Monroe Mayor Mayo’s Veto Threat Mostly Hot Air

Term Limits

Mayor Jaimie Mayo’s promised threat to veto an ordinance passed at last night’s meeting of the Monroe City Council is an idle one, it appears from what the city’s charter says.

Section 2-13. – Submission of Ordinances to the Mayor.

D. The right of the mayor to veto as provided in this section shall apply to all ordinances adopted by the council except those which propose amendments to this charter;

The ordinance that was passed last night would allow a vote to amend the city charter and establish term limits for the mayor and council.

Furthermore, the ordinance was passed on a 4-1 vote, so the 2/3 threshold for a veto override is already established.

Making the motion was District Four’s Kenny Wilson, with District Three’s Betty Blakes. Voting with Wilson and Blakes was District One’s Ray Armstrong, and District Five’s Eddie Clark. Voting no was District Two’s Gretchen Ezernack.

Mayo said he was concerned that holding the term limits election this November might jeopardize several tax renewals that are also scheduled for the same election.

Said Mayo, “Those renewals are very, very important to our city.” He added, “This ordinance will polarize our community” and likely increase voter turnout.

Politicians typically prefer low voter turnouts for tax elections, as they historically have a better chance of passage then.

Mayo asked the author of the ordinance (Blakes) what her reasons were for proposing it. She replied that while campaigning for office last year, many constituents requested such a law.

Property Annexation

In other business, the council removed from the agenda several ordinances up for final approval that would annex property south of Richwood that is being developed for a freight terminal.

This was a bizarre development, because just last month the administration insisted that the annexation must be approved immediately, or the development could be jeopardized.

Asked after the meeting why the agenda change, Council Chair Eddie Clark told us it was at the request of the city’s legal department. At the January meeting, City Attorney Nancy Summersgill was the most vocal of those demanding quick action by the council to annex the property.

Bus Driver’s Contract

During the public comments part of the meeting, Amalgamated Transit Union International Vice President Kenneth Kirk told the council that as of last December 31, Monroe’s (Local 1160) bus drivers have been working without a contract.

Kirk said that the mayor or his representative have failed to meet with the union since last August, as is required by the collective bargaining agreement. Meetings have been cancelled by the mayor, Kirk said, and he also would not respond to a written request for arbitration.

Said Kirk, “In our contract we are required to meet and bargain in the 13-C agreement that you signed between the City of Monroe, Local 1160, and the Department of Labor.”

Kirk said that he was placing the city on notice that the union would seek all remedies available to them under the contract, if the city refused to meet and bargain.

3 Responses to “Monroe Mayor Mayo’s Veto Threat Mostly Hot Air”

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    At least Mayo’s poodle voted with him as usual…Who voted for these people…

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