AG Makes New Filing Late Friday

Sources have told Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) that the Louisiana Attorney General (AG) late Friday afternoon filed a new motion in the case of Louisiana v Jonesboro, the civil case that resulted in the appointment of a Fiscal Administrator to oversee the Town of Jonesboro’s disorganized fiscal affairs.

The town’s books have not been successfully audited since the fiscal year 7/1/06 – 6/30/07. Controversial mayor Leslie Thompson took office in January, 2007.

Two weeks ago, Fiscal Administrator Bill Ryder resigned because of what has been described as “non-cooperation” from the mayor.


27 Responses to “AG Makes New Filing Late Friday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Lord help us….is this ever going to end?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If they are appointing another FA, I hope he or she should not have to ask for ole Les help at all. Just go in there and start making cuts, starting with the mayor all the way down! Ole Les is not going to help this one any better than he did Mr. Ryder!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    In case anyone hasn’t seen this, check out channel 8 website! Meeting set for this morning at city hall. Another lawsuit in the works!

    • anonymous Says:

      “That’s after, the mayor says, their voting rights are being taken away and their hard earned tax dollars are being misspent.” quoted from KNOE TV 8-one part of the sentence is so true-misspent tax dollars……….who are they suing? Is the TOJ paying for this one too?

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        A little humor to a serious situation: I think it’s time for the TJ to SUE themselves…….if they could. Hahahahaha! But we know they cannot. No MONEY in Dodge.

        Voting rights being taken away……..absolutely not!!!! Hard earned tax dollars being misspent and stolen………absolutely. At the hands of the idiot in charge.

        What will he come up with next? God help this moron that has caused all of these problems/conflicts.

        I have always heard that the person that has the PROBLEM is the last person to recognize it…….if, one ever recognizes it! In this case, this idiot will not.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    JONESBORO, La. (KNOE 8 News) – Several Jonesboro residents are claiming their rights have been violated. Mayor Leslie Thompson says the group has filed a class action federal lawsuit. That’s after, the mayor says, their voting rights are being taken away and their hard earned tax dollars are being misspent. According to Thompson, residents are not happy with the people who have usurped the power over the mayor and the city council.

    “These citizens claim that their due process and equal protection rights afforded by The Constitution have been violated,” the mayor said.

    A news conference is scheduled for Monday, at the Jonesboro City Hall, starting at noon about the lawsuit.



  5. Justia for Everyone Says:

    what about the expectation of government to provide the specific services that their tax dollars are paid to provide? is that not a charge to be weighed? pandora’s box………indeed.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    thompson this is the biggest crack of shit i have ever heard.i can see know youve been out talking to all your crack heads again in this town,if anyone,s rights have been violated is the people who live outside of the city but have to pay city tax,s but arent allowed to vote? and pay for city water also. and this fire tax you and treadway are trying to pass is a bunch of bullshit as well hell the fire dept cant even get a lower rateing sense treadway took over, treadway is a lieing bastard as well he says he has been fire cheif in jonesboro sense 1992 on his facebook page.then they say the $2.00 on your water bill goes to the fire dept,and they still want to raise the fire tax,why so mark can get his new vehicle that he wants i say to hell with your new fire tax. and ask everyone in jonesbor to vote it down.ive been in the fire service for over 20 years and i own 6 fire trucks so i will bring one of them down here to protect my house.

  7. Outside looking in Says:

    Is the mayor, talking about the right to vote for the blacks in jail. Don’t think they can leave jail to vote. Don’t think anybody in jail gets to vote. Do they? Lol

  8. noname Says:

    Let’s hope the harm he does to himself is that he gets a long prison term. At some point in time, he and his “friends” should be charged with filing frivolous lawsuits. Maybe it’s time the Judicial system takes a long legal look at the Jena 6 attorneys. Aren’t they wasting taxpayer’s money and the courts’ time? I was told by a resident of Jena that most of what they claimed was not true. I think it’s past time that law abiding citizens stop bending over backwards to appease some of these black troublemakers. I am not talking about the many good honest black citizens, but those like Leslie Thompson who think they can intimidate people ny crying “racists”…they are the true racists and should be called such and treated as such! They have no respect for the lalw, so it’s time they are treated with the arm of law and taught some respect. Maybe prison would help them to realize they are not above the law?!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Walter, of you see this question I hope you can clear this up. “What kind of motion did the AG file?”
    A motion for what?

  10. Linda Devine Says:

    Anonymous Says: God Bless Jonesboro.

  11. Linda Devine Says:

    Just kidding I couldn’t be A on this one. I love this little town.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Convicted felons can not vote. So, I wonder if you could find any of their names on the voters registrar. Kind of like all the hodge residents that were on there!

  13. Color Blind Says:

    The citizens who are filing the class action lawsuit are correct in doing so if their suit is against the mayor and council who repeatedly spend tax dollars illegally.

    Look at the misspending of dedicated money. Look at the missing water deposits. Unnecessary spending on auditors trying to audit unauditable books. Misspending on Tanya Wade. Misspending on quick books. Misspending on attorneys to protect the mayor and council members for voting on illegally presented budgets. Double paying of lying council members (yes Devon you were caught on video cashing the first check).

    Yes rights have been violated. The mayor has violated so many rights of taxpaying citizens it could only be a coalition of non-intelligent bigots that would file suit on anybody but the mayor. It is time for some of the citizens to quit playing the race card and admit to their mistake. Egg is on their face and they will go down fighting the truth, les is not the right person to lead Jonesboro.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but a “black” leader who knows how to lead is fine with the majority of “white” citizens in town. An idiot who can neither lead nor admit he can’t lead whether black or white will not be supported by the white citizens of Jonesboro. Wish the black citizens had the same conviction.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Misspent, misspent, misspent! Blame, blame, blame! Don’t know, don’t know, don’t know! I think a book sould be written about corruption in a little southern town. What would be a good title? Horror on Allen Avenue? Death of a Country Town? No Law Abides Here? Etc.

      Any writers out there?

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        Oops! Make that “should” be written!


      • noname Says:

        I showed my husband the post about the “Citizen’s Alliance of Jonesboro” class action suit, and the contempt motion by the Attorney General against Thompson and Cottonham. He had the same idea you did and said I should write a book…I am no writer, and I don’t live there now and don’t know anything except what I read on this blog. If there aren’t any writers in Jonesboro, maybe John Grisham could be enticed to investigate the mess (he gave up his law practice to become an author) and write a book entitled, “Make My Day, Mayor”. It would be interesting to see what would be uncovered if someone did an in-depth investigation of Thompson’s time in office.

        Hopefully, Carol Powell Lexington will be charged with filing a frivolous lawsuit. Maybe if she was ordered to return the money she has been paid for the lawsuits she’s filed for Thompson to the town of Jonesboro, she might think twice before she represents him again. I don’t think he is paying her out of his own pockets!

        • Anonymous Says:

          Dont you people understand nobody gives a damn about Jonesboro Louisiana, Your Sheriff and District attorney are coward down in their tax payer provide offices scared to step up and do the right thing and your legislators funnel them money to buy the black vote. Simple fact, give this god forsaken town to the black folks and get the hell out, its a lost cause

  14. Anonymous Says:

    This could turn out for the best, although it doesn’t look like it now. All the furore finally brought the state in, and look what they are doing now. If they get the federal government in, maybe the whole country will see what the citizens of Jonesboro have had to put up with the past six years.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I am wondering…Did the mayor not co-operate with Mr. Ryder because Mr. Ryder is white?

    Was the mayor being racist against Mr. Ryder? Judge Teat? The three white mean who filed the original law suit? The lovely Tonya Wade from Ruston? Darryl Purpera? John Kennedy?

    Maybe this is all just a misunderstanding or miscommunication?

    • I Don't Think So Says:

      The mayor terminated the Town Accountant. She is black. Figure that out. If Mr. Ryder was orange, the mayor still would not have cooperated.

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