Lincoln Parish Detention Center Commission Hears Report

The Lincoln Parish Detention Center Commission this morning voted unanimously to take under advisement a report by its Jail Study Committee and meet in three weeks to make a final decision.

Two recommendations were made by the study committee. One would place operation of the jail back under the commission, as was done from 1982 when the jail was built, until 2008, when operation was sub-contracted to a private company. The other recommendation would sub-contract operation of the jail to the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office (LPSO).

At present, the jail is managed and operated by LaSalle Corrections, a private contractor that operates more than a dozen correctional facilities in Louisiana and Texas.

See here a summary of current operation and the composition of the study committee.

LPSO Chief Deputy Jim Tuten, who chaired the study committee, noted the commission could accept the recommendations, modify them, or come up with a different plan.

Said Tuten, “Y’all don’t have to take our recommendations, y’all can choose any one of those, or if you have another one – it’s up to the commission to decide as far as that study goes.”

See here a summary of the recommendations.

Commission member and Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) President Skip Russell (District Eight) thanked the study committee for their efforts.

Said Russell, “On behalf of the police jury I would like to express appreciation to all of you who had a part in serving on this study committee.” He added, “The results are fruitful.”

Five options were considered by the study committee. See them here with a brief discussion of each:

Sell Lincoln Parish Detention Center
Retain current operation management
Return to Detention Center Commission operation
LPSO operation of jail
Shared management with LaSalle Corrections

See also a brief history of the detention center commission and a summary of previous reports on the jail.

The detention center commission is made up of Russell, Third Judicial District Attorney Bob Levy, City of Ruston Police Chief Steve Rogers, Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone, and is chaired by Lincoln Parish Police Juror Joe Henderson (District Nine).

Those serving on the study committee in addition to Tuten were:

Theresa Wyatt – LPPJ
Ronnie Walker – LPPJ
Steve Rogers – Ruston Police Department
Ed Pittman – City of Ruston
Gary Stokley – Citizen member

The next meeting of the commission is set for Tuesday, March 19, 10:00 AM, Lincoln Parish Courthouse, third floor.

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