Jonesboro Group Threatens Federal Lawsuit

A group calling itself the “Citizen’s Alliance of Jonesboro” is threatening a federal lawsuit against as yet unnamed defendants that will allege disenfranchisement of voting rights, it was revealed at a Noon press conference today at the W. Richard Zuber City Hall in Jonesboro.

Attorney for the group, Monroe’s Carol Powell-Lexing, told Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) that a timetable for the action had not been finalized, nor what entity or persons might be named as defendants.

Local National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) representative Wendy Callahan said they would seek assistance from the U. S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

Said Callahan, “We are requesting the U. S. Attorney and the Attorney General to step in to assist in enforcing the voting rights of the people of Jonesboro.”

The lawsuit, it was said, will claim that recent actions by the state to install a fiscal administrator to oversee the town’s finances represent a usurpation of the duly elected mayor’s authority, and thereby represents a dilution of voter’s rights.

There was a bit of disagreement among some of the speakers, however. Janice and Herbert Simmons said that the town could ill afford to spend monies for a fiscal overseer, using terms like “broke” and “bankrupt” to describe the town’s money woes.

For his part, controversial mayor Leslie Thomson and his administrative assistant Rev. David Dill said the town was not in a financial bind.

As the town’s books have not been audited since mid-2007, it is unclear who is more accurate.

Herbert Simmons went on to say that in his opinion, all the controversy since Thompson took office in January, 2007 was a “political lynching,” and was designed to get Thompson out of office.

Then, as has been his custom at city council meetings, he proceeded to wonder why can’t the town come together and progress toward the future.

39 Responses to “Jonesboro Group Threatens Federal Lawsuit”

  1. Rastus B. Gumm Says:

    White folks fittin ta get took to school.

    • Wondering Says:

      some black folks are about to find out what a lack of intelligence means in the real world.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Lol!!!! These idiots cant even get on the same page!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Because everyone is afraid of Les, he has the upper hand in all this. I hope someone the DA or AG step up to the plate and starts doing there job! But I dont look for it to happen.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Ole Les is messing up. Them Feds havent been paid off Les, better not let them talk you into going to a federal court with it, Fannin an Stewart cant help you up there!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This isn’t going to mean anything! How many others towns have had to appoint a FA…more than you know. I can’t understand why ole Les thinks he is so special. Finally the AG is doing something, so all that says to Les and his followers is that they aren’t getting their way, so lets file another lawsuit!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    It’s understandable why a lawyer would want to do this, because they will make more money as long as it lasts regardless of how it comes out. What doesn’t make sense is that anybody could be persuaded to spend any money on legal fees (and court costs if unsuccessful) on one that they can’t hope to win, because every town that had a fiscal administrator would do it if they thought they could win.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I couldnt agree more. This Powell- Lexington may be the worst attorney ever, but Les keeps filling her pockets with checks. But I wonder whats gonna happen when those checks start bouncing, wonder if she will work pro-bono? Since its for such a just cause.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Citizen’s Alliance of Jonesboro….put your money where your mouth is…heading to Federal Court would be a blessing in my humble opinion!

    • Michael C. Says:

      how hypocritical can one get, the man with the hat is going to sue in Federal Court, we the taxpayers are paying for the suit to sue in Federal court because they are the largest recipient in Jackson Parish of Federal Grant monies which are our tax dollars, so in essence they are suing themselves……hillarious!!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    This pretty much defines a frivolous lawsuit, doesn’t it? “We gonna sue somebody…we just don’t know who!”
    That’s what I’m talking about!

  9. Outside looking in Says:

    They ( blacks) have the same rights as everyone else. If they don’t exercise their rights, it’s on them nobody else. If they don’t have away to go vote that’s their problem. Don’t call the TV channels or the NAACP into it. If off your butts and go vote. This pisses me off!!!! They are the ones turning this into a racist issue, not the whites. Looks like the 1800’s is happening again.

    • hmmmmm Says:

      It doesn’t really have to do with voting. They are saying that they elected the mayor and council members and by the FA being in place and telling the council and the mayor what to do that it is infringing on their rights. The mayor and council cannot act for them, the voters, because they are not allowed to do so. It is a BS lawsuit to try and intimidate people.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Calahan’s remark would be amusing if it were not about such a serious subject: “We are asking the Attorney General to step in.”:
    Who does he think filed the contempt of court motion against Thompson and Cottonham? I don’t thing the AG is going to testify against himself!

    • hmmmmm Says:

      Maybe they hadn’t been served before noon today so they didn’t know about the contempt charge? Otherwise, it just goes to show the spin even more.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Purple Elephants

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I think she was talking about the U.S. Attorney General, not the state AG, But you are right, I don’t thiink either one will be inerested in a case with so little going for the prospective litigants.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    omg…ive seen it all now….because the mayor is bringing the town down, cant make payroll, no audit…the list goes on…how is that effecting voter rights? just another race card being played…boo hoo…

  14. Anonymous Says:

    why in the world any news group would report this is way beyond me. someone saying they are suing but we don’t know who we are suing just yet. shame on lpnol and knoe for giving this one minute of exposure.

    • hmmmmm Says:

      It is news whether it is stupid or not. And, some of us want to be kept abreast of the idiot’s actions.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    How many City employees were present today…On the clock…and who was the crack head with the flop ear snowflake hat on smoking on public property ….which is against the law.Do any of these “FOLK” HAVE A REAL JOB!!!!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Well….they promised the suit will be filed within 24 hours….will be able to see it tomorrow….

    Ain’t it grand….in our wonderful country, we can sue anyone we want anytime we want…

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Those who are opposing the sending of a fiscal administrator to Jonesboro do not seem to realize that it was a last desparate effort to save the town from bankruptcy because the current leaders could not do it. That would affect every citizen of Jonesboro drastically, and it would not matter what race they were. Trying to make a racial issue of it is beside the point.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe the full moon were causing all this today!

  19. Albymyself Says:

    Does anyone want to know where the payroll money came from? You got it the utility account didn’t you Thompson. Now think about this. How can you give employees a $2.00 an hour raise when you have to raid another account!

  20. Albymyself Says:

    I know you just love all your employees but $2.00 an hour each. Let’s say there are 40 employees times 40 hours per week. Then we have to match tax dollars and we all know how on time you are with those payments.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Ok, lets do the math there. Every employee got a $2 ab hour raise. If there are 40 employees, that is roughly $80 am hour more the town is spending. Now, if they can afford that, explain to me exactly how they couldn’t give 8 employees $10 an hour and, oh I dont know, call them police officers?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Two things, 1. This “lawsuit” is nothing more than an attempt to counter the motion of contempt filed against thompsom and the pathetic excuse of a councilman cottonham. 2. The lawsuit is nothing more than, if we can’t have our way we’ll sue.
    Is this really the first time we have seen this from the NAACP (the african american equivelant to the KKK)?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Do these morons really think that trying to get national attention in Jonesboro is a good thing? I hope they succeed! God knows I do! Because if they do, Leslie Thompson, and maybe a few others are going straight to jail. Do not pass go, please do not collect another $200. How can they not really see this? Is that the level of their thinking? If this hits national headlines, that is it! Everyone that has sat on their ass up til now will have no choice but to do their jobs and that will be game over for his honor! The ” Jonesboro NAACP” had better pick their battles. They liable to be kicked out of the NAACP if this goes national. Al Sharpton might actually look at them and say…”What was yall thinking?”
    Please, OH PLEASE, go national!

  24. Michael C. Says:

    If you had ever tried to sit through one of those facades of a council meeting you would truly understand. We have sat and observed the man with the hat, et ux demonstrate the same behaviour that was exhibited in that news video yesterday. If they didn’t get their way, they proceeded to lambast anyone there or not present at the time and then attempt to use the reverse role of peace maker….we have to get along to move forward which is code for: if you don’t agree with me and give me exactly what I want, you are not trying to work with me and unless you work with (us) the town won’t grow. I do find humor in that mind set, one tends to forget that if it were not for the people that have actual jobs and pay taxes, they would not be the recipients of those Federal Ear Marks from Congressman Alexander and the state funds from Representative Fannin. They are epitome of using the poor to promote themselves and fatten their wallet at our expense. I do hope they file a Federal Suit, I hope they bring attention to the Federal Government the Town of Jonesboro and in so doing I hope the entire gamut of the inner workings of the plan from 2007 to present comes forth like a great beacon and the truth will finally be presented in it’s entirety. When the day comes that the truth comes forth, they will have only themselves to thank.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Let me guess these people are black and I bet the mayor is behind it

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Filing a lawsuit means that the auditor’s reports and the testimony of the fiscal administrator will be brought out for all to see. A lot of people will be saying, “How could this go on for a number of years without someone being charged with malfeasance in office?”

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Wonder if there are many whites in this “Citizens’ Alliance”? If there is not a sizable number, doubt that any federal officials will be interested in pursuing it, because they could then face the same charge of “racial prejudice” that Thompson and his followers like to bring against the whites.

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