-steel devices.

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