Meanwhile, in DeSoto Parish

DeSoto District 8 firefighter arrested

MANSFIELD – A DeSoto Fire District No. 8 firefighter is accused of using public funds to make personal purchases at Walmart, Mansfield Assistant Police Chief Gary Hobbs said.

Lt. Billy Locke booked Johnathon Robinson, 28, of the 500 block of Ranchette in Stonewall, into DeSoto Detention Center today on one count each of unauthorized use of an access card and malfeasance in office.

Robinson is accused of charging assorted items totaling $139.99 to the fire district’s Walmart credit card. Purchases included flashlights, a 24-bottle pack of water, heat shrink, a 399-piece electrical kit and a 400-amp jump starter, Hobbs said.

22 Responses to “Meanwhile, in DeSoto Parish”

  1. Renee Stringer Says:

    I find it utterly amazing that $139.00 can get one man arrested and charged with Malfeasance in office, and another man can do just as he pleases, flaunt his actions and totally thumb his nose at the criminal justice system, a court order and the Code of Ethics but there are two stark differences in this case: A person that does his/her job and provides the warrant for the arrest and the firefighter obivously hasn’t gone all across the land screaming about how he has been abused and blame all his actions on the past administration, his subordinates and race. The firefighter more than likely doesn’t have a direct line to Baton Rouge or Bienville Parish and may not have a political following that can assure a politician votes therefor he is probably going to have to face the charges levied against him and pay the cost associated with his alledeged actions. Two wrongs do not make a right, but (selective) law enforcement and criminal procedure is not fair either.

    Just another prime example of what is wrong with the Criminal Justice System in Jackson Parish and the Town of Jonesboro. The final analysis: It’s who you know and what you know and how much political advantage you have as to what consequences you will face if you break the law. This is not a malicious accusation, it is a fact.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    some of the iems listed could have been used at the fire station…again the other comment above is true, some places take the laws of the state serious. you break them you go to jail

  3. obvious to me Says:

    He won’t scream RACISM and threaten to have the NAACP protest and have the entire block of his race not vote for you. That is the main difference.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    it sounds just like what goes on in hodge johny the police cheif bought a gun holster a few years ago and it came to the fire dept and was charged to the fire dept under the fire depts name and no one does anything to him either i would amagine if someone was to look at him they would find plenty of stuff to charge him with just like the mayor of jonesboro but once again like renee said its who you know whao saves your stupid ass!!!!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      the holster in question..was it for the police dept use? or personal use?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Better check a little further in Hodge like the mayor most definitely uses town funds for his personal gain as well as equipment on private property.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    the man in question has been a full time employee with that fire dist. since 2005, lets not convict him until he actually goes to court.

    • Murph Says:

      No one has convicted him of anything, the point that he even had an arrest warrant issued is the issue, no one has convicted him of anything.

  6. sunrisesunset Says:

    I am sure there have been many PERSONAL items that have been charged on the Town’s credit cards that have never been nor will be revealed………i.e. toiletries, electronics, restaurants, gasoline, clothing, food, and the list goes on and on.

    Thievery at it’s finest in Jackson Parish and it’s the norm for the group of morons….save one….(and, we know who that is) at the ToJ.

    Looks as though DeSoto Parish is on the right tract. Will be interesting to know how this story plays out. Walter, please keep us informed.

  7. Looking at the Deals Says:

    Roderick Bradford Update
    Jonesboro Sex Offender Won’t Have to Register

    A Jonesboro man who pleaded guilty to 15 counts of misdemeanor carnal knowledge of a juvenile served 17 days in parish jail. That’s according to Jackson Parish Sheriff, Andy Brown.

    Back in 2009, Roderick Bradford, a former teacher and coach at Jonesboro Hodge High School was charged with 2 counts of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile. The sheriff says the district attorney sentenced Bradford to 30 days in parish jail. But, because Bradford worked while behind bars he was able to nearly cut his time in half. The district attorney says Bradford will not have to register as a sex offender.

    See here the fruit of the all the cover up and deals and look what it got him and another little girl has to pay for all the deals. I wonder how they feel today, probably just like they did on the first round, really well compensated for all their effort. Way to go team, keep up the good work!

    Channel 8 coverage tonight stated that the person dropped the charges but the Sheriff took it over. Thank you Sheriff Brown!

  8. sunrisesunset Says:

    Something needs to be done permanently with Roddy Bradford because it will happen again. He is a sex offender and he cannot help himself.

    Just because he is the son of James Bradford does not grant him the right to just go on as he pleases knowing his punishment(s) will be minimal.

    Shame, shame, on those who have helped contribute to his criminal activities.

    • Lets Make a Deal Says:

      how can you be on probation and violate the probation and walk the streets as a free person, can anyone explain this or is this just another good ole boy jackson parish deal?

      • Anonymous Says:

        You answered your own question. Be sure and thank the great DA we have. I hope Sheriff Brown takes care of him!

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        Well, I do declare! Hear ye, hear ye, this is indeed a good ole boy Jackson Parish deal.

        Other deals in the future…………….probably. It is sad.

        Do we think if someone did the same to Roddy boy, they would have to pay? Absolutely!

  9. S Says:

    This was not Jonathon’s first offense for theft. He was arrested 2 weeks ago for stealing a tractor and trailer red-handed at 5:30 in the morning. And more “stolen items” are coming alight about Jonathon. He’s bad news!!!

    • T. Says:

      at least somebody provides a warrant…..for arrest of alleged activity……….those seem to be a rare comodity in Jackson Parish, ………….

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      R u saying Jonathon Stewart is the thief? I do not think the bloggers have heard this until now.

  10. S Says:

    No. Jonathon Robinson, he’s the one in the arrival.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Jonathon Robinson is my cousin, after his arrest from the stolen credit card from the fire station he got out and stole my dad( his own uncle) four wheeler and stuff and stollen stuff too. Was in jail for about 9 months got out on September 6th of this year and today I found out he’s back in jail for stealing a couple of game cameras and a pyro. Knowing him since I was little he’s been nothing but a compulsive liar and a narsacist. I’m not downing him for all of the stuff he’s down, what makes me mad is that he’s not only hurt my family but he’s hurt other people in the town that I grew up in, but the main person he’s hurting the most is his own daughter who just turned 2 in October. You would think for someone that been in jail for a felony for a while would learn their lesson and do better for themselves and for others, but he hasn’t learned anything. I hope for his sake that he learns this time around, not only for him but for his daughter.

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