Retired JPSB Biz Mgr Now Jonesboro Town Clerk

Gloria Moore, retired Business Manager for the Jackson Parish School Board (JPSB) was this afternoon approved for hire as the the Town of Jonesboro’s clerk, subject to the approval of town Fiscal Administrator Bill Ryder.

The town’s controversial mayor Leslie Thompson recommended Moore, and the Board of Aldermen concurred on a 3-1-1 vote for Moore, who was at the meeting.

Voting for:

LaStevic Cottonham – Alderman-at-Large
Charla Melton – District C
Devin Flowers – District D

Voting no:

Renee’ Stringer – District B


Sam Lamkin – District A

There was a bit of discussion about the hire, however. Lamkin questioned why other applicants for the job weren’t given a chance to come to the meeting and make their case before a decision was made by the mayor.

Said Lamkin, “I just think if one applicant is here, then the others should be here.”

Stringer said she was concerned that the applications and resumes were not available for review by the board members prior to the meeting.

Said Stringer to Moore, “I didn’t receive your information. I’ve not had time to review your resume or anything relative to your appointment, or your recommendation by the mayor.”

Thompson replied that Moore was his recommendation, and that all the board had authority to do was accept or reject his choice for the job.

Earlier in the meeting, two sets of minutes from 1 1/2 years ago were amended. It seems the documents did not accurately record the votes when the board hired contract attorneys to represent both the town and the individuals in the matter of Essmeier v Jonesboro. Audio of the meetings were played back before the council voted 4-1 to make the changes.

Stringer voted no, saying she wanted input from the town’s legal adviser on whether you could actually amend minutes that had been previously approved.

See here the original minutes as approved:


Audio recordings of the meetings can be found here:

The Truth @ Jonesboro

30 Responses to “Retired JPSB Biz Mgr Now Jonesboro Town Clerk”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Lampkins did it again…..abstaining! He evidently doesn’t know how to vote yes or no! If he thinks this makes him competent, then he is wrong! Renee always gives her reasons for the way she votes. Can any of the others explain their reason! No I don’t believe they can! The people have a right to know of their decisions!

    • Disgusted Says:

      Anonymous, the only thing I can think of is voter education instead of letting it be a popularity contest, but unfortunately there are too many people out there that prefer to be lazy and be told what to do by the people that are already there. That’s why things aren’t changing for the better. When people stop being lazy, take time to research their candidates and actually start caring, that’s when things will change.

  2. Disgusted Says:

    What good is someone who can’t make a decision… Lamkin? I agree. None of these meetings make any sense. You have someone hired who the board members haven’t even had a chance to interview. You have secret meetings being held where some members of the board are invited, others are told that it’s “not open to the public”.

    Not able to make these meetings since I’m out of state, do any of the Jonesboro folks get up and speak in these meetings about how ignorant this all sounds? There is no order.

    Lamkin, stand up for something, or vacate your position and let someone run that actually has an opinion, whether it be good or bad. QUICK ABSTAINING.

    Stringer, you are about the only person, hon, that makes any sense at all.

    Other board members, quit being lead around by the nose and learn to think for yourselves and research what you are voting for instead of taking Leslie’s word for it.

    This is a three ringed circus… might as well sell tickets and make some revenue.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    As far as attending these meetings, they are always held during working hours where most people can’t take off work to go to the circus! Some people actually do work in this town!

    • Disgusted Says:

      I wasn’t implying that you weren’t working. Trust me… I completely forgot that their meetings aren’t in the afternoon when the general public can’t attend. I guess I should be thanking Mr. Abbott for getting up there to get all this information for us.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, Mr. Abbott does deserve a very big Thank You for everything he does!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder how the residents of Sam’s district feel about their councilman? What is the purpose of even serving if you dont even have a voice? Does he (Sam) realize that by not voting either way that his district has no say in anything? He serves no purpose being there. Sam I hope you enjoyed your term because im sure it was a one term run!

    • Don Thomas Says:

      sorta comical, he writes a big article but won’t man up in the public meetings, what’s up with that?

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        Actually I think Sambo did not write the article in the paper. As I said in another blog yesterday, I believe ol Leslie wrote it and had Sam submit it as though he was the writer.

        Heck, I totally forgot about the Dill pickle. Maybe he wrote the article. But, I do believe those were Sam’s words.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sure this “Moore” person that was hand picked by the mayor is a real “class act”! I’ m sure she will be one heck of a fine clerk! Good Lord!

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Guess her former employer and workers could tell us a lot about Moore’s personality.

      I think she is one that has an attitude. Goodness gracious. Just what is needed at City Hall.

      Watch her Mr. Ryder (FA).

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Well lets hope the FA checks her credentials to see if she is qualified. The mayor himself said with the FA’s approval.

  8. At Home In Jonesboro Says:

    I found it very amusing that the mayor (?), or as I refer to him – Chief Turd in Charge – basically stands up and tells elected representatives that me an my boys (I emphasis the word BOYS) have spoken and if you think your one vote is going to stop us then you can kiss my ass. Hey, CTIC look up the words COMPETENT and TOADIE. Competent come no where near describing you and toadie actually describes your BOYS (again I emphasis the word BOYS) to a T. Sam Lumpkin, why in the world did your district elect you? You are definitely a s*** for brains, double dumb ass who needs to fall on his sword and get the hell out of a place where you DO NOT BELONG. Help your district by resigning. Can you hear us calling?

    • hmmmmm Says:

      At home, lumpkins wasn’t elected. He walked in because no one ran against him. I think if a dead dog had run against him it would have run; but, when there is no opposition you can get people like him in power.

  9. hmmmmm Says:

    Correction: It would have WON (not run)….

  10. Anonymous Says:

    leslie is still doing what he wants,i dont beleave anyone here has the balls to really stop him in his tracks not even the FA. he still hires someone who most likely will do as he tells them to do so it will look like things are getting better here in jonesboro he hired her so she will help cover up things so he can continue to still this town blind!! and help him keep his high ass pay for doing nothing for this town.the fa should have took his big salery and the town car away from him but he wont.if it was me he would be walking his punk ass to work everyday.but you just watch and see for your self all the sorry people who voted for him last time will put him right back in office again.

  11. ThisIsMadness Says:

    WOW, Lampkins abstains again!! Does he have an opinion on ANYTHING? The CLEAR choice here is no. Apparently there were other applicants that should have been reviewed by ALL members of the Town Council, or at least some kind of review committee. The “king” rules again. The FA should not approve this hire and a proper review committee should be established to find a person for the job.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      If I was one of the applicants and I did not think my application received any consideration, I would reign down hell fire and brimstone. I would like to see all the applicants march to the TJ City Hall in protest since it appears they were NOT given any consideration.

      Looks as though this was a cut and dry situation with this Moore person. But, she is probably just as dumb as the rest …… Renee and the FA. Time will tell about her.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    There is no doubt his new hire will make things look good for him regardless of the real state of affairs. She has a knack for that. Another stooge to add to the mix.

  13. JustMe Says:

    I would think that whomever they hire – there will be watchful eyes on them. As well there should be on ALL the employees!

  14. Augusta Duffer Says:

    Please note that Mrs. Moore is not a good hire for the Town. She may say that she retired from the School Board, but her retirement was forced by threat of being fired. She retired to avoid having to correct the numerous audit findings that were due to her failing to do her job. She will bring the same lack of skills to the Town if Mr. Ryder approves her. Also, she was able to get a generous retirement from the School Board. At the very least, she should be paid a very minimum salary for any work for the Town. She does not deserve to be paid a full salary for not being able to do a full job.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Thanks Augusta Duffer for the information. You appear to know very much from whence you speak.

      Just as I thought…..about Moore.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Ask any employee of the Jackson Parish School Board how they feel about Moore and they will tell you she was an incompetent crook! The one thing you could count on was a line of employees out side her office after every pay day trying to get their checks corrected!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Wow you know she had to be corrupt for those spine less cowards at the school board to take action!!!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    What was the purpose of advertising the job is Thompson gets to pick the new clerk?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I thought I read the ad in the paper and any applications was to be sent to the FA address in Pollock, LA not to ole Les.

  17. Retired in Quitman Says:


    1. Why didn’t the dy clerk get appointed for the clerk job?
    Is there something lurking around that could prohibit that ?

    2. Is this a stop gap measure to show “baton rouge” it’s all good?

    3. If there were issues with audit findings at the other public body, shouldn’t “baton rouge” know that?

    4. If the king appoints a clerk is that clerk the king’s personal clerk, who do the clerk answer to, the dy clerk?

    How can you find the answers?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Lincoln Parish News Online hit the 600 mark for the Jonesboro category with this news release. The next nearest is Louisiana Legislature with 586. You can put any spin you want to with that, but any of them would have to be negative.

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