AG Files Contempt Motion Against Thompson and Cottonham

A motion alleging contempt of court by the Town of Jonesboro’s controversial mayor Leslie Thompson and Alderman-at-Large LaStevic Cottonham has been filed in Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson parishes) District Court in Jackson Parish. The motion was filed late last Friday by the Louisiana Attorney General (AG), the plaintiff in Louisiana v Jonesboro.

In addition to the contempt allegations, it asks for sanctions against the two.

Among the allegations:

Incurring unauthorized expenditures
Failure to provide requested information
Failure to meet with Fiscal Administrator
Failure to hire necessary personnel
Failure to timely pay necessary authorized expenditures
Failure to timely deposit receivables.

Most of the motion is made up of a report by the town’s former Fiscal Administrator Bill Ryder, who served from late July to mid-October.

A hearing on the motion is expected soon.

12 Responses to “AG Files Contempt Motion Against Thompson and Cottonham”

  1. bonita Says:

    that’s exactly why the show was staged at the town hall earlier, more smoke and mirrors. anything and everything to try to divert attention away from the facts….and look who the leader of the show was………..pandora’s box.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yep i seen nothing but blacks there,thats why we know leslie aint nothing but a racist,next thing you know they will be saying its the whites keeping them from sick and tired of leslie thompson something must be done about him now!!!!

  3. sunrisesunset Says:

    This is good news. Now, let’s see what is done about the contempt ruling.

    Hopefully, the FA’s info. helped bring this (contempt) to the limelight.

    Fannie, Alexander, Stewart. Doogie, and others, where are you? What are your thoughts? Please!!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This makes me HAPPY!

  5. Lawd Hep Us Says:

    Leslie you are stain & an embarrassment to the race. Herman Cain would not be proud of your actions. William Jefferson might, you can reach him at “the big house” down in Houston & check w/ him.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Leslie Thompson jas ruined this town beyknd repair. We may finally, at some poi.t, get someone qualified to vome in and fix it financially, but the damage has been done. This town will never be what it was. The financial situation of our town is the least of our worries now. It will soon be repaired. On the other hand, the damage he has done in successfully stirring up every black man and woman into thinking that every white man and woman is the enemy has done more damage than will ever be repaired.
    Truth is, we are aall the same people that have lived here forever. Its only because leslie Thompson, who happens to be black, got elected mayor. His failed attempt at using the town for nothing but personal gain has failed, so now its because he is black that everyone is against him. Wrong, it is because he is the worst mayor ever to be elected to the position. Now the KKK, oops, I mean the NAACP (Got mh races mixed up because thwy are basically the same entity) has gotten involved to cry foul.
    God help our citizens, BLACK AND WHITE, because our town has been ruined by the hand of one single man.

    • Anonymous Says:

      One single man? Me thinks there are several men working closing to accomplish the ruin in Jonesboro….

      • Anonymous Says:

        Cant wait to see the names of the Jonesboro citizens alliance!!!

        • Anonymous Says:

          Well thats easy! Thompson, Dill, Cottonham, Flowers, Calahan, and Simmons. Bunch of race baiting low lives!

          • Simeon Says:

            you failed to mention Pastors Kelvin Stewart-rememeber the church at Caney Lake with the town equipment and there was Desiree Joe there up there too……..yes you name them as they were front and center yesterday too ……..wonder if they were there to represent God or were they there to represent themselves? Had more respect for Kelvin Stewart, but I guess that’s just how it rolls, color over Christ.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe if you receive FREE TOWN WATER, you should join the Alliance….cause your water is fixing to start costing you MONEY!!!

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