OPPJ to Vote on Mandatory Parishwide Garbage Collection

Residents who live in unincorporated areas of Ouachita Parish would be required to contract for garbage collection if a proposed ordinance is adopted at Monday night’s meeting of the Ouachita Parish Police Jury (OPPJ). The proposed ordinance would mandate that:

The owner of every occupied residence or commercial building in the unincorporated area of Ouachita Parish shall maintain a contractual arrangement that provides for the collection, conveyance, and disposal of solid waste from such residence or commercial building by a franchise agent on a regular basis of not less than two (2) times per month. The obligation of the owner may be satisfied by a contractual arrangement maintained by the occupant of such residence or commercial building.”

Penalties for violation of the ordinance are:

The violation of any of the provisions of this article or rules and regulations promulgated thereof shall be deemed to be and is hereby declared to be a misdemeanor and any person convicted of the violation thereof shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) or imprisoned for a term not to exceed thirty (30) days, or ordered to perform not more than 40 hours of community service, or any combination of such penalties.

The ordinance was introduced last month by District F’s Pat Moore.

The meeting is set for 5:30 PM Monday (12/3) on the second floor of the Ouachita Parish Court House.

See here the agenda.

Also, the Finance Committee will meet immediately after the jury meeting in the jury conference room.

See here the agenda.

5 Responses to “OPPJ to Vote on Mandatory Parishwide Garbage Collection”

  1. GothicArc Says:

    As I understand Louisiana law, every parish has to have a solid waste system of some sort. What has rural Ouachita parish been doing until now? I have not noticed any dumpsters in the rural areas. Just wondering…

    • Ron Says:

      OPPJ has been operating under the honor system. If you had no pickup service, you had the option of carrying your household trash to the landfill with no charge to parish residents. So many parish residents failed to do so-illegally dumping instead-that the OPPJ had to do this.

  2. Country Gentleman Says:

    Back in the 1970s, it was recognized that people in rural areas were dumping their garbage down old log roads and something needed to be done to address the problem. The response was the creation of the parish dumpsters affectionately known as green boxes. This system has worked well and people have responded by no longer dumping garbage in the woods. Hence, the original problem was solved with little expense or inconvenience to the voters.

    However, the powers that be could not leave good enough alone. Various parishes have been seduced with the idea of offering door-to-door trash pickup like that offered in cities. This system works well in towns and cities where the population is more densely packed and fuel costs are lower due to this concentration. It does not translate well to rural areas due to the distance between pickups. Rural people are more self-sufficient and better able to handle routine chores like trash disposal, but they want to be able to do this on their own schedules.

    Trash pickup has become an allegory to the problem of big government and self-sufficiency. Those who advocate for mandatory pickup believe that government has all of the answers, should perform every service, and force the people to adhere to the government’s schedule and ways of doing business. In other words, the people serve the government instead of government serving the people. Those who advocate for the current system of rural dumpsters are inclined to be self-reliant and believe that government exists to serve the people by providing only those services people can’t provide for themselves.

    It always amazes me that city people seem to always want to export city services to rural areas whether they make sense or not. People who desire city services should live in cities. Those of us who live in rural areas do so because we don’t desire to live in cities and don’t desire city services. That’s what America is all about: the freedom to choose your own path to happiness without having to suffer undesirable services being thrust upon you with their undesirable costs. But, the citizens of Ouachita Parish are having mandatory trash pickup forced upon them by fiat and have absolutely no say in the matter. Is this really what America’s Founding Fathers meant when they shouted “No taxation without representation?”

  3. GothicArc Says:

    Isn’t that the point of the old story about how to cook a frog? Drop him in hot water and he’ll hop out, but put him in cold water and gradually raise the heat and he’ll get too hot and die before he realizes what’s happening.
    We are being enslaved gradually, and when we wake up and start to resist it will be too late.

  4. Dillard Winn Says:

    this is bull it should be left up to the people to vote on it. .

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