Letter to the Editor

To the residents of the Town of Jonesboro:

Your Fire Insurance has already increased due to the fact that your Fire Rating was upgraded from a 3 to a 4. This increase was under the current Administration, but Mr. Treadway was not Fire Chief at the time and this was also done while the current tax was in place and being collected. Please contact PIAL ( Property Insurance Association of Louisiana) at 504-836-7980 to confirm and then please contact your current insurance provider and confirm this information with them.

The Fire Department was given a budget increase in the most recent Fiscal Budget that was adopted while the Police Department was decimated, this also was done under the current taxing period. Please see the attached Budget adopted by the Town of Jonesboro Council. Please look at Salaries in the budget, this again is done while the current tax is effective. The voting was as follows: Cottonham, Mason, Flowers-for, Stringer Nay, Lamkin-Abstained.

Please read the budget provided and know that I questioned the CFO in the prior Budget meeting when only a minute portion of the revenue generated from the current dedicated tax was allocated to street repair and maintenance. I also brought to the attention of the representative of the Legislative Auditor’s office.

I do agree with Mr. Lamkin on one issue, the current crisis and issues did start during the Previous Administration and that is also the current Administration. I also agree that I served on the former Council, but I and my colleagues worked very diligently to serve Jonesboro to the best of our abilities, we submitted the information that was provided to us to Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney Johnathon Stewart, the Legislative Auditor Mr. Purpera, the Attorney General James D. Caldwell, State Representative Jim Fannin, Senator Robert Kostelka, the FBI, and FEMA. WE were all in agreement as records of signed requests for help were provided to the above individuals and Governmental Agencies. We worked TOGETHER for a common goal, to try to make Jonesboro a better place to live, to raise a family and most of all a place to be proud to call home.

Please know there have been increases in other areas, mainly in Salaries, while your infrastructure is decaying at alarming rates. I would rather have a functional Sewerage Lift Station for 45% of the Raw Sewerage of the Town of Jonesboro ahead of repairing a Rodeo Arena and I don’t apologize for trying to get the funding for the Lift Station instead of the Rodeo Arena.

We have not had an Audit in 4 Years, until someone can provide the evidence that your TAXES are being UTILIZED for their intended purpose,not personal gain,I will not support the renewal of the current tax. Look at what you have now WITH the CURRENT TAX and figure out what you will lose if you don’t renew the tax. Your fire insurance has already increased, with the CURRENT TAX and YOUR STREETS are crumbling before your eyes, WITH THE CURRENT TAX. If you should need additional information, please contact me. You can reach me at 318-259-6281.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers,
Your Servant,
Ms. Renee Stringer

2012-2013 General Fund Budget
2012-2013 Street Fund Budget
2012-2013 Fire Department Budget

7 Responses to “Letter to the Editor”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    At least Renee gives us the truth with the facts to back it up! Can’t say that for any of the other council members or mayor! And by the way I live in Lampkins district and as far as I am concerned, he has done Nothing for his district! I also will not vote for him for anything if he runs again!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Just curious what happened to the garbage truck. For the past two weeks they are not using the white one truck, now they are driving a green or dark blue one. If we are having to rent one, how can we even afford it?

    • Outside looking in Says:

      The town of Jonesboro has not owned a trash truck in years. Trash pick I contracted out to a company out of natchitoches

  3. GothicArch Says:

    Cut the money off and the roaches will scatter to other, more fruitful areas.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Why can’t we cut the mayors pay, and do up grades to the rodeo arena, he don’t deserve a 35000 dollar raise anyway .

      • Retired in Quitman Says:

        I heard the riding club was no longer involved in the rodeo arena, who’s gonna ride the horses at the arena, the king and his merry band? Why not have the employees to pay back all the thousands of dollars spent on cell phones and fuel for the vehicles they use, have all the “so called” “contractors” pay back their cut of the pie, you could build a new facility…….and that doesn’t include the $35,000 salary increase.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    why do we have to still pay the $2.charge for police and when did they decide to change it to the fire dept? if every person in jonesboro has to pay the $2.every month to the fire dept.then why do we still have to pay for fire protection at the end of the year? so it makes me wonder where is this money really going? with this $2. charge every month we are paying a hell of alot more money to the B**S.fire dept than what they are worth.hers another thing why does treadway have a dash cam on truck one? does the mayor have them playing police like he does now? i have listen to mark following some one,s vehicle and reporting back to the mayor so whats up with that one thompson? i will be honest i have lost all faith in this town and its leaders there just aint no hope for jonesboro it has gone down hill so much it will never recover from this anytime soon or years to come.jonesboro is lost and fadeing away fast.

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