JPD Officers Sue Jonesboro

Several Town of Jonesboro police officers have filed a class-action suit against the town alleging that they were improperly terminated, sources have told Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO).

We will have further details later today.

59 Responses to “JPD Officers Sue Jonesboro”

  1. Hope Says:

    Hope they have paid the insurance so their is something to win.

  2. Bill S. Says:

    Run roaches run, guess the king and court have more issues now than ever before and I heard that there is another suit simmering just waiting for the most opportune time to be delivered.

  3. D J Allen Says:

    This would not be an insurance claim but a claim against the town. Another frivolous situation the mayor and 3 alderman have put Jonesboro in.

    Mayor and alderman need to learn what the law says before acting!!!!!!!

    • John Public Says:

      I wonder who will get shoved now, didn’t the tape have the king saying stop suing and we will quit fighting? Guess the JPD Officers need to come to the next meeting and help the public that try to come to a meeting to hear and ask questions regarding local government have a safe experience.

    • Mack Says:

      If you never have had anyone make a believer out of you, you won’t ever obey or even remotely give the appearance that you are willing to follow the law. Thank all those that have enabled the current mess, that have contributed to the mess and have no excuse for their involvement, other than the same old worn out excuses. They are all of the same mold, weak, pathetic, spineless jelllyfish that hide in the shadows and assert themselves via someone else then cry foul when the light of justice shines on them, if only for a moment. They live for a vote, they sacrifice the law and all that is legal and ethical for a vote, may they have to subjected to all that they have helped to grow, a cancerous, stagnant festering sore that oozes crime that never gets addressed.

  4. Publius Says:

    If somebody somewhere doesn’t do something about Jonesboro and goofy mayor Leslie Thompson, then somebody’s who’s fed up with the shenanigans down there is going to come out blasting and we’re going to make the national news in a very bad way. Jonesboro is a powder keg waiting to blow and a lot of people down there are sick and tired of this mess dragging on. Thompson is a massive embarrassment who’s bankrupted the town and people who live there can’t understand how he remains in office. Is there no state or federal investigative body able to see this mess? We have state auditors who have taken over the town finances and installed a financial controller, so none of this is happening in a political vacuum. Isn’t anyone investigating this mess? I mean, how long is this clown going to get away with his arrogance before he’s arrested and prosecuted? Public patience is wearing thin on this mess.

    • J. Green Says:

      It is already out of control, you can’t attend a meeting without being assaulted both verbally and physically and yet it just keeps on going and is allowed to continue on and all those that could have already addressed the issue are sitting on folded hands and whistling a merry little tune and waiting for any department other than theirs to take a step. I do have to agree, spinless jellyfish wimps.

  5. Messy Says:

    Now, now….settle down. I am certain this will all be okay.

    Our Mayor Thompson has had legal eagle, Dr. Doug Stokes, at his beckon and call for all meetings and then some.

    Mayor Thompson also has the nice attorney lady from Monroe.

    I can not imagine for one little second that this suite will have any merit. Dr. Stokes would not have allowed our Mayor to act if this was not correctly handled.

    Dr. Stokes and Mayor Thompson….the A team….all is good and just keep watching, you gonna see that it is all okay.

    Stop trying to make folks upset. Dr. Stokes, heck, he always looking out for the town just like the Mayor and the Rev Dill.

    Hard working mens for the Town of Jonesboro.

  6. ohmy Says:

    The mayor, “his council”, and bro sweet pickle refuse understand and accept that the law suits will continue as long as you operate in a manner contrary to law. Even now the case should be in the works to charge the district attorney with malfeasance because he knowingly refuses to do the job he swore an oath to do. See ya in court…bring your check book or a money order.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    After the David Roberts lawsuit did we really not see this one coming?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    maybe some of us town people should file a lawsuit our selfs for the town not spraying for mosqetos,sorry i know i miss spelled that it seems they have abandoned us and our health there is the westnile viruse this concerns me and my family that they have quit spraying for the last three years now and have said they wont be either!!

    • buzzzzzzzzzz Says:

      The town use to moniter the mosquitoes for west nile. On several occasions several areas in town tested positive. they would spray those areas heavily. Hadn’t seen spraying in a couple of years.

    • Outside the town looking in Says:

      Question? Does the town get funds to spray?

      • Watcher Says:

        the town has gotten funds to do everything it is supposed to do, and has done for centuries, the fine king has made sure it was used for everything other than that, example-matt’s music-microphones and sound mixer-now all the years the town operated and never needed that, but I forgot, the town never had a king that needed to amplify his (voices) for his subjects…….yes there is money but no, it never sees it’s intended purpose…….it goes to insulation- lines pockets and covers crime…….

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Glad to see Messy back after a three-week vacation from writing, because he is predicting the this “suite” will have little merit, and he has been wrong in every prediction he has made so far. Must not be the same guy, though, because the other Messy was criticizing Stokes for not doing enough for the mayor and council persons, this one is praising “Dr. Stokes?”

  10. sunrisesunset Says:

    First time I have heard Stokes referred to as “Dr.”. Messy, do you know something we do not know?

    I would like to hear from Dr. Simmons. He should not be evasive. I know he has a lot to say.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I think they call him Doctor because he is protecting the CTIC’s ass. Break out a large tube of Preparation H, Messy, because that circle of crooks in charge is going to need it when the courts get through with them.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Forgot to ask Messy if he is referring to a hotel “suite”, office “suite” or just what. Never heard of “suite” in a law suit, but have heard of “suit” forever.

    • Trina W. Says:

      read the next jackson idiot , he will surely have a droning disjointed dissertation about how disrespected and downtrodden all the people are because they can’t have booze with fried chicken and hamburgers…….oh wait, there’s a new pizza joint, maybe he can get some booze down there…………..and how Pharaoh has kept the people down, clueless and pathetic, no clue about being held down, especially when you are the king and queen of Federal funds………

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        Why doesn’t the king and queen of Federal funds clean up around their estate? Looks really “messy” there. But, I suppose they are too busy looking for the next Federal funds to come their way.

        Are those $ signs in their eyes I see?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    If John Public’s quote of the mayor from the tape is correct, “Stop suing and we will quit fighting,” doesn’t that indicate by the use of the word “we” that Town officials may have instigated the attack on Mr. Allen? It was reported that a Town council member warned Mr. Allen not to attend future council meetings.

    • Beverly Says:

      Mr. Allen has shown something that not many other men have done, he comes to the meetings, asks intelligent questions and that infuriates certain people. He was called out of a meeting and accused of various things, there were witnesses present. It is amazing that the ones that mouth off the most never attend a meeting, all they do is sit around and criticize, make accusations and try to figure a way to try to stop anyone that doesn’t agree with their agenda. I think I will nominate D.J. Allen for Grand Marshall this year…………yes indeed, D.J. Allen for Grand Marshall!!!!

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Mr. D.J. Allen has every “right” to attend the council meetings as any other citizen.

      Was the “warning” a threat by the council member? Sounds like it.

      • oops Says:

        it was alleged to be one that allegedly took the extra check……opps….just made a mistake……..allegedly…didn’t mean to cash that check………uh oh…….just a mistake.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t understand the comment by the mayor, if it is what was reported earlier. The “fighting” as he calls it only brings on more lawsuits, and doesn’t accomplish anything for them. He should know that, because he just recently pled “no contest” and paid a fine for it.

    • Prove It Says:

      how do you know he actually paid the fine? has he been held accountable to that office for anything to date? I would love to see the proof…….maybe it’s in the trunk.

  13. hmmmmm Says:

    I think he means his senseless stupid continuation of contesting every lawsuit and taking it all the way through the appeals process. I don’t really think he meant actual fighting. C’mon people.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    well you better hope that there is a parade this year,and if there will be christmas lights.but i kinda think there wont be.thanks to the ass turd mayor and his clowns who broke the town.and if there is a parade i invite everyone to attend and throw turds at the mayor and dill pickle so let the crap fly!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    There was some talk earlier on this blog about nominating and voting for D. J. Allen for Grand Marshal of the Christmas Parade. Sorry, anyone can nominate but the voting is done by a three-person committee of the Chamber of Commerce.

    • D.J. Fan Says:

      yeah and we know how that goes too……D.J. for Grand Marshall…………..

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Well……………if we all flood the Chamber of Commerce phone line, maybe there will be a concensus that Mr. Allen would make a really fine Grand Marshall. The number is in the phone book…..under the Jackson Parish heading. I would post it, but I do not know if it is legal to post phone numbers on this blog.

      Anyone have this information?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I’m glad at least one of our bloggers thinks he understands what the mayor is talking about. Since he changes his mind almost on a daily basis, most of the rest of us don’t have a clue.

  17. yabba dabba Says:

    Saw the ” I’m a political gladiator” mayor on tv tonight. He’s not looking or sounding so confident now. Thanks channel 10 for showing the shot of our big water tank, it looks rusty and faded just like the rest of jboro since thompson took over. A dismal failure in leadership continually on display for all the state to view.

    • pharaoh land Says:

      was that a big reverse or what……we in a new land……that has got to be the only truth ever spoken on camera by the king….we are in new land alright…..broke land, and he led the town there, he and his crew…….rock on king.

      • yabba dabba Says:

        Yes, we are in “a new land”….a third world country with NO police… NO mosquito spraying…NO consistent payments to irs on employment taxes withheld or unemployment taxes paid properly or health insurance premiums paid properly, a once outstanding Christmas lighting program in ruins, more employees doing less with les in town history, more lawyer fees, accounting fees and training fees paid for seemingly untrainable employees and on and on and on it goes.

        • sunrisesunset Says:

          It’s pathetic how swiftly ol’ Les has opened the floodgates for all the world to see. Floodgates that have led to the town of Jonesboro being swallowed up in a great and mighty flood……..drowning in the corruption caused by a complete fool and his followers on the council… one, Renee S.

          Definition of fool: A person with little or no judgment, “common sense”, wisdom, to waste or squander.
          I now see a picture emerging. Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Tell me who is the fairest of them all. Oh, no, you mean it’s not the esteemed mayor? I see clearly now. It is Ms. Renee Stringer.

          Renee for Mayor. D. J. for Grand Marshall.

    • Prentiss W. Says:

      yep, they see it but won’t lift a finger to do one thing about it……..political hostages held by state and local politics…… party won’t do anything and blames the other and the other party makes more excuses than the king.

  18. grand marshall Says:

    I think Renee Stringer should be grand marshall….

  19. Anonymous Says:

    When on when is all this going to stop? The town is not financially stable to handle anymore or even the present lawsuits. Ole Les is gonna have to cut the budget even more, just for lawsuits! I sincerely hope the FA, the DA, and most importantly that the Attorney General reads each and every post. Maybe the FA will contact the AG and explain to him where the problems of the town lie and get rid off the problem!

    • No name Says:

      “Old Les” needs to repay the town for the raise in salary he manipulated for himself. He shouldn’t have received any salary,because he did more damage and no good for the town. He seems to be interested only in himself and his cronies, and I think jail is too good for him….I’d vote to send him to Angola! The color of his skin is not important to me – I’d vote to send a Caucasian to the pen if they did the things that poor excuse of a human being has done!

      • Rapper Jtown Says:

        Angola for Five, Angola for six,
        Sucked the town dry
        Like a bag of dog ticks

        Paid all the thugs
        To get the vote
        Now they all need
        To find a good boat

        The town is broke
        The town is dry
        The king’s in charge
        And we know that’s why

        Can’t pay the bills
        Can’t have cops
        But can use that gas
        For the A-1 Mobile
        Struttin and rollin and haulin that mass

        Political Gladiator that’s what he is
        He brags and gloats and issues a challenge
        He runs and hides and shakes in his loafers
        When the truth comes forth like a two edged sword

        The Sun is going down on this pathetic mess
        The Truth is coming up like a 747 jet
        Who can he blame now that there’s no whites left
        Did have one hidden in the closet on the shelf

        Happy day is just around the bend
        When he and his crew board the justice bus
        Then and only then will truth and peace return to us

        Jonesboro is coming back, stonger than ever
        May he and all his thugs
        Never return to power
        May they all be forced to buy a car and their own gas
        We, tax payers are sick of carrying them on our back
        And that is just the pure, cold hard facts.

  20. mmechelle Says:

    Hey! Anyone want to come live in Jonesboro? I have a lovely house for sale … I even pay $2 extra each month on my water bill to cover additional police protection in my peaceful neighborhood.

  21. Anonymous Says:


  22. Rapper Jtown Says:

    Facts Jack

    Got my files, got my notes
    Got my evidence behind the seat
    Gonna keep the rest in my coat
    And the rest betwixt my feet.

    Got my gas, gots my car
    Too bad you don’t know
    Just how far I drive this car

    Run my game, use your name
    You gonna get all of the blame
    I am destined for all the fame

    I know the man and he knows my plan
    We been workin on a team
    He knows I ain’t lookin for no scene

    I call the shots, he marks all the dots
    We gonna fix this thing
    Don’t won’t no folks to sing

    Been round this place more than once
    Gonna grab a wing and have some punch
    Looking for mo money this month

    It’s all good, it’s all fine
    You folks go out and have some wine
    Pop the cork, grill the pork
    We gonna keep partyin like it’s South Fork.

    Just take a break and relax
    You bout to have to pay mo tax
    and that Jack
    is da Facts.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t know Messy was a poet.

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