Jonesboro Fiscal Administrator Advertising to Hire Accountant

In the Thursday, August 30, 2012 edition of The Jackson Independent, official journal for the Town of Jonesboro:


Town Accountant – Jonesboro, Louisiana

The Accountant will report to the Town Clerk and be responsible for recording, processing, and entering the financial activity in the general ledger. The Accountant will also be responsible for all aspects of the payroll process. The Accountant will generate various monthly and annual reports as well as other documents for the Clerk and will assist the Clerk as needed.

Minimum Qualifications: Degree in Accounting or Finance, however years of experience as an Accountant will substitute for education. Candidates should be proficient in the use of computers with knowledge of Quickbooks and other software products.

Offer of employment is contingent upon a satisfactory pre-employment background check. The Town of Jonesboro is an equal opportunity/equal access employer. Compensation is negotiable.

Application deadline is September 2nd, 2012 or until suitable candidate is selected.

Send resume to:

William J. Ryder, Fiscal Administrator
P.O. Box 655
Pollock, LA 71467

31 Responses to “Jonesboro Fiscal Administrator Advertising to Hire Accountant”

  1. Frederick Rudolph Fudpucker Says:

    Hey, CTIC!!! This is step one. Save us all a lot of trouble and resign now. And, oh by the way, the Dildo doesn’t qualify for the position.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Evidently there isn’t anyone qualified to handle the position already employed there! If he digs a little deeper, I ‘m sure he will find more employees that are unqualified for the position they now hold!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So Rev Dill will be supervising an accountant….and he don’t know nuthin about no money

    • Frederick Rudolph Fudpucker Says:

      Here is the Dildo doing his accounting: “I’m a’counting, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.” Then he climbs upon a chair to count higher!

    • Sheila Says:

      isn’t it amazing his little videography mission has abruptly ended?

  4. sunrisesunset Says:

    Gosh, that says a lot of what the FA thinks of the situation made possible at the hands of none other than the esteemed no-nothing mayor and his no-nothing employees.

    I am sure there is NO ONE there that knows beans about running an entity. Oh, they run it alright, but it is into the ground until they finally hit the abyss.

    Hey, Simmons what are your thoughts about your good mayor?

    This is totally shameful for the TofJ to be in this mess.

    Thank you Mr. FA.

  5. Come on Man Says:

    There is not one decent accountant out there that would touch this with a ten foot pole. With Dill as Clerk an Thompson as Mayor its gonna be a fight on everything. They just wont be able to pay enough to compensate for that type of ignorance.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Totally off subject I know but whatever, Has anyone else in the ToJ noticed priblems with their water lately? Leaks, low pressure and dirty water? Whats next? The idiots will let our water supply deplete to the point that the national guard trucks water in like they had to do in that other town a couple years back. This freaking moron of a mayor is going to eventually put this town in to a position to where you wont even be able to live here. Everything that a town is supposed to provide and maintain will decompose until its no longer there. Maybe one day when there is no police, no water, no street maintenece and no fire department, when the town has lost all sense of order and upkeep, and they mayor basically comes to city hall simply to withdraw his weekly pagcheck then, maybe then something will be done! Jonathon Stewart this towns blood is on your hands! You could have put an end to this a long time ago!

    • Bruce Wayne Says:

      Blame any and all those you want…..but remember, as you are pointing your finger, there are three fingers pointing back at YOU

  7. 1022 Says:

    Yes, Anonymous, I’ve got low water pressure. And have you driven down Thrasher Drive lately? The road is going away. I said when I learned our police department was terminated that our water system and everything else the town controls was going to suffer. Councilwoman Renee Stringer pointed out in her full-page ad this past week some of the problems that need attention in Jonesboro and the lack of funds to address those things. And another thing. Has anyone heard our 6 p.m. whistle blow lately? That’s a sound I’ve heard all my life, but I don’t hear it anymore. Now, how much could it cost to blow a whistle?
    I hope that all of you readers who voted for Leslie Thompson are extremely proud of yourselves for effectively destroying by your pull of the lever most of what made Jonesboro the town it was. I know the black voters voted for Thompson because they wanted a black mayor, which is racist in itself. A qualified voter should vote for qualified candidates, no matter the color. You must be so happy with what you got from your vote. We now have no police, few road repairs, dogs running around town, low water pressure, low funds at city hall, we’re the laughing stock of the rest of the parish and probably state and our once lucrative Christmas lights is now a farce. Don’t all of that make you so proud you supported Leslie? Don’t you just want to vote for him again?
    Maybe what the caring and sensible citizens of Jonesboro should do is petition for the unincorporation of our town. Then we could eliminate the figurehead position Thompson still holds as well as eliminate any need for city hall or council members. If city hall is not going to provide the services we are paying for, then why are we having to pay for them? Take their total tax base away and let them all go work for a living, if anyone would hire them. Once they are gone, we could incorporate again and elect new and hopefully better officials.

    • Bruce Wayne Says:

      Homerule Charter is a great idea. Get it on the ballot.

      This is the unity that is needed in Jonesboro and Jackson Parish.

      Also, duplication of expenses will be stopped.

  8. Bruce Wayne Says:

    The Town of Jonesboro is imploding……

  9. Anonymous Says:

    well heres one for ya we where at wal-mart and guess who was there cashing a check with all the blacks coming up to him hugging the SOB,leslie thompson driveing the town owned car oh one more thing guess whats going on at his house right now as we speak.there is a iven smith funature truck unloading brand new funature thats right they have bought brand new furature again i have pictures if i have to i will give yall my facebook name so yall can check them out i havent figured out how to load pictures here

    • Anonymous Says:

      Well what is facebook name?

    • Really??? Says:

      What is the big deal? It is America…folks can purchase new furniture.

      What are you a stalker?

      Go do something productive… a neighbor in need…mow a home bound person’s yard….pick up groceries for a person no longer driving.

      Take care of yourself….fill your heart with love….it is going to be all right!!!

    • Thomas Says:

      you are behind on the facts, everyone remembers what he did to Julie Curtis, I would sit on cinder blocks before I ever bought a stick of furniture from that store. I wonder now how it feels to know an employee was sacrificed for the pathetic exucuse that now sits on furniture that tax payers bought, yet again.

      • Anonymous Says:

        What was done to Julie Curtis by whom?

        Sacrificed….like animals in the Bible???

        • sunrisesunset Says:

          Thompson did something to Julie Curtis? Is that to whom you are referring? Will you please be more definitive? We are in the dark on this. I do know Ms. Curtis had a stroke.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Just send the photos to Lincoln Parish Online. I bet they will
    be put on here then.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Yes…give the facebook name.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Julie curtis is the lady that used to run Ivan Smith. The mayor had her fired! (A little trivia for you. She is also trace adkins exwife, the one that shot him).

  13. sunrisesunset Says:

    So the esteemed mayor likes to spruce up his house with new furniture? With all he has purchased in the past 2-3 years, he will be adding on a room to accomodate his new furnishings.

    Do we think it may just be part of the missing thousands of dollars buying the new furnishings? Anybody look in the trunk of his car. Never mind, he probably has removed it to another “safe” place.

    Anyone hear that the king and queen (Simmons) of Federal Funding coming out of Washington and given by non other than Rep. Rodney Alexander, is fixing to build a great big ol’ mansion right on Dogwood Dr.? Using some of the 1.2 million or so, I will bet, that is supposed to renovate the Palace Theatre.

  14. bmw motorrad vermietung Says:

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  15. Augusta Duffer Says:

    I am a CPA who is more than qualified to handle this job, but until the job reports directly to Mr. Ryder and not Dill or Leslie they will not be able to hire anyone for this job. There is no way the pay can be good enough to compensate for all the work plus having to put up with their ignorance and drama.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    It has been 11 days now since the notice was posted in the paper. Does anybody know if there has been any response? Some of you have probably put your finger on part of the problem. Why should this person answer to the Town Clerk and assist the Town Clerk instead of answering and assisting the fiscal administrator, if he is doing the hiring?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Probably because the FA saw that the Town Clerk needed help the most.

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