Hearing Set for Thompson Contempt Motion

A 9:30 AM, Wednesday, December 12 hearing has been set in Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson parishes) District Court in Jonesboro, on a motion for contempt and sanctions against Town of Jonesboro mayor Leslie Thompson and Alderman-at-Large LaStevic Cottonham.

See here the order.

The motion was filed late last week by Louisiana’s Attorney General (AG), who is the plaintiff in the case State of Louisiana v Jonesboro. In that action, the district court ruled last July that a Fiscal Administrator should be appointed to oversee the town’s finances.

See here the motion for contempt and for sanctions.

Along with the motion was filed a 22 page exhibit that consists of several reports generated by Fiscal Administrator William Ryder during the approximately two months he was on the job.

See here exhibit A.

63 Responses to “Hearing Set for Thompson Contempt Motion”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    god i hope they put his ass and cottonham both in jail and rid us all of this mess going on in jonesboro

  2. Rastus B. Gumm Says:

    After reading through the Fiscal Admins report, it is clear that the apes in charge have no idea what they are doing. Moreover, when the cell doors clang shut, (eventually) they will be bewildered and at a loss as to what they had done wrong.

  3. Wondering Says:

    I just finished reading the FA’s report and I see jail time for the mayor and possibly others. Blatant disrespect for the FA on the part of the CTIC flows from just about every word in the report. It is so evident that the CTIC has no clue as to what to do and needs to be removed NOW! To wait for the next election will do more harm for Jonesboro and I suspect, give the CTIC more time to line his own pockets. Get rid of Thompson now. Get rid of the rest of the rift-raft now. Signing up for a conference, paying for that conference, not attending that conference, and having the mayor (ugh) sign for your packet supposedly to show that you were there is a crime against the people of Jonesboro,

  4. anonymous Says:

    I believe this report gives a clearer picture of what the problems are and who is has caused them…it is not the FA. You can spin it and run from it but a lot more than 60 thousand has been spent on tonya wade and law suits to cover up a problem that continues to grow daily.

  5. anonymous Says:

    let it keep on rolling until the wheels run off, the soldiers don’t get paid, the street lights go off, the sewer backs up in folks houses and the water in not potable…..oh yeah……it’s coming sooner than later…….then everyone can have a big “thank you” party for everyone that helped create this side show, what a pathetic joke…..and the “alliance” is gonna sue somebody…….the citizens of jonesboro need to get together and file a class action suit against thompson and crew and include the “alliance” too. Everyone of them that was shown on the news has been slurping at the trough with thompson, so sue them too.

  6. hmmmmm Says:

    Why doesn’t the DA take this report and use it to file malfeasance charges? He doesn’t have to wait on the hearing for contempt.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Dont get excited people, nothing going to happen to the Mayor. I agree something needs to happen, just no one has the gonads to do it.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    i just read the FA report. if there is anyone in jonesboro that hasnt read it, i recomend reading it. if after reading it, you still believe that the mayor is doing a good job and the town is in good shape…..you my friend are an IDIOT

    • anonymous Says:

      idot, acronym for (I Dont Own This)……isn’t that the mantra……I didn’t know, I don’t know, I didn’t do this it was someone else’s fault, I don’t …..infinitum

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The da is afraid he will get caught up in this to, that’s why he not doing anything .

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I believe the DA and Fannin and all the others that paid ole Les during campaign elections as a consultant are afraid if they prosecute him that he will squeal and all will come falling down. Cause everyone knows that Les is no consultant…..just look at his record..a failing town under his administration. Please AG don’t let this die like our town! We want our town back!

    • anonymous Says:

      he is in with it too……wake up people……..you act as though it’s just a local issue, it’s much deeper and despite what you are told by the locals, there is more than meets the eye……just think, if it weren’t for this blog you would have never been provided any of this information….you would be just like the mushrooms they wanted you to be….in the dark. Thank you Walter Abbott for enduring this mess and for putting the truth out…..

  11. Wat's that Says:

    For all those people statewide who followed the link here from the Dead Pelican let me give you a summary. Jonesboro is the only town in La with 4 no opinion audits. About to have 5 shortly…the mayor thompson owns that honor…he’s so good he gave himself a 35 thousand dollar raise…he hired people who appear to be incapable of keeping accurate records so nobody knows what happened to the missing money…the DA sees no wrong doing…the town has spent approx 170 thousand dollars to get it straight and no answer yet..the taxpayers of La have spent 309 thousand dollars according to the legislative auditors office in addition with same result…if you want further info follow the link on the right to The Truth at Jonesboro you can hear it there.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Wonder why the AG’s office served the Mayor and his bud at the Town of Glenmora’s address? 1000 7th Street…zip 71433

  13. inside looking out Says:

    Wonder what Cottonham will think of his leader when he gets felony charges pressed against him and the gets kicked out of nursing school or loses his license after he graduates.

    • Markus Says:

      at least he is going to nursing school to try to better himself, says a lot that he is trying. sad that he didn’t see the light sooner, on the truthatjonesboro tape he said he was tired of going to court, he was in nursing school and spent more time in court than class. but he can only thank the (idot) for his current situation.

      • inside looking out Says:

        You’re right. I think Cottonham has the desire to do well. He is a veteran and going to school. But I believe he has become a follower as far as the town is concerned. I hope he gets to finish his school and doesn’t end up like a Lemming.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Ha!!!! Cottonham didnt finish High School, Nursing school are you serious?!?! He is doing exactly what he wants, riding the free money train! Also he is a Veteran because it was cook in the Army or go to jail!!!

      • Outside looking in Says:

        Is the town of Jonesboro paying for his schooling?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Would it be a shame if Cottonham becomes a convicted felon due to following Leslie?

      We all make decisions and he needs to recognize that his decisions may cost him.

      • Anonymous Says:

        He should know right from wrong. I believe he is a grown man, not a child and should be able to make his own decisions!

        • Marquis Says:

          some people can’t take the pressure of standing up for right. some people quick to judge others but have never been in the one that they are judging shoes. it takes all kinds cowards and braggers but the vote seperates them all.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I dont live in Jonesboro but all that those two have done it has effected us in the Quitman area as well. But i hope they go to jail or even under the jail, we get the Jonesboro cops back, and all goes back to normal.

    • hmmmmm Says:

      How would Jonesboro cops affect Quitman? We are no less safe than previously. The sheriff’s department is doing well. It should have been taken over by him a long time ago. Now there just needs to be an election to do away with the elected position of chief of Police. I do believe it was handled wrong; but, the outcome was the same and will save us money in the long run.

      • A Voter Says:

        By law the town has to have a chief of police. Why would anyone give up their right to vote for a public official. So you think the mayor needs the power to pick a chief. He has done such a great job placing other people in key position. People, never give up the right to have a say in your government. Never give up your right to VOTE.

  15. Todd Says:

    How can this moron still be the mayor. He has been in front of two senate committees in Baton Rouge where he has been reprimanded and offered help getting this town back in order. What a total incompetent moron. Guess what? The people of Jonesboro voted for him. Shame on the people of Jonesboro for putting this buffoon in office and keeping him there.

    • Abounding Records Says:

      and shame on the politicians that have covered up for him until now and they have run out of litter to cover (it) any longer….. the whole world can see it now, state record for not having an audit, state record for going on and off non compliance list, state record for not paying taxes, state record for not going before SBC for financing town insurance, state record for not paying retirement correctly and consistently, state record for money paid to fight and file law suits, state record for having to hire someone else to do the job of the elected postion, and most importantly the World Record of blaming everything on the color of one’s skin and the past administration and everyone that has ever worked at the town hall.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you Rev Dill…..I appreciate your posting the latest tape on your website….The Fount….check it out

    Everyone needs to watch this and see/hear the truth according to Leslie.

    And the Rev Dill has relocated to Jonesboro so he can vote!

    The only problem is the FA…..political pressure…folks meddling and calling Baton Rouge.

    Any federal suit filed yet? More than 24 hours has passed since this meeting.

    Listen carefully….there is some truth being spoken…see if you are able to hear it….

    • Tommy Says:

      I choose not to subscribe to the constant propaganda that is as convoluted at the one that presents it. Waste of brain cells and attention that could better be used to count ceiling tiles.

    • Bruce Wayne Says:

      I think it is a good idea to educate one’s self as to what is being promoted by Leslie Thompson….then it is easier to understand how his followers can believe his spin on the situation

      • Daily Planet Says:

        Bruce, his followers believe his spin because of one thing, and it ain’t dill’s video presentation of how the dog and pony show rolls, it’s something else. Its the exact same thing that he accuses everyone in the Tri State Area of feeling toward him. Nuff said?

  17. signs signs everywhere there are signs Says:

    has anyone seen the signs telling buddy caldwell to do his job.
    lol lol lol lol
    thats some funny stuff!

  18. Albymyself Says:

    To all that would like to know. A local state official was outside a local eatery the day before Jonesboro was put back on noncompliance list talking to all and sundry about how he knew about the decision and backed it. He was also smiling like the fox who got out of the chicken house just in time.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Well if cottenham does get a felony conviction then he would fit right in with all his convicted felon buddies he appears with in the youtube music videos. Apparently everyone doesnt believe that when you get elected to a position that you should maintain a professional appearance. It is ridiculous. I tell you one thing, the day Leslie Thompson appoints a police chief is the day I stop coming to Jonesboro all together. I would drive all the way around Jonesboro just to go to Winnfield or Ruston to buy groceries.
    You think there is corruption in the city now…let that idiot appoint a police chief. That would be the end of Jonesboro.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I agree, it is a frightening thought of the mayor appointing a chief. I would literally fear for my life knowing the police chief was in an alliance with this mayor.

  21. Albymyself Says:

    If any of you want to know frightening. I’ll be more than happy to tell you about it. Friends of mine had their bedroom windows shot out and who did they have to call? The over worked sheriffs department because Thompson decided the citizens of Jonesboro didn’t need to be protected against the criminal element in their neighborhoods.
    Do any of the people on here understand how much the private business owners and major companies have had to spend either on hiring more help in order to insure the safety of their employees or had to close early and reduce the income of their employees? Think about it for just one minute.
    Thompson has not only destroyed the town he has destroyed the major tax bases of this town. I know because I am one of business owners in this town. I will not let any of my employees work at night without having someone to watch their back. It is just to dangerous.
    I have been on here for over two years and all the Anonymous people just now noticing the problem should go back and read just exactly how all of this came to the publics attention.
    By the way Thompson I am still watching and would like to know if I am on your list of people you are going to sue. After all the USS Thompson did sink as I predicted and you and all of your family are now just hanging on to driftwood at this time. By the way when you go to court, and you will, remember and never forget “Is it one of the the people in front of you when you sit down at that table or is it a citizen sitting behind you that have worked so hard to help bring you and the family to justice? By the way I just thought I would let you know that I was there when you and the family ate at the Catfish Inn a couple of Fridays ago. I guess it is just fate.

  22. kurt Says:

    You white people show do want the mayor locked up, but still after all the junk and lies y’all white people put on the mayor at the end of the day he still say two wrongs dnt make a right, and chose not to say anything negative about you white people. He better than me. Dnt get me wrong not all white people down grade him, but 98 percent of these blogs are white people, and I noticed when it come to the mayor white people dnt want the truth long as its negative y’all love it. Now if the mayor have stole all this money like they say he has trust me sheriff andy brown would have been arrested the mayor. Andy no all it is is rumors

    • Wilson Says:

      you fail to realize that white people can pick up the grambling radio station and tony brown and have friends in black churches that share with them about every detail that is said about the whites from the pulpit of all places….. while using God’s house begging for money for legal woes, so when it comes to truth, you need to realize that word is not defined by what is coming from the lips of one that has no indication of doing what is right. you must be getting crumbs too.

  23. Albymyself Says:

    Kurt why don’t you spend more time reading the laws of the state of Louisiana rather standing behind a person who has broken enough laws to land hin in jail for at least 10 to 15 years if given the maximum sentence on all charges. By the way those sentences would be different if he were charged on the state level or the federal level. Let’s face it Uncle Sam gets real upset if you don’t pay up on time.
    By the way it’s not about black or white. It’s about red and black. Just a little accounting for you. Red means you are broke. That would be the column Thompson has put Jonesboro in. Black would be the column we were in before Thompson.

    • kurt Says:

      Albymyself is that a threat jus to let u know when the mayor ate at catfish inn u did not see me but trust me I was very close ready for whatever, so allbymyself no one thang when you see the mayor by himself he really ain’t albyhimself if u no what I mean

      • Code Says:

        felon alert………………..

      • ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Says:

        How was that a threat? I fail to see how it was, Kurt. Just like a ledger, black and white. I got it. It made sense. I didn’t see a threat in it at all.

        And I’m sorry, but if a white mayor went 4, almost 5, years without an audit, I’d be pretty pissed off about it to. If a white mayor got rid of a police department without following the law, yeah, I’d be just as pissed off. If a white mayor decided that some of the council wasn’t invited to private talks ABOUT the budget, I’d be just as upset.

        It’s a three ring circus. Instead of facing up to the charges and work on actually fixing it, he and his entourage would prefer to just waste more money throwing out counter suits against the people who are suing him. How does that make sense? How is this lawyer of his getting paid? From our taxpayer money?

        Criminal is criminal… white, black, red, yellow, or even purple for that matter. It’s a crime. He messed up. People are mad because he’s smug about it. He has no remorse for the state of the town’s budget. and the damage he’s done.

        • No Hope Ned Says:

          any question that is posed regarding any decision or action is considered a threat and the automatic reflex is the “racism” excuse. there is no magic antidote for this mentality, there is not a cure for this mentality as it has been fostered since birth. years of harboring it and utilizing it regularly have contributed to it becoming a carcinogen for that person’s soul and mind and it is exhibited every time they make use of the much maligned statements that come from that individual’s mouth. There is no cure for this disease unless the individual comes to the realization that they are ill, they will remain ill and will continue to operate with that terminal illness.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with the saying “The biggest racist is the one that shouts it the loudest!” There is nothing on Earth the white people can do to prove this isnt all racially motivated. Because them black people dont want it to br anything but. It is their “crutch”! Them black people in fact are the biggest racists of all, whether they admit it or not, it shows through everyday. I ask you, what would the world do if there was things called “white girls rock”(tv show), “the white awards”, “white people tv”.
    Them black people scream racism and segregation everyday. Them black people this, them black people that…doesnt that in itself sound racial? “Them black people”? So why isnt it racial when it is “them white people?” Call it what you want but the NAACP is no different, what so ever, than the KKK! It is an organization that works for the progression of a certain group based on the color of their skin. It IS the exact same. So how would it have been percieved if the KKK would have held a press conference threatening lawsuits.
    Now, dont get me wrong, I hate the thought of the KKK and everything it represents, but, I also say the same for the NAACP! Niether of these groups should exist, for they, themselves, do nothing but promote and keep the very thing they fight against alive and well.

    We live, not in a world of racism, but in a world of “reverse racism”! The NAACP are allowed to stand and spew their hate anywhere and anytime, becaise if they werent allowed to, your a racist. If you are accused of being a racist and defend yourself against it, then your a racist. Basically I see “the white people” in walmart and other places being overly friendly to ” the black people” just so they are NOT accused of being racist, yet when “them black people” are as rude and disrespectful as they want to be, it is fine.
    Truth be told, racism in the eyes of “the white people” is not nearly as promoted towards others as it is in the eyes of “them black people”. Racism would not be an issue or “a crutch” if racists would not make it one. The biggest racist is most definately the one that shouts it the loudest!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder, did the FA not get cooperation, honestly, becaise he was an FA, or because he was white?

    Why is it that any and everytime a job position becomes available at town hall it is filled by a black person? Does the mayor think that there is not a white person alive that is qualified to work under him?

    Makes me wonder how the ball would have bounced if the FA would have cried “racism” as the reason he quit?

    I think it is time the white man stand up and start screaming racism! I 100% both of the above comments! Thw white man is discriminated against by the black man

  26. Anonymous Says:

    …… man 1000 times for frequently than the other way around. It is quite the opposite, whites go out of their way to “cater” to the black man so as not to be called racist. Black people treat whites however they want and expect it to be ok.

    It is high time discrimination against whites be recognized!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I do’nt unstan wi ppls do’nt c lessle fo wat he iz. Dat thef iz bat shyt crazi! Dere iz a reesin he bein invistgaed! Teh muney iz gune. Owt wit teh thif! I do’nt cair wat cola hez skin iz. Hez a crokid thif!

  28. kurt Says:

    Obama thank god leslie thompson gone when again to. Ha ha to all you jerks

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Could somebody please read “kurt’s” last message and tell me what he said? “leslie thompson gone when again to?” I guess he meant “going to win again?”

  30. aminvolved Says:

    Read the legal documentation. It’s pretty hard to say the mayor has done nothing wrong. I don’t care if he is purple-what matter’s is management, or lack thereof, of the Town of Jonesboro. I read thru the FA;s report. He was spot-on, detailed, and sounded intelligent about the accounting, payroll, payables, etc. If he didn’t know the answer he called the state resources. I would say he earned his money. But what about the employees, like the mayor, who have consistently worked less than 35 hours per week, all the while being paid full time pay and benefits? Malfeasance in office, for sure. I can’t wait to see charges filed. This is rediculous, black, white, purple, or turquoise; wrong is wrong and the people of Jonesboro deserve someone with honesty and integrity. By the way, bow your head when your flunkie prays!

  31. Cherry Disque Says:

    No Experience Necessary

  32. Rosendo Margolis Says:

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